ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan


Thanks to Carole Bomberger, MI,  for the following reports:

The Parade of Title Holders, Doggie Talent Show and Magic Show all took place on Friday night in the banquet room.  The Parade got off to somewhat of an awkward beginning because of the time allowed but soon fell into place.  I wish each person who was involved would post their story as I don't have them anymore - they were turned in to the show chair along with the entry fee.

Cindy Livingston kicked the show off with her dog Chance and how she rescued him along with his parents and littermates.  Six in all I believe.  It was a heart wrenching story.  Cindy kept Chance who just had a cataract removal and lens replacement.  From the first time I saw Chance  - a wary, fearful dog to now - nothing short of a miracle.  He responds to people and has made a complete turn around.  A good looking deadgrass male to boot.

Kandi - I want to thank Carole and everyone who helped with the Parade of Titleholder's! Everyone really enjoyed telling about our own dogs and hearing about others.  All of these dogs are really special and you could tell how much their owners loved them. So, thanks again to the committee for taking time to hold this event, and for the lovely ribbons they had made for each dog that participated.  Now for Kandi's story:   Kandi is my almost 11 year old. She was my first obedience partner and earned her CD, CDX, CGC, ASCA CD and one leg of her UD when she was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy in the spring of 2001. This disease affects the spinal cord and the dog gradually becomes paralyzed. Kandi has been paralyzed for a year and a half now and uses a "doggy wheelchair" to get around. Even though she's paralyzed, she still wanted to have a "job" so Joe and I had her approved for pet therapy visits through our local organization. Kandi now visits patients in the spinal cord injury wing of a local hospital.
              Lorrie & Kandi CDX, ASCA CD, CGC, HABIT Therapy Dog

Dorene Palmer with Taku - (help me Dorene as I cannot remember all the details)  his story of all his titles etc is one of which he is the only Chessie or perhaps the only dog ever to attain a certain title???

It hardly seems fair to mention some without mentioning the others but perhaps they will step in and tell their side of it.  Mark Walsh had his dog entered but due some problems with his motor home had a conflict..

The Talent Show was so cute with dogs performing tricks and wearing costumes - but the one I truly doubled over at was the Chessie dressed as a cow with  udders intact.  The other was a bumble bee and the rootin, tootin, shootin cowboy.  Dogs performing was an 'adding' Chessie doing math on stage.  Dogs sitting up, jumping over and crawling under.  New goals to reach here with our Chessies and it looked like so much fun.

Even the adults enjoyed the Magician but I sat behind Rosanna Young and could hear her giggle and laugh.  Fun for the family and something special for the kids.

Rescue Booth - Several years ago on another list we referred to the list members as “Netapeakes”.  At that time fundraising was a topic of discussion and the Netapeakers held several online auctions.  Mind you, this was before any official CBR Rescue groups.  The idea of a Netapeake Cookbook come up and the Netapeakers sent in many recipes.  We held a contest for the name of the book and also a picture for the cover.  The cover picture of is Wally's dog Knuckles licking his chops.  CBRRESCUE had the cookbook printed. There are many pictures from breeders along with some mouth-watering recipes.  Price:  $l5.00.  A must-have one of a kind.  If anyone is interested in this book, let me know and I can find out who to contact.  

Sandie Pappa, Cindy Livingston, Mary Peters and Marty Smith (I hope I did not miss anyone) manned the CBRRESCUE booth as a hospitality booth at the Specialty.  Coffee, tea, donuts, fruit, candy, soft drinks and water were available for a donation.  It got very chilly at times, and I can tell you, a cup of  hot coffee saved the day.  There were beautiful pictures and stories of dogs rescued and placed.  Even  "Chance"  a rescue Chessie that just had lens replacement greeted visitors. Once a shy, fearful dog, Chance now responded lovingly to the visitors at the booth.  The proceeds from the hospitality booth amounted to approximately $485.  Great job ladies for being there and for all the good work you do for Rescue.


There was some socializing around the bar.
The drink of the night was a sour apple martini ---- WOW! 

ACC Show Coverage and Pictures by Jane Pappler
Redlion Digital Photos & Web Design

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