ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan

Banquet & Auction

Thanks to Carole Bomberger for the following report:
     Jim and I chaired the Natl Spec Show Auction collecting items etc.  The morning of the banquet and auction we went to the banquet room to set up tables and to put out the items for the live, Chinese, and silent auction.  We started out with five long tables and had table cloths and skirts put on the tables.  We could not have possibly done any of this without the help of Barbara Healy, Jim and Brenda Stewart and Sybil Winfield.  They helped sort, fold, divide, list items and mark the tables.  They pitched in and helped until everything was set up for the evening.  We finished and left to go to the show site to see the judging.  After breed and the ringside celebration we departed for the hotel to dress for the banquet and auction and to stop by the dining room to see if we missed anything, and lo and behold there were boxes and boxes of more items for the auction.  Jim Miltenberger solicited vendors and had a ton of stuff for the auction tables.  There were people stopping by dropping off items as we stood there.  This required more tables etc.  The room was full.  Jim and Brenda Stewart went through the many books, bulletins, catalogs, prints, and other historical items.  Jim Stewart gave a commentary on these items as he offered them.  These descriptions gave bidders an idea of the historical or monetary value of the items and stimulated some pretty aggressive bidding.   (Stewart & Bomberger above)

Veronica Mercer (one of the co-owners of the best of breed dog) surprised me with a quilt for the auction.  This quilt was to die for. The pieces were done in coordinating shades of Chessie colors and each piece (20 pieces) had a pieced together Chessie with a name
embroidered under of the top 20 Chessies listed in Canine Chronicle.  Absolutely beautiful.  Channa Beth Butcher wanted this quilt so badly (her dog's name was on it), that she on several occasions upped her own bid to the delight of the crowd.  Channa Beth, with a big smile on her face, took the quilt home.  

Vivian DeRiemaker put together a basket of Michigan condiments, cook books, fudge etc, value of about $300.00.  That huge nut-covered caramel candy apple had my mouth watering.  To all the people who donated items, thank you on behalf of the American Chesapeake Club.  I cannot possible list or name everyone, they know who they are and what they contributed to help make this specialty special.  My Chessie friend Joan
Fisher and her daughter Jacque, non-ACC members, stepped up to the plate as cashier for which we are greatful.

We had enough DU money clips (thanks to Jim M) for each place setting at the tables.  In addition, Susan Miles' mother placed two real chocolate Chessie centerpieces on each table setting and a chocolate candy rose or paw print sucker. (Everyone received a blue ticket for a complimentary drink ).  The dinner got off to a late start but that was due the winners and the Susan getting pictures done after breed.  But once the others arrived everything went smoothly quickly. 

Christy Lloyd- IA, Joanne Silver-NJ, Howie Huber-PA, Maggie Fisher-MI, Jane Pappler-NJ,
 Steve Butcher-IN, Dana Mercer-Canada
Lynda Barber-Alaska, Gary Irish-MI, Meghan Conner-MD,
 Dorene Irish-MI, child, Brian Cox-TN, Carole Bomberger-MI and M.C.

ACC Show Coverage and Pictures by Jane Pappler
Redlion Digital Photos & Web Design

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