American Chesapeake Club
National Show Specialty
October 11-16, 2005

Dog Classes


Judge: Barbara Hannum

Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs
(7)BLACKWOOD'S BREAKIN ALL THE RULES, SR254503/01, 03/12/05. Breeder, Erica Wise & Patsy Barber. By Ch. Hamilton Farms Broadway Bound C Chesabar's Playing With The Boys. Owner, Erica Wise.

(9)LONGMEADOW MONOCACY, SR258500/02, 04/05/05. Breeder, L & P. Herzog. By Ch. Redlion's Come Back Hank C Longmeadow Appalachia, JH. Owner, Laura Herzog.

(11)CONCORDCREEK TRAPPER JOHN, SR237179/03, 01/21/05. Breeder, Anna Marie & Anthony Senita. By Concordcreek Drake So Wak, CD, SH C Concordcreek O Ga Hado Was, CD, JH. Owner, John & Victoria Sacco.

A (15)POND HOLLOW RIVER TO DONWAY, SR254603/03, 04/01/05. Breeder, D. & J. Baldwin. By Ch. Calico Almost Famous C Ch. Pond HOllow Casco Bay. Owner, John Troy & Kelly Autry.

(17)OAK'N'THISTLE'S CRUSADER, SR241631/06, 01/29/05. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & B. & J. Stewart. By Ch.Oak'N'Thistle's Showboat, OA, OAJ C Ch. Chestnut Hill's Tundra. Owner, Drs. James & Brenda Stewart.

(19)SILVERCREEK CHESABAR HAPPY DAYS, SR236250/01, 02/12/05. Breeder, Joanne Silver & Patsy Barber & Diane Ammerman. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bering Sea C Ch. Silvercreek Wheel of Fortune, JH. Owner, Joanne C. Silver & Patsy Barber.

2  21)SILVERCREEK CASBAR FRASIER, SR235451/10, 02/09/05. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Redlions Short Fuse C Ch. Silvercreek Casbar's Cheers. Owner, Joanne C. Silver & Diane Ammerman.

1  (23)CHESABAR PAWPRINTS IN THE SAND, SR244415/03, 02/22/05. Breeder, Patsy Barber & Mitchel Horowitz. By Ch. Chesabar's Cooper Mine C Ch. Quilridges Ghirardelli Goose. Owner, Mari Vaccaro, (Jr. Show #167).

(25)GOOSEFEATHERS EASY KEEPER, SR249638/06, 04/08/05. Breeder, S. & J. Bonewitz. By Stonefield Goldeneyes Grizz C Cursans Kodiak Bear Cub. Owner, Michael Y. Carr.

(27)FROSTY HILL WIND DANCES TIMBER, SR234616/01, 01/23/05. Breeder, Marie Stump. By Ch. Pond Hollow Southern Tornado C Ch. Von Hausmans Waltzin Matilda. Owner, Marie Stump & Kevin Shaffer.

(29)DESERT WINDS MOROCCAN SAND, SR255363/01, 04/10/05. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Del Bravo Rocco G, SH C Ch. Chesabars Morgan of Dsrt Wnds. Owner, Laurie Schisler.

(31)AKCOMI'S KENAI POND CUTTER, SR253762/01, 03/28/05. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Pond Hollow Cutty Hunk C Ch. Chesador's Kenai Katherine. Owner, Frederick D. & Renee L. Wolfe.

(33)SUSQUDILLA CAYENNE CRUSADER, SR259234/01, 04/13/05. Breeder, R. Haskin & P. Campanella. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist of Fate C Ch. Susqudilla Orchard Creek Seashell. Owner, Robyn L. Haskin & Anne Bookhart & Paul Campanella.

A (35)WYNDHAM'S XPRESS, SR281837/01, 02/19/05. Breeder, Owner. By Wyndham's Raging River C Blaesborg's Ches Ally. Owner, Edward J. Atkins.

(37)LONGMEADOW VOODOO CHILE, SR258500/03, 04/05/05. Breeder, L. & P. Herzog. By Ch. REdlion's Come Back Hank C Longmeadow Appalachia, JH. Owner, Heather & Craig Hauser.

A (39)CHESACHOBEE'S SUNDANCE KID, SR248019/08, 03/02/05. Breeder, Owners. By Wyeth Meadows Amber's Encore C Ch. Chesachobee's Legacy. Owner, L. Ann & John Jeffcoat.

(41)CHESACHOBEE'S M, SR248019/07, 03/02/05. Breeder, L. A. & J. Jeffcoat. By Wyeth Meadows Amber's Encore C Ch. Chesachobee's Legacy. Owner, Elizabeth & William Madden & Ann & John Jeffcoat.

 Puppy 9 months and under 12 months - Dogs
HARDWOOD'S MILLIE'S KUDO, SR230746/12, 12/24/04. Breeder, V. Bartnicki & R. Clabuesch. By Ch. Chesacola's Fabulous TBird C Ch. Hardwood's Femme Fatale. Owner, Vivian DeRiemaker.

(43)FEATHER HAVEN'S BUST'N THE BULRUSH, SR233097/08, 12/30/04. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Irish's Royla Duck Buster C Chestnut of Cedar Lake, JH. Owner, Daphne A. Black.

(45)CHES‑SHORES HOBBS RIVER, SR219062/01, 10/23/04. Breeder, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess. By Schnaitman's Bear On The Wye C Ch. Ches‑Shores Golden Sands, CD. Owner, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess & Dawnn Sykes.

(47)SUSQUDILLA HIGH PROFILE, SR216183/04, 11/09/04. Breeder, Charlene Bridgwood & Robyn Haskin. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist of Fate C Susqudilla High Fiber, CDX, MX, MXJ. Owner, Susan Gough.

1  (49)JETSTREAM'S COMET CRUZ'N FAST & CLEAN, SR217771/04, 12/02/04. Breeder, R. & P. Corkwell. By Corks Luke of Middleville C Corks Lady Tatyania. Owner, Beckie Gould & Quincie Spangler.

A (51)HARDWOOD'S THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, SR230746/13, 12/24/04. Breeder, V. Bartnicki & B. Clabuesch. By Ch. Chesacola's Fabulous TBird C Ch. Hardwood's Femme Fatale. Owner, Virginia Bartnicki.

A (53)KANDU GINGERBEAR'S STERLING, SR232317/02, 12/12/04. Breeder, L. & C. Lloyd & J. Silver. By Ch.Silvercreek Gingbr Becker, JH C Ch. Steel Wind. Owner, James L. Steimel.

Dogs - 12 to 18 month, Dogs
 (55) REDLION'S COMANCHE'S HOPE, SR217827/01, 10/05/04. Breeder, Jane Pappler. By Redlion's Robin Goodfellow C Foleyfield's Redlion Critter. Owner, Bob Fenton.

(57)QUAILRUN MARNETTS DONT U WISH, SR177080/02, 05/16/04. Breeder, Dana Bleifer. By Ch. Marnetts Grant My Wish, UDX,JH,RE C Ch. Quail Runs Terracata, OA, AXJ. Owner, Annette Monugian.

(59)CHESANY'S SILVERCREEK EAGLE'S HEIR, SR182721/02, 06/08/04. Breeder, Joanne & Stanley Silver. By Ch. Chesnay Sumerduck Soaring Eagle C Ch. Silvercreek Moonlighting. Owner, Ronald & Judy Thomas.

3  (61)CAL‑I‑CO BOURBON AND BRANCH, SR182635/01, 06/27/04. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist of Fate C Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Eclair. Owner, JoAnn & James Colvin.

(63)HILLCREST'S GLORY'S HONOR, SR185237/01, 06/03/04. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Chesarab's Force of The Jedi C Hillcrest's Dream Seeker. Owner, Linda J. Lovstad.

(65)GOOSE CREEK'S WILDCAT COWBOY, SR177046/08, 06/09/04. Breeder, S. & C. Butcher. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bering Sea C Ch.Sand Bar's My Little Marker, JH. Owner, Margaret A. Laycock.

(67)NORTHWYNS WHISPERING REFLECTION, SR238345/01, 06/14/04. Breeder, M. Fisher & G. & D. Irish. By Ch. REdlion's Short Fuse C Ch. Irish's Whispering Northwind, UD, SH. Owner, Margaret Fisher.

(69)SUSQUDILLA'S AVALANCHE, SR199189/01, 08/17/04. Breeder, Robyn Haskin & Pam Benack. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist of Fate C Susquilla Fancy Free Logan. Owner, Robyn L. Haskin & Paul Campanella & J. C. Meced.

(71)HYFLYN CC JOLTA JAVA, SR207245/02, 08/07/04. Breeder, G. Ferguson. By Ch. Marnetts Playing Hookie C Mojave Curly Sue. Owner, Peggi Johnson & Robert Miller.

(73)RKK'S & DUSTY ROSE MAXIUM FORCE, SR184402/04, 06/27/04. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. RKK Sir‑Ironpaws Ice Breaker, JH C Dusty Rose Wildflower. Owner, Rebecca Kowalski.

4 (75)CHESACHOBEE'S ODYSSEUS, SR180989/05, 05/24/04. Breeder, L. A. & J. Jeffcoat. By Chesachobee's Star Shooter C Ch. Eastern Waters Sea Mystic. Owner, Amy & Tony Spangler & Ann & John Jeffcoat.

A (77)TUGBOAT BERING SEA BOWMAN, SR210428/04, 10/02/04. Breeder, Diane Baker & Wes Christopher. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bering Sea C Sandbar's Matter of Fact. Owner, Wes Christopher.

(79)SANDBAR'S STOCK EXXCHANGE, SR211168/02, 09/07/04. Breeder, Diane Kiester & Caroline Woods. By Redlion's Big Business, JH C Ch. Sandbar's Laugh Traxxx. Owner, Diane Kiester & Fred Konrad.

(313)CHESABAR'S HAZARDOUS WATERS, SR199600/05, 09/06/04. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr. By Ch. Chesabar's My Buoy C Ch. Chesabar's Rye Brooke. Owner, Todd & Jessica Seebohm.

   Photos: 12-18mo, 12-18 #57

Novice, Dogs
A (81)THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM, SR213886/11, 09/18/04. Breeder, S. Larson. By Ch. Silvercreeks Who's The Boss C Ch. Albridens Rainy Daze, CD. Owner, Paul Kelly.

(83)SILVERCREEK ABERDEEN ON THE BAY, RN, SR186912/01, 06/30/04. Breeder, J. & S. Silver & P. Barber. By Ch. Chesabar Windjammer C Ch. Silvercreek Wheel of Fortune, JH. Owner, Pamela Rocque & Joanne Silver.

A 85CHESSHAR'S ROOKIE, SR080645/03, 05/15/03. Breeder, J. & S. Batte. By DC/AFC. Westwind's Rudy of Nordais C Ch. Chesshar's I'm Outta Here, SH. Owner, Pat & Doug Puwal.

Bred by Exhibitor - Dogs
11/11/03. Breeder, owners. By Ch. HyFly'n Virtual Reality C Mojave Curly Sue. Owner, Gail Ferguson & Carolyn Badenoch.

A 89BLACKWOOD'S BOYS WILL BE BOYS, SR034041/04, 09/19/02. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Hamilton Farms Broadway Bound C Chesabar's And One Better. Owner, Erica Wise.

91DUSTY ROSE DISCOVERY, SN903186/02, 04/01/02. Breeder, Owners. By Dave's Dusty Delight, MH C Ch. Michelle's Little Idyl Rose, MH. Owner, Michelle & David Keehn.

(93)REDLION'S HIT DOCTOR, JH, SN753539/01, 07/01/00. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Irish's Royal Prince of Tides C Redlion's Quailrun Smooch. Owner, Jane Pappler.

95CHESSHORES REGULATOR, SR133803/02, 12/11/03. Breeder, owners. By Ch. Chester River's Captain Moe C Quail Run's Encore of Chesshores. Owner, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess.

97 SPENDTHRIFT ROLLING THUNDER, SR067568/07, 03/24/03. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Susqudilla's Dark Star C Spendthrift Rising Wind. Owner, Susan D. Keroack.

99 CHESAVIEDA'S SUWANNEE, SN823119/02, 03/05/01. Breeder, Dianna & Jeff Blakey. By Chesavieda's Kissimmee Kid C Eastern Waters' Sea Song, CD. Owner, Dianna D. Blakey.

101 FITZHUGH'S FORTY GOAL PONY, SR131523/06, 11/03/03. Breeder, Meghan Conner. By Ch. Redlions Short Fuse C Ch. Donways Fitzhugh Crescendo, CD, JH. Owner, T. White & M. Conner & D. Autry.

103 GRIZZLYPEAKE QUAIL RUN MAN ON THE MOON, SN931456/02, 11/16/02. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Redlions Come Back Hank C Ch. Quail Runs Second Guessing. Owner, Melissa Schumann & Dana Bleifer.

(105) CHESABAR'S COPPER REFLECTION, SR244415/01, 02/22/05. Breeder, Patsy Barber & Mitchel Horowitz. By Ch. Chesabar's Copper Mine C Ch. Quailridges Ghirardelli Goose. Owner, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr & Diane & Mitchel Horowitz.

107TWO BAYS MORE THAN A DREAM, SR148565/05, 02/10/04. Breeder, William & Dawnn Sykes. By Ch. Chester River's Captain Moe C Ch. Ches‑Shores Out Serenity. Owner, Dawnn Sykes.

109WYETH MEADOWS BREAK THE TIE, SN772652/01, 07/01/00. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Eastern Waters The Equalizer C Ch. Wyeth Meadows Touch of Rhythm. Owner, Susan Robbins & Donna Lee Molitor.

4 (111)CHESTNUT HILLS BLIZZARD, SR197406/01, 07/08/04. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chester River's Captain Moe C Chestnut Hills Mesquite. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

MU  (113)VON HAUSMAN'S JACKAROO, SR172058/04, 05/25/04. Breeder, C. & C. Vaigl. By Ch. Von Hausman's Didgeridoo C Silvercreek Whroo Von Hausman. Owner, Charles F. Vaigl & Gloria Sell.

(115)CABINRIDGE'S ANNIE GOTS BOOZE, SR193555/08, 05/26/04. Breeder, Jo Martin. By Ch Chesabar's Mt'n Bruiser C Ch Cabinridge's Wee Annie G. Owner, Jo Martin & Brian Miller & Dr. Michael McCarthy.

117NATIVELAND'S BIG RED DOG, JH, SN903829/01, 02/20/02. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Blackwater Friar Tuck C Nativeland's Gail Force. Owner, Richard G. & Rachel S. Young.

BBE #93, BBE #101 moving/standing, BBE #95              

American Bred Dogs
119 REDLION'S NORTHWYN'S RIVER POINTE, JH, SR136554/01, 11/27/03. Breeder, J. Pappler & S. George. By Ch. Irish's Northwyn's Navigator, CD, JH C Redlion's Titanic Come Back. Owner, Margaret Fisher & Susan & Daniel Tilly & J. Pappler, (Obed. NA5).

121RIVER RIDGE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, SR094899/01, 06/24/03. Breeder, Janet & Allen Hopp. By Redlions Hit Doctor JH C Ch.River Ridge karley. Owner, Jane Pappler.

123SEDGEBLAC'S LITTLE BIG MAN, CD, JH, RN, SR063744/01, 03/03/03. Breeder, Owners. By FCH/AFC. Distagon, MH C Ch. Sangary's Ice Tea Bach 'N Over, CD,JH,OA,RN. Owner, Sandra & Kimberly Hitt, (Obed. B563).

125CHES‑SHORES BLUE RIVER DRAKE, SR167587/01, 03/24/04. Breeder, Loura Waid. By Ch. Chester River's Captain Moe C Ragu's Kentucky Blue. Owner, Colleen Gearhart & Loura Waid.

127CHESACHOBEE FITZHUGH SAGE, SR108204/01, 06/22/03. Breeder, M. Conner & L. A. & J. Jeffcoat. By Cheltsie's Caber Rose C Chesachobee's Fitzhugh Rory. Owner, Pamela Emge & L. Ann Jeffcoat.

129CUMBERLAND RIVER ROCKET, SN783904/05, 10/03/00. Breeder, E. Goodwin. By Ch. Clippers Frozen Assets, MH C Northern Flight Ft Lady Sings. Owner, Phil & Bonnie Stephens.

131NORTH TARA'S BEAR THE HI‑TIDE, SR092789/06, 07/02/03. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Adaducks Morgans Easy Tymes C North Tara's Lady Chesany. Owner, Deborah & Edward Patrone.

American Bred Class                                                                                

Open Dogs
133 REDLION'S JOHNNY WEIGANDS, SR175238/01, 02/21/04. Breeder, Jane Pappler & Ianis Stockfish. By Ch. Redlion's Short Fuse C Ch. Redlion's What A Blast. Owner, Jane Pappler.

135 CHESSHORES BEACH LINGO, SR154335/01, 12/24/03. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chester River's Captain Moe C Ch. Ches‑Shores Princess Tala. Owner, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess & Dawn Buttion.

(137) REDLION'S GRIFFIN, JH, SR046904/01, 11/10/02. Breeder, Jane Pappler. By Ch. Redlion's Big Business, JH C Mossbank Redlion's Driller. Owner, Brian Summers & Jane Pappler.

141 SILVERCREEK APPLE JOHN ALEX, CD, SN885698/02, 11/23/01. Breeder, Joanne Silver & Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Quail Ridge Chesabar Makin Traxx C Ch. Silvercreek Crystal Clear Water. Owner, Lorrie Apple Johnson & Joseph W. Johnson, (Obed. NB70 & T647).

(143) SILVERCREEK'S FOLLOWING SEA, SR135305/04, 12/21/03. Breeder, J. Silver & D.Ammerman. By Ch.Chesabar's Windjammer C Ch.Silvercreek's Mad About You. Owner, Kimberly Wright & David Phillips, (Obed. NB87 & OA143 & GN505).

A 145 REDLION'S ROBIN GOODFELLOW, SN593966/07, 11/08/98. Breeder, Jean Gilmore & Jane Poppler. By Ch. Redlion's Short Fuse C Redlion's Wild Pitch. Owner, Stokes B. Carrigan, IV.

147 CHESSHORES BULLETPROOF, SR154335/03, 12/24/03. Breeder, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess. By Ch. Chester River's Captain Moe C Ch. Ches‑Shores Princess Tala. Owner, William Sykes & Loura Waid, (Jr. Show #165).

149SUSQUDILLA EBB N FLOW TRITON, TDI, SR115799/02, 10/21/03. Breeder, Robyn Haskin & Paul Campanella. By Ch. Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo C Ch. Susqudilla's High Flyer. Owner, Monica Nelson Smith.

A 151BLACK WALNUT POPEYE, SR044575/03, 10/22/02. Breeder, owners. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Riptide, TD C Chestnut Hills Chelsie. Owner, Greg Waltjen & Tierney O'Connell.

153CABINRIDGE'S CRACK ME A BUD, SR079755/03, 04/25/03. Breeder, J. Martin. By Ch.Chesabars Mt'n Bruiser C Ch.Cabinridge's Favorite Fergie. Owner, Jo G. Martin & Alayna Loiodice.

155 CHESABAR ENZO, SR085198/06, 06/03/03. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr. By Ch. Chesabar's Copper Mine C Silvercreek Sassy of Chesabar. Owner, Fred & Doreen Geraci.

157POISETT'S JASPER'S REIGN, SR107141/02, 08/19/03. Breeder, Pauline & George Henshaw. By Ch. Poisett's Wild Mtn Skipper C Ch. Poisett's Rosa Rugosa. Owner, Karen L. Morelli.

159RIVERDEL'S RED SKY AT NIGHT, SR060791/01, 03/03/03. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Quailridge‑Chesabar Makin Traxx C Ch. Chesabar's Piccadilly. Owner, Marty Smith.

161HARDWOOD'S CUSTOM MADE, SN816784/06, 03/07/01. Breeder, Virginia Bartnicki & Denis & Kimberly Forhart. By Ch Chestnut Hills Coca Kele C Hardwood's Frost Wind Ishy. Owner, Sarah Conner & Virginia Bartnicki.

                 Open Class                         Open 137          Open Class


First place in each class competing for Winners Dog!            

Winners Dog #135 Ches Shores Beach Lingo    O/Loura Waid & Gary Burgess & Dawn Buttion

Reserve Winners Dog - #95 Ches Shores Regulator     O/Loura Waid & Gary Burgess 

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