List of ACC Rescue Volunteers

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  Rescue Committee Chair:   Heidi Henningson 
                                                12525 Main St, Springfield, NE 68059-5015


Name State Phone Email Address
Camille Druge CA 530 742-3835 cbr5150@SBCGLOBAL.NET
Cheri Glanker ID 208-462-5462
Linda Harger ID 208 890-5386
George Marthinuss NC 336-998-4420
Diane Mazy ID 208 861-7706
Dina Perugini ID 208-939-8392

Attention current or potential ACC Rescue Volunteers:

             Click here  to download the Rescue Volunteer Application

             Click here  to download the revised edition of the ACC Rescue Manual

Updated August, 2016

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