ACC Volunteer Application and Questionnaire
You are being considered for appointment to an ACC Committee or other position. Appointments must be approved by the ACC Board. To better enable all Board members to know you in order to make an informed decision, we ask for your assistance in answering a few questions. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

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Where would you like to volunteer? List possible committee(s) or position.

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How many years have you been an ACC member?

How many years have you owned Chesapeakes?

How many Chesapeakes do you own?

Please list activities or events in which you participate with your dogs.

Please describe committee or related work you may have done on behalf of the ACC in the past.

Please describe any relevant experience in management, organization, finances or other areas that may be beneficial to you in your work on this committee or position.

Please comment on what you feel you would like to contribute to the committee or position you are being considered for.

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