ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan

Agility Results
This is the first year that agility was held with
the ACC Specialty Show!

I want to personally thank Susan Miles and her show committee for taking the initiative to offer and set up the Agility event!!!  It doesn't get much better than watching nothing but Chessies run all three levels of agility!!!  I also want to thank all the exhibitors and spectators that helped with the various jobs which kept the agility trial moving smoothly.  Susan has set the bar.  Hopefully future Show Specialties will also include Agility. 
          I have listed the results below.    Lynda Barber, Alaska

Judge:  Ms. Sharon Allswede
51 entries:  45 actually ran; 12 Q'd; 2 QQ in Excellent

Novice Standard: 128 yards; Course Time 69 seconds
    A- 24-inch
Janet Birk and Ketch (drove from Colorado) - 90/58.35

Preferred Novice Standard: 128 yards; CT 74 seconds
1st place - Vicki Woods and MACH Annie (drove from Ohio) - 100/40.09
2nd place - Lynda Barber-Wiltse and Wrangell (flew from Alaska) - 85/53.48

Open Standard: 183 yards; CT - 78 seconds
No Qualifiers

The Agility judge goes over the instructions and then the handlers walk the course before each competition begins.

Excellent Standard: 169 yards; CT 61 seconds

1st place - Ann Williscroft and George (drove from Florida) - 100/44.20
2nd place - Charlene Bridgwood and Beannie (drove from New Jersey) - 100/47.80
3rd place - George Makatura and Merry (drove from California) - 100/47.99


Ann Williscroft


Novice Jumpers with Weaves: 104 yards; CT 35 seconds
1st place - Janet Birk and Ketch
      (drove from Colorado) - 100/27.87
2nd place - Jim Stewart and Cal
      (drove from Maryland) - 100/35.31   
                                                                (Picture Jim Stewart)

Bonnie Stephens and Blaze
     (drove from Tennessee)   -   95/31.32

Open Jumpers with Weaves: 121 yards; CT 35 seconds
No Qualifiers

Excellent Jumpers with Weaves: 146 yards; 39 seconds
1st  - George Makatura and Merry (drove from California) - 100/31.49 Double Q
2nd - Charlene Bridgwood and Beannie (drove from New Jersey) - 100/32.16 Double Q

Vicki Woods and Molly (drove from Ohio) - 100/31.24

Now I'm going to list the other exhibitors that participated,
had fun, had enthusiastic runs, but did not get a Q!

Sandy Morris and Sadie (Michigan)
Liz and Ced Devin and Magnum (Kansas)
Quincie Gauld and Emma and Spirit and Jato (Michigan)
Sybil Winfield and Ceil (Colorado)

Ann Williscroft and Oak Hill Parker (Florida)
Bonnie Stephen and Liberty (Tennessee)
Betsy Humer and Zipper (Virginia)
Stephanie Adelmann and Cash (Minnesota)

(L to R)  Stephanie Adelman & Cash, Brenda Stewart's Show Boat, Betsy Humer & Zipper on the A Frame.   Dog with his toys is CH Lottawattah Prairie Pond Namosh CGC - "Magnum"  O/Ced & Liz Devin of Kansas.    Here is a note from Liz Devin---   Magnum's claim to fame at the ationals was dressing as the Energizer Bunny and wiping a booger off his nose on que, during the talent show. Really something to brag about - unless you've ever tried to teach this trick!  We had a lovely time at the specialty and really appreciate all the hard work that went into making it truly special!   Ced & Liz Devin

Ann Williscroft and Oak Hill Parker and Pan (Florida)
George Makatura and Brave (California)
Brenda Stewart and Show (Maryland)
Doreen Palmer and Piper (Maryland)
Valerie Farrell and Cappy (North Carolina)
Karen Shaffer and Reno (Pennsylvania)


A note on the Agility Trial from Charlene Bridgwood from NJ

The clubs first ever Agility trial held at a ACC National Specialty show was an overwhelming success in this exhibitors eyes!   I was surprised to learn we had 51 entries - this was well over my expectations!. At last years National I was sitting around chatting with friends that I would not drive all the way to Michigan for next years specialty unless they held Agility as well. I felt it was to far to go for only 1 Obedience class that I was no longer competing in anyway. I was later shocked to hear the chairman of this years show, Dr. Susan Miles had never even competed in Agility yet went above & beyond to ensure it was held at this show.  I can not compliment her efforts enough on the wonderful job she did, especially after hearing all the stipulations involved in holding one.  

Agility trials are never held without the many volunteers. Folks are needed to help setup courses, take them down & reset again for the various levels competing. In addition many folks are needed available during the runs to reset bars, shoots, leash runners, scribes etc. Lynda Barber from Alaska solicited enough volunteers that no one person was stuck doing a task for any length of time & did a great job of keeping things running smooth. The condition of the agility ring was - well lets just say not ideal - however it was worked out to the best possible way with the limited area they had.  

It was wonderful to see that many Chessie's doing agility.  I was impressed how far other exhibitors traveled because of the Agility being held - they made my commute look close (like Florida & California).  I am hoping the trend carries on for other Specialties in years to come & really shows off the diversity of our breed.       

Anyone who received awards in the competitions and would like pictures posted, send picture to Jane P for listing, preferably via email.  Thanks to Gail Ferguson, CA, for typing the results.

ACC Show Coverage and Pictures by Jane Pappler
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