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May 3, 2014  WD/X/Q  in Outrup, Denmark
   Chairman: Birgitte Jorgensen, Lille Solhojvej 5A, DK-2640 Hedehusene (+45) 40143201 (cell),

   Judges:  Johnny Sorensen and Gitte Roed   Held at:  aekhusevej 90, 6855 Outrup, Denmark 

May 3rd was a chilly day, good for the dogs entered in the Danish WD/X/Q stake at Outrup. Some fairly demanding tests were set up by Niki Rotboll on the hunting grounds of his parents – very kind to let the club have a WD/X/Q stake this close to the deer hunting season. Judges Johnny Sorensen and Gitte Roed had an entry of 18 dogs, and with most dogs entered for at least 2 levels it made for a full day’s work. 

10 out 14 dogs passed the WD; those that passed did so with flying flags. The few that didn’t mostly failed because of minor mistakes, easy to correct in future training. 

WD passes:
Aquamanda’s Rather Dirty RN         O/H Birgitte Jorgensen
Blaesborg’s Ches Elina La Bella        O/H Johs. Poulsen – Judges’ choice for best WD
Ch Chesapeakeheart Bello Viso RN  O/H Birgitte Jorgensen
Kjelgaard’s Aske                             O/H Susanne Kjelgaard
Kjelgaard’s Alba                              O/H Lars Kjelgaard
Adey May’s Close To You                O/H Nikolai Ahlbrecht
Cheslabben What You Get              O/H Birgitte Jorgensen
Holckenhus’ Halfcrown                   O/H Ove Poulsen
Holckenhus’ I’m Ida-The Goddess   O/H Larsen/H: B. Larsen
Jopos Honkers Dreamer                 O/H Johs. Poulsen

WDX: Only 1 dog passed the very demanding WDX. Of the 11 that failed, most did a very nice job but just couldn’t seem to find the last bird of the water double – it surely wasn’t meant to be an extra tricky one but the wind and rather difficult conditions in and around the pond made the title one to be very proud of, with no handling allowed.

WDX pass:
Ch Chesapeakeheart Bello Viso RN    O/H Birgitte Jorgensen

WDQ:  3 out of 4 dogs passed the WDQ. This level was certainly for the more “seasoned” dogs that may now call themselves qualified working dogs:

WDQ Passes:
Aquamanda’s Rather Dirty RN      O/H Birgitte Jorgensen
Ch Cheslabben Look My Way       O/H Bjarne Sorensen
Ch Cheslabben Millicent                O/H Angelika Heidsiek –Judges’ choice for best WDQ

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever committee, part of the Danish Retriever Club, wants to thank the judges, stewards, gunners, throwers, ground owner (who doubled as a gunner all day!) and everyone else involved in making this day a good one. Also a big thank you to RD Moira Frank for chairing this event. A similar day in 2015 is already in the planning stage, next time in the eastern part of Denmark.                                                      Birgitte Jorgensen, Denmark

Adey May's Close To You, WD


Aquamanda's Rather Dirty WDQ


Cheslabben Millicent WDQ


Holckenhus Halfcrown WD


Holckenhus "I" Mida-The Goddess WD


Look My Way



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