ACC National Specialty Show
Sept 24-28, 2003 -  E. Lansing, Michigan

On the road with George!

The follow is from the travels of George Makatura from the San Jose, CA on his way to the Specialty Show in Michigan...

9-21:  I'm half way to MI in Cheyenne WY.  Being born and living my entire life in large metropolitan areas it is a bit of a culture shock for me to go 1,000 miles without seeing a Starbucks.   I did pass a sign that said the town had a population of 2. Another sign that said "point of interest" with an arrow facing left and slightly up. I craned my neck to see what it was pointing at, just to see a large rock with a small tree next to it. I figure someone must have spent tax dollars to make the sign and needed to use it, and pointing to just any one of the millions of small rocks between CA and WY isn't going to fool anyone.  That's it from the road. The freight trains move 24 hours a day in Cheyenne and the tracks are right outside my room. On the way back I'll not stay here.        G.

(from Fred Feins, CT)   George,  I'm stuck at home this year.  Barbara will represent the family.  I'm hoping you'll pick up the tradition of 'color' commentary for those of us that couldn't make the trip.  Those points of interest signs can really be a hoot.  We love the ones where you've driven for hours past landscape so beautiful it could stop your heart then someone puts up a sign advising, "Scenic Area". That's just in case you had been driving with your eyes closed for the past hour.  Enjoy your trip.  Fred

9-22  I'm certainly glad to be in Des Moines, IA.  The only thing I don't care for is the 65 mph speed limit on I-80. After going 90-100 when I could through NV, UT, WY, and NE I feel like I'm going in slow motion.  I must say that Nebraska is a lovely state with nice roads and
rest stops (I won't mention whose needs improvement but they are all to the left of NE), even the rest stop had a pond.  There were nice rolling hills with plenty of green pasture and grasslands.  I found myself thinking that land would be a good place for a triple, or when I passed the North Platte area, that would make a nice training pond. My dogs could really dig this area.

Did you every wonder about regional cooking? You know, like why certain ghastly concoctions are loved by the locals?  I went into a chain called the Country Kitchen tonight for dinner.  Everything on the menu was topped by fried onions. The kind you can buy
in a can but then fried again until they are burned.  Why?
One more day,    G.

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