ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan

Breed Judging & Junior Showmanship

The Beautiful Trophies

Breed Judge:  Mr. Bud McGivern
Entries: Specials  79  (40-39)   12 Stud dogs, 13 Brood Bitches, 6 Braces
Plus the winners of the non-regular classes, and winners dog & bitch

Best Of Breed
CH Irish's Royal Prince of Tides
Owners/Gary Irish and Dana Mercer  Handler/Gary Irish

Best of Winners

Redlion's Bandito De La Bay JH
O/Deb & Bernie Rivas
H/Jane Pappler & Meghan Conner

Best Of Opposite Sex

CH Silverbar's Wind on the Water
O/Patsy & Rudy Barber & J Silver
H/Patsy Barber


CH Irish's Eastern Sea Maiden

CH Redlion's Short Fuse

JAM's   (Judges Award of Merit)       (in order at the end of judging)
 65 CH Blackwater  Friar Tuck SH   O/Joyce & Jeff Shaw
 14 CH Quail Run's Sophie's Kiss   O/CT Wods & Dana Bleifer  H/John McCartney
169 CH Redlion's Short Fuse (Veteran 9-11 yrs)  O/Jane Pappler  H/Meghan Conner
177 CH Chestnut Hill's Copper Solid   O/Loura Waid & Karen Anderson
200 CH Ches-Shores Copper Penny   O/Loura Waid & Gary Burgess
290 CH CH Irish's Eastern Sea Maiden  O/Renee Van Overbeke & Gary Irish

Additional Dogs besides the above winners who made the first cut for the breed:
CH Ches-Shoreds Top Gun    O/Loura Waid & Gary Burgess
CH Silvercreek's Gingerbr Becker    O/Joanne Silver & Diane Ammerman
CH Anubis Master Chief    O/Peter Platten  H/Toni Raden
CH Silvercreek Gunsmoke  O/M Bakken, J Silver, J Krogstadt & D Ammerman
CH Oak"n"Thistle"s Show Boat OA NA NAJ    O/Drs James & Brenda Stewart
CH Silverck Blumoon BB De-O-Gee CD    O/Chris & Rick Rosenberg
CH Irish's Gallant Knight   O/Gary & Dorene Irish
   and the hunting dog, and all the Veteran Dogs.

Additional Bitches besides the above who made the first cut:
CH NorthWyn Lord Merlin's Legacy   O/Margaret Fisher
CH Aridawn's Just Kristie   O/Patty Martin
CH Silvercreeks Fantasia  O/Larry & Penny Warner
CH Chestnut Hills River Wye  O/Karen & Ronald Anderson
Ch Chestnut Hills Kele's Kode
Ch Chesacola's Spunky Gal
Ch Chesacola's Harwood My Pie
Ch SandyCreed's Ms American Pie
     and also the hunting bitch, field trial bitch and all the Veteran Bitches.

Getting all the dogs called in to start the final judging!

Maggie Fisher
CH NorthWyn Lord Merlin's Legacy  "Logan"

Judge Bud McGivern held everyone in suspense as he picked his  final dogs for best of breed.  Every dog was examined from head to toe, stem to stern, coats, tails, shoulders, movement, etc..  He was very methodical in his examination, measuring and going over each dog with a fine tooth comb.  He lined his choices up and he moved them - switched them, sent them out two at a time and moved them again.  One could not read who was going to take breed.  He switched the breed dog and the best opposite dog only to then move up another to the front. I think he was sending a message to the crowd that he had some outstanding dogs before him.  He told exhibitors to not stop working as he had not made his final decision.  After much deliberation, he sent them around and pointed to Josh for the Breed.  Hats off to the breed exhibitors as they worked so hard for  their wins.   


Junior Showmanship

Novice Junior
1  Curly's Teal-Waterstalker        JRH/Jordan Punches
2  Chessie LN Curly's Cute N Camo       JRH/Spencer Vennette
3  Marjan's Annies Song       JRH/Megan Krogstadt 
4  CH Nugget Hill's Briarose CDX SH     JRH/Rosanna Young 

Novice Senior
1  CH Irish's Parklake Desert Skye   JRH/Ryan Bomberger

Open Junior
1  Ch Lottawattah Oklahoma Redman     JH/Halie Endicott
2  Ch Ches-Shores Curtain Call      JRH/Theresa Chomic

Open Senior
1  Ch Irish's Zia Sun Princess  JRH/Melanie Cotter
2  Concordcrek Drake So Wak CD   JRH/Anthony Senita
3  Ch Sangary's Ice Tea Bach 'N Over JH CD NA    JRH/Kimberly Hitt

Best Junior Handler

Melanie Cotter, Michigan

Stud Dog
1 Ch Chestnut Hills Copper Solid   O/Loura Waid & Karen Anderson
2 Ch Chestnut Hils Coca Kele   O/Kenneth C Wright
3 Ch Tealwaters Timberdoodle Song   O/Coray Foley & Robert Davis

Brood Bitch
1  Ch Silvercreeks I Love Lucy JH   O/Joanna & Stan Silver
2  Redlion's Come Back No Fleas    O/Jane Pappler
3  Ch Snowy River's Elk Woman   O/Karen & Ronald Anderson
4  Ch Krogstadt's Peake Panache CD   O/Janice Krogstadt & Marjorie Bakken

2nd place Brood Bitch
Redlion's Come Back No Fleas with

  Redlion's Bandito De La Bay
  Redlion's Not for Sale

Ch Nordais Anastasia of Caroway & Ch Caroway's Matoaka of Chestnut Hills
      O/Cathy Duske

2 Ch Chestnut Hills Kele's Kode & Ch Chestnut Hills Tundra
      O/Karen & Ron Anderson and Drs J & B Stewart
3 Ch Ches-Shores Top Gun & Ch Ches-Shores Copper Penny
      O/Loura Waid and Gary Burgess
4 Parklake Chief SoaringEagle & Ch Parklake's Diamonds an Denim
      O/Jim & Carole Bomberger

Anyone who received awards in the competitions and would like pictures posted, send picture to Jane P for listing, preferably via email.  Thanks to Gail Ferguson, CA, for typing the results.

Guess where we stopped on the road home south of Lansing?????   We had to have something to help keep us awake for the long drive.  Yum, yum..

ACC Show Coverage and Pictures by Jane Pappler
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