ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan

Dog Class Judging Results

Dog Classes
Judge:  Mrs. Karin B. Ashe  - Entries:  74 & 31 Non-regular Dogs  - Total 105

Puppy Dogs 6-9mos.
1 Riverdel's Red Sky At Night   O/Marty Smith
2 Feather Haven's Tides Of Serentity   O/Daphne Black
3 Ramsey Creek's Shock N Awe   O/Lily Luster
4 Ches-Shores River Scout   O/Cindy Callahan

Puppy Dogs 9-12mos.
1 Redlion's Griffin  O/Brian Summers
2 Pond Hollow Rafe On The Run   O/Carol & Chris Beste
3 Quail Run's Eros Mighty Cast   O/Susan Grasso
4 Grizzlypeake Quail Run Man On The Moon   O/Melissa Schumann & Dana Bleifer DVM


12-18 mo Dogs
1 Longmeadow's Bull Run   O/Laura Herzog & Dr Christine Johns MD
2 Magellan's Majestic Voyage   O/David Peckman & Kim K Peckman
3 Chesacola's Nickajack   O/Brian & Angela Cox
4 Wildfowlers Bluecollar Ranger   O/Michelle R dunn

Novice Dogs
1 The North Shore's Navy Seal   O/ Dana & Veronica Mercer

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1 Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk   O/Dyane & Jennifer & Bill Baldwin
2 Von Hausman's Didgeridoo   O/Charles F & Claudia J Vaigl
3 Firstlight Diver Decoy   O/Michael London
4 Irish's Lord Of The Mist   O/ Mark Freeman & Gary D & Dorene A Irish

Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk

American-Bred Dogs
1 Chesany sumerduck Sneakypete   O/ Michel Y Carr
2 Zachery's God Of Justice  O/Rocky Buehler
3 Chester River's Captain Moe   O/Gary Burgess & Loura Waid
4 Stan The Man  O/Tracey Kaufman & Michael Hosner

Carol Bomberger and friend

Kathy Heintel's
Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo

Open Dogs
1 Redlion's Bandito De La Bay JH   O/ Bernie Rivas & Deborah Rivas  H/Meghan Conner
2 Irish's Royal Duck Buster   O/Roy Newell
3 Pond Hollow Beaufort's Sea  O/Dyane Baldwin & Melanie Ramaden 
4 Chesabar's Crimson Tide   O/Elwood & Susan Burlew 

Redlion's Bandito De La Bay JH

Longmeadow's Bull Run  

Veteran Dogs 7-9yrs
1 Ch Ches-Shores Hunters Dream   O/Gary Burgess & Loura Waid
2 Ch Meadowoods Home Of The Brave CDX MH OA   O/George Matakura
3 Ch Chestnut Hills Cocoa Kele   O/ Kenneth C Wright
4 Ch Marnetts Grant My Wish UDX JH   O/Annette B Monugian

Veteran Dogs 9-11yrs
1 Redlion's Short Fuse   O/Jane Pappler
2 Ch Parklake's Bryar   O/Carole & Jim Bomberger
3 Ch Buck Run See Buck Run SH  O/Katherine & Raymond Heintel
4 Ch Blustrywood T's Repeater   O/Sandy Morris

Vet Dog 11yr Over
Irish's Ruby J Truman

Vet Dog 9-11
Redlion's Short Fuse

Veteran Dogs 11yrs & Over
1 Ch Ygdrasil Dark Moon Rising   O/Edward H Vanderbeck & Carrie McLean
2 Chesabar's Downeast Cruiser   O/Patsy & Rudy Barber
3 Ch Parklake's Lordship Sir Oliver   O/Jim & Carole Bomberger
4 Ch Redlion's Blustry Booker T CD JH  O/Kathy Perrry & Joan Eckert

Hunting Dogs
1 Redlion's Bandito De La Bay JH   O/Bernie Rivas & Deborah Rivas  H/Jane Pappler
2 Ch Meadowoods Home Of The Brave CDX MH OA   O/George Matakura
3 Ch Nesnah's Captain Cashew CDX JH NA NAJ   O/Stephanie Adelmann
4 Ch Buck Run See Buck Run SH   O/Katherine & Raymond E Heintel

Field Trial Dogs
1 Ch Meadowoods Home Of The Brave CDX MH OA   O/George Matakura

Anyone who received awards in the competitions and would like pictures posted, send
picture to Jane P for listing, preferably via email.  Thanks to Gail Ferguson, CA, for typing the results.


ACC Show Coverage and Pictures by Jane Pappler
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