How to Submit an Ad

The only criterion for advertising is ACC membership and payment for ads. The ACC Board of Directors strongly recommends that all breeding stock be free of Hip Dysplasia, all hereditary eye diseases, EIC and Degenerative Myelopathy. The absence of OFA/CERF/PRA/DM/EIC information indicates to the buyer that they should inquire as to the conditions of hips, eyes, PRA, EIC and DM status. Inclusion on this list of advertised stud dogs/puppies/older dogs does not imply endorsement by the ACC.

Submit ad copy and payment by check or money order in US funds only or by PayPal (A $1 fee is charged per PayPal submission). All ads must be sent regular mail (no phone or email ads except when using PayPal) Mail to: Puppy/Older/Stud Dog Ads - Ann Law. Contact for mailing address or refer to ACC Directory. Make checks payable to "American Chesapeake Club". If sending by Express Mail you MUST check the waive signature required box.

Please limit ads to necessary information as space is limited. (Example: OFA2531E, EL261, CERF 2013, DM Clear etc.) Ads MUST be typed and are ONLY accepted from ACC Members in good standing.

Stud Dog Ads: Cost is $40.00 per year. Ads can be placed due the 1st of odd months only and will be included in 6 Bulletin issues and placed on Web.

Puppy / Older Dog Ads: A $5 monthly ad will be accepted on a one month basis and is due the 1st of every month. Ads will be placed on the ACC website, and in the Bulletin (if placed on Odd months). Each litter or older dog advertised constitutes a separate ad. You may submit an ad for one or more months. Due to new monthly options, due dates will be strictly adhered to. Any ad received after the first of the month will be placed the following month.

NOTE: Please make sure you include where you are located in your ad. For those looking for a dog locally or are concerned with shipping costs, this is a great help.

The ACC accepts ads in good faith, and does not check ads for accuracy or completeness. Guarantees or warrantees (expressed or implied) are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

NOTE: Be cautious as to whom you respond to in conjunction with your puppy ads. Some breeders have been receiving e-mails from pet dealers.

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