The Dog in the Logo

by Dyane Baldwin, past ACC Historian


(The following is excerpted from a letter by Charles Morgan to Eloise Heller Cherry)

    "I had a bitch of Mr. (R.N.) Crawford of Delaware (called) Sadie who was sired by Gunnar II. He was a great handling dog whose greatest fault was to whine on the line- fine disposition- terribly undershot though. I got a pup from Sadie sired by (Dilwyne) Con Kell, a brown Chesapeake sired by Skipper Bob. I named her Lassie and sent her to some nephew in Dakota. She turned out to be a great pheasant dog and duck dog according to them. I bred her (Lassie) to Ginger Buck and Earl Ward asked me to pick out the fastest one. There was one little reddish-brown one that could outrun the whole pack, so I sent her to Earl Ward. He named her Arkansas spelled backwards- Sasnakra. Tom Merritt who judged her said she went like she was jet propelled. (She) hit the water hard on marks. It seems her weakness was water blinds and distance handling over a period. She seemed to have everything but would fail in a clutch. If you had her as a puppy she would have been wonderful". Charles Morgan

    "Sassy" was whelped on June 02, 1945. She bred by Charles Morgan and owned first by Earl Ward and later Eloise Heller (Cherry). Her conformation title was earned in 1954 and her CD title in 1956. She was the dam of three field titlists from 5 litters: Dual/AFC Mount Joy's Mallard, FC/AFC Star King of Mount Joy & Ch/AFC Chuck's Rip Joy. Her silhouette, taken from a photo by Evelyn Shafer, graces the ACC logo today.


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