Chesapeake Events Around the Globe  -  Germany

September 3, 2016   WDXQ and Show - Germany    Contact: Mioira Frank

On a beautiful weekend in early September, thirty people from Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, and the U.S. gathered on the grounds of a 17th century German castle known as Schloss Melschede for an ACC Working Dog Stakes, a training day, and an informal show. Our hosts were ACC Regional Director Moira Frank (SedgeGrass Chesapeakes), Ulrike Schlögell (Crosswinds Chesapeakes), and Nicole Visel. It was a great honor to be invited to judge the WD and the show.  

The group included seasoned handlers with their accomplished working dogs, as well as some beginners with their first Chesapeake puppies. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. I was impressed with everyone’s good humor and the shared investment in the success of all participants. What a fine example of good sportsmanship! 

Our weekend began with a training day so that everyone could become more familiar with the rules of our ACC Working Dog Stakes. Handlers train differently in Germany as their tests differ from ours. So, there were many questions about things such as when it’s appropriate to talk to your dog and when you can handle. Some of the young dogs had only worked with dummies prior to this so we spent time introducing birds. The only thing more exciting than watching the natural instincts of a Chesapeake come alive is the look of absolute joy on the face of their handler. On the day of the WD, my fellow judge, Ulrike Schlögell, and I saw some excellent dog work from all entries whether they went home with a ribbon or not.  

The show was great fun. Due to rainy weather, we took shelter in a barn on a property where Scottish games are held. We ran a “test dog” of sorts to demonstrate ring procedures and I explained what a judge is looking for. I saw a really lovely group of bitches; their outlines were classic Chesapeake and they could really move. But, my Best of Breed dog (SedgeGrass Hop, Skip, and Jump) was a very fit, well-balanced dog that had traveled from the Czech Republic. And, Best of Opposite (SedgeGrass Gunnin’ for Glory) was a stunning bitch from the Netherlands. I’d take either of these dogs home without a moment’s hesitation. 

I’ve traveled to Chesapeake events in a number of countries and one common thing that I’ve observed is that the owners of these dogs express so much pride in owning one of our rugged, American dogs. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has many friends in Germany and now, thanks to this breed, I do as well.       Gina Downin, Maryland

WD   10 entered, 8 passed 
Crosswind's Diamond Blue                  Owner: Martin Sahl
2) Crosswind's Dazzlin Elmo                   Owner: Reya Hildebrandt
3) Sedgegrass In Medio Stat Virtus         Owner: Moira Frank
4) Redlion's Come Back Percival              Owner: Dr Gerd Klaus Kreitz
5) Crosswind's Calypso                           Owner  Friederich Von Baur
6) Hounted House Dancing In The Dark   Owner: Anna Boess
7) Sedgegrass Give No Quarter               Owner: Mary Chambers
 Sea'nland Fantastic Frieda                 Owner: Silke Bommer  

WDX   6 Entered, 3 Passed 
1) Sea'nland Berta                                Owner: Ansgar Wulf
2) Coolwater's Purling Oakleaf                Owner: Thora Eichblatt
3) Crosswind's Calypso                          Owner: Friederich Von Baur

 WDQ   5 Entered, 1 Passed 
1) Sea'nland Berta                                Owner: Ansgar Wulf