ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan

Obedience Results


Judges:  Mr. Robbin Shea and  Ms. Jeanne Ohmann


High In Trial:  Charlene Bridgwood's - "Beanie"
Susqudilla High Fiber CDX, AX, AXJ
195.5 out of the Open B class

High Combined was not awarded.  Too bad as the trophy was gorgeous!! 

Novice A   no qualifiers


  O/Rupe Humer
     1st Nov B

Janet Birk

Novice B
1st   Eastern Waters' Summer Breeze CD   Rupert Humer   193.5++
2nd  Eastern Waters' Chincoteague JH       Vivian DeRiemaker  193.5+
3rd  Ch Mtn View Weaver Canoe               Janet Birk   193.5
4th  Ch Chesnaks Get Cracking CD             Robert and Sharon Hadanak  190.5
Other Qualifiers were:
  Ch Irish's Northwyns Navigator CD  -  Maggie Fisher   187
  Ch Nesnah's Cold Winter Nights  -  Arden Hansen   190
  Ch Silvercreek's Fantasia  -  Penny Warner  183.5
  Shadow B's Princess Peanut CD  -  Stephanie Adelmann  186.5
  Anubis Walk On Water  -  Becky Reynnells  182.5
  Ch Silvercreek Blumoon BB De-O-Gee CD  -  Chris Rosenberg  188.5
  Ch Chesacola Hardwood Hurricane    Brian Cox   187.5

Open A      no qualifiers

Open B
1st  Susqudilla High Fiber CDX, AX, AXJ     Charlene Bridgwood  195.5
2nd Ch Irish's Whispering Northwind UD, SH    Maggie Fisher  191
3rd  Eastern Waters' Hornpiper VCD2, UD, MX, AXJ     Doreen Palmer  189.5
4th  Silvercreek Madison OnTheBay UD, NA, NAJ         Pam Rocque  186.5

Utility B
1st Beartown Rhurhear UD, MX, MXJ          Valerie Farrell   189


Ellie's Puppy  

Open B 2nd - Reed
M Fisher

1st Wildfowlers Blucollar Ranger                Michelle Dunn  152
2nd Ch Nuka Bay Wrangell-Saintelias         Lynda Barber-Wiltse  143.5
3rd  Silvercreek Belle Haven OnThe Bay    Pam Rocque  127
4th  Silvercreek Applejohn Alex                  Lorrie Johnson  93.5

1st  Shadow B's Princess Peanut CD
      Ch Nesnah's Captain Cashew CDX, JH, NA, NAJ  Stephanie Adelmann  192
2nd Parklake Otto's Wild Ride CDX
       Ch Codling's Chessiebear CD                              Melissa Schumann  173
3rd  Ch Chesnaks Wild Oats CDX, JH
       Ch Chesnaks Get Cracking CD                             Robert and Sharon Hadanak  166

Grad Nov
1st Ch Chesnak's Get Cracking CD                   Robert and Sharon Hadanak  182
2nd  Eastern Waters' Summer Breeze CD        Rupert Humer     162
3rd  Driftwood Spring Shenna CD                    Terri Thompson  124

1st Ch Marnetts Grant My Wish UDX, JH          Annete Monugian     198.5
2nd  Caroways Calamity Kate UD                    Vivian DeRiemaker  194
3rd  Hillcrest's Morning Glory CD                     Linda Lovstad  193.5
4th  Panama Red II CD, JH                              Sandie Pappa  193

Sandie Pappa
Veteran "Red"

   Veteran "Sits"


1st Place Team!

Judge, Janet Birk, Pam Rocque, Valerie Farrell, Stephanie Adelmann 


Hillcrest's Morning Glory

1st  Beartown Rhurhera UD, MX, MXJ
     Ch Nesnah's Captain Cashew CDX, JH, NA, NAJ
     Ch Mtn View Dream Ketcher CDX, TD
     Silvercreek Madison OnTheBay UD, NA, NAJ
     Ch Nesnah's Cold Winter Nights (alternate)                  756


2nd Eastern Waters Hornpiper VCD2, UD, MX, AXJ
      Ch Eastern Waters Chesarab Sea-J CD
      Eastern Waters Summer Breeze CD
      Ch Chesacola Hardwood Hurricane                            680.5   (above white shirts)
3rd  Ch Irish's Whispering Northwind UD, SH
       Ch Chesnaks Get Cracking CD
       Caroway's Calamity Kate UD
       Ch Silvercreek Blumoon BB De-O-Gee CD                 677

The "Shirts"
All the teams dressed alike.
Here is the front and back of the  #3 Team. 

 4th  Concordcreek Guner Grse Ltng
        Concordcreek O Ga Hado Was JH
        Ota Yo Nih Nyagwai Nugatina CD, SH
        Hillcrests Morning Glory CD
        Ch Pond Hollow Brindisi CD, JH                               554

Trophies were beautiful....all first place dogs got beautiful hand blown crystal dumbbells on plaques.  Reminded me of the golden dumbbells given to super dogs at the old Classics.  The crowd was supportive of all the competitors, the trophies were absolutely gorgeous, and team was a hoot, as usual.  Its always a blast to return to the out of sight stay line up and see all the dogs in the same position we left them in.  It's also very neat to see all the dogs in the stay line up for team....16 this year, in every shade of color.  I'm sorry I didn't get to see Annette and Grant in Veterans run, since I was in Pre-novice at the same time.  I would have liked to see her 198.5....his heeling must have been to die for.  It was nice to see Charlene win HIT.   She is a lovely woman and her dog Beanie is too cute.  Of course, I have a thing for the sedge babies. <G>  It was heartbreaking to see Val's Cappy sit up on the long down, which meant High Combined would not be awarded this year.  It was also disappointing to note that no Novice A people qualified.  Hopefully they enjoyed themselves and will continue to compete in obedience.      Pam Rocque and the girls

Anyone who received awards in the competitions and would like pictures posted, send picture to Jane P for listing, preferably via email.  Thanks to Gail Ferguson, CA, for typing the results.

ACC Show Coverage and Pictures by Jane Pappler
Redlion Digital Photos & Web Design

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