American Chesapeake Club
National Show Specialty

October 11, 2008

Dog Classes

Judge: Charlotte Mc Gowan


Puppy 6 months and under 9 months, Dogs

4 (5)      POND HOLLOW B‑THE BEST, SR490833/10, 03/22/08. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Casablanca Ch. Pond HOllow Three Rvers RoyalT. Owner, Patty Martin.

2  (7)      POND HOLLOW SECRET CANYON, SR479225/07, 01/26/08. Breeder, D. Baldwin & K. Shaffer. By Safe Harbors Treasure Lake Geo Pond Hollow Deck The Halls. Owner, Karen & Bill Glazier.

1  (9)      CHESABAR HE'S THE BOMB, SR476219/03, 01/17/08. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Ch. Chesabar's True Grit Ch. Chesabars Mystic of Calico. Owner, Lynn C. & David J. Kapus.

A  (11)    POND HOLLOW B‑BRAVE, SR490833/12, 03/22/08. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Casablanca Ch. Pond Hollow Three Rvrs Royalt. Owner, Maria Mack.

A  (147)  QUAIL RUN'S INDOMITABLE TIN GOOSE, SR517661/01, 04/07/08. Breeder, D. Bleifer. By Ch.Quail Run's Frisco Kid Ch. Quail Runs Sophie's Kiss. Owner, Julie Kay.

3 (185)  CHES‑SHORES LEAP FROM INDIAN RIVER, SR473077/01, 01/17/08. Breeder, G. & R. Scheffer & L. Waid. By Ch. Misty Hill Nash Ch. Ches‑Shores Gunsmoke'n Kelly. Owner, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn.

 Puppy 9 months and under 12 months, Dogs.

A (15)    CAL‑I‑CO CLEAR BLUE SKY, SR456539/01, 10/13/07. Breeder, James Colvin. By Ch. Blue Sky Ship Wreck Island Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Sweet Tempation. Owner, JoAnn & James Colvin.

A (17)    CHESAKA TATE MISBEHAVIN', SR463684/06, 12/04/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Lazy Mountain Jake,SH Ch. Chesaka Zoe Bear. Owner, Mary Pemberton.

  (19)    SUSQUIDILLA'S MIRKWOOD EXCALIBUR, SR467148/01, 12/08/07. Breeder, R. Haskin & A. Porpora & J. C. Merced. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Cos Bourbon & Branch Ch. Susquidillas Island Odyssey. Owner, Angela Porpora & J. C. Merced.

  (21)    CHESTNUT HILLS YEGER OF LAF, SR456345/01, 10/15/07. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & G. Waltjen. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Blizzard Ch. Chestnut Hills Dbl Rainbows. Owner, Barbara Healy & Fred Feins.

  (23)    TREASURE LAKE THUNDER BAY, SR457583/06, 10/17/07. Breeder, Katherine Heintel. By Ch. Pond Hollow Southern Tornado Ch. Treasures Falcon Del Star,SH,OA,OAJ. Owner, Jane Peabody.

3 (25)    SHILOH HILL DUSTY ROSE ALBERT, SR470997/01, 12/06/07. Breeder, Owner. By Hardwoods Dusty Rose I Found U Shiloh Hill Aretha,JH. Owner, Ranee Nevels.

4  27       ADADUCKS EVERYTHINGS BETTER, SR471712/02, 10/12/07. Breeder, B. & M. Hanson. By Ch. Chesabars Copper Mine Adaducks Annie Oakleys Return. Owner, Deborah & George Lincoln, Jr.

1  (29)    GREEN MOUNTAIN SHILO, SR465262/02, 11/16/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesabars Hazardous Waters,CD,RE,JH,NA Ch. Green Mountain Skye Peak. Owner, Barbara Krysztofik & John Krysztofik.

2  31       ADDADUCK KJC ATTABOY LOGAN, SR471711/01, 10/29/07. Breeder, B. & M. Hanson. By Ch. Chesabars Copper Mine Ch. Addaduck Unsinkable Molly BRown. Owner, Maureen Totillo.

A  149     SAILORBAYS GODFATHER, SR467304/04, 12/07/07. Breeder, Owenr. By Silverbars Last Passion Hunter Silvercreek Yafa Means Pretty. Owner, Mercedes Roizman.

12 to 18 month, Dogs

3  (33)    CHESARAB CHESSHORE'S BAJORAN, SR446807/01, 07/21/07. Breeder, Loura Waid & V. Papastefanou & J. Quinn & S. DiVaccaro. By Ch. Chesarab Force of The Jedi Ch. Ches‑Shores Blue Wind Mystery. Owner, Sheila DiVaccaro.

  (35)    CHESTNUT HILLS OUT AND ABOUT, SR445421/02, 08/04/07. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & Drs. B. & J. Stewart. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Blizzard Ch. Chestnut Hills Kele's Kode. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

2  (37)    POND HOLLOW CROSS N THE CREEK, SR445710/03, 08/11/07. Breeder, Karen Shaffer. By Ch. Pond HOllow Broadwater Bear,SH Ch.Cross Creek Ultimate Sin,JH,MX,MXJ. Owner, Dyane Baldwin & Perry & Deb Carpenter.

  (39)    QUAIL RUN'S GRIZZLEYPEAKE WAKE UP BOMB, SR452335/01, 07/13/07. Breeder, D. Bleifer. By Ch. Pond Hollow BEring Sea Ch. Quail Runs Terracotta,AJ,AXJ. Owner, Melissa Schumann & Colton & Heather Johnson.

  (41)    CHESMAL'S HERE AND NOW TWOBAYS, SR450105/01, 08/10/07. Breeder, Colleen Gearhart & Loura Waid. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Copper Solid Chesroy's Chestnut Esmerelda. Owner, William & Dawnn Sykes & Colleen Gearhart.

4  (43)    WEATHERDECK'S BOATSWAIN, SR435802/02, 06/24/07. Breeder, J. Pappler & G. Downin. By Ch. Sandbars Stock Exxchange Ch. Redlions Come Back Scupper. Owner, Gina Downin & Thomas Rick & Ailani Durham.

1  (151)  DU‑CHESSE CRESCENDO DA CACCIA, SR427761/01, 05/06/07. Breeder, Jill, Robert & Alicia Conroy. By Ch. Pond Hollow Brindias,SH,CDX Susqudilla Dutchess Fantasy,CD,RA,NA,NAJ. Owner, Christopher Beste.


 Novice, Dogs

1  45       FOOLS FARM'S BANANA JOE, DRC‑B 05‑0399 GERMANY, 04/19/05. Breeder, S. Steuer. By Hardwood Etobicoke Jennie BB's Chesapeake Breeding. Owner, Anja Alt.

 Bred‑by‑Exhibitor, Dogs.

A  (47)    DOUBLE‑R'S EYE OF THE HURRICANE, SR452689/01, 10/11/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Arnac Bay Spokane Ch. Cheshore Hurricane Hattie. Owner, Robin M. Kirwan, II & Kandy Lee Fox.

  49       POND HOLLOW CONTINENTAL DIVIDE, SR380490/01, 10/13/06. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Calico Almost Famous Ch. Pond Hollow Three Rvres RoyalT. Owner, Dyane, Jennifer & Bill Baldwin.

4  51       EASTERN WATERS' TOP OF THE MARK, SR417377/01, 03/22/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesachobee's Odysseus Ch. Eastern Waters Chasin A Dream,RN. Owner, Elizabeth H. & Rupert J. Humer.

1  (53)    MUD CREEK'S ORANGE CRUSH, SR438933/04, 08/02/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Rockets Red Glare Ch. Wingmasters Little Emerald Star. Owner, Kathy A. & Jeffrey A. White.

   55       CHESABAR'S ALONG FOR THE RIDE, SR341290/05, 04/23/06. Breeder, Mitchel & Diane Horowitz & Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Calico Ashby's Decoy of Chesabar Ch. Chesabar's Two Coot For You. Owner, Mitchel & Diane Horowitz.

   57       REDLIONS CODY BOY, SR412645/04, 03/25/07. Breeder, Owner. By Redlions Notorious,SH Redlions Drill Bit. Owner, Jane Pappler & Mike Adelung.

3  59       IRISH'S MASTER JAKE, SR307431/01, 11/09/05. Breeder, R. VanOverloeke & G. Irish. By Irish's Cuchulain Chieftain Ch. Irishs Eastern Sea Maiden. Owner, Jeff Soulliere & Gary Irish.

2  (153)  CHESTNUT HILLS KING OF THE ROAD, SR445421/01, 08/04/07. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & Drs. B. & J. Stewart. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Blizzard Ch. Chestnut Hills Keles Kode. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

  (187)  CHESSHORES LUKE OF SHORERUNNER, SR446821/01, 07/29/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Copper Solid Ch. Chestnut Hills Desert Cassia. Owner, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn.

        57                     57            187 ? 

American‑bred, Dogs.

    61       HILLCREST'S GLORY'S HONOR,RE, SR185237/01, 06/03/04. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Chesarab's Force of The Jedi Hillcrest's Dream Seeker. Owner, Linda J. Lovstad, (Obed. NB70).

    63       POND HOLLOW TOP GUN AT CHESNAK,RN, SR380490/04, 10/13/06. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Almost Famous Ch. Pond HOllow Three Rvrs Royalt. Owner, R. & S. Hadanak, (Obed. NB71).

1  (65)    REDLION'S HIT DOCTOR,MH, SN753539/01, 07/01/00. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Irish's Royal Prince of Tides Redlion's Quailrun Smooch. Owner, Jane Pappler.

2  67       WESTWIND WHISPERING COVE,SH, SR280214/01, 08/04/05. Breeder, W. Shepard Chislom. By Ch. Silvercreek Murray Samuel,MH Ch. Westwind Stitch In Time,JH. Owner, Michael L. Moscowitz.

4  69      EASTERN WATERS' SEA ZEPHYR,RA,TDX, SR276827/02, 06/28/05. Breeder, Elizabeth & Rupert Humer. By Wyeth Meadows Amber's Encore Ch. Eastern Waters' Sea Breeze,CDX,RE. Owner, Gary W. & Doreen W. Palmer, (Obed. NB92 & T620).

3  155     GREEN MOUNTAIN IM JUST DUCK E, SR320811/09, 02/03/06. Breeder, B. & T. Kruyztofik. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Almost Famous Ch. Green Mountain Skye Peak. Owner, Kate Schlachter.

       61               63 ?                      65                   65            67              69           155  ?

Open, Dogs.

    71       CONROY'S LIGHTNING BOLT, SR388877/01, 03/06/02. Breeder, R. Hull. By Rip Roaring Diesel Hahhan's Chelsy Poacher. Owner, Rita Jones, (Obed. NB73 & T642).

1  73       SILVERCREEK WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU, SR416228/03, 04/09/07. Breeder, J. Silver & P. Barber & D. Ammerman. By Ch. Chesabars True Grit Ch. Silvercreek Wheel of Fortune,JH. Owner, Stephanie Larson, (Jr. Show #135).

3  75       CHESTNUT HILLS ROWDY, SR402094/01, 01/04/07. Breeder, Tierney O'Connell & Greg Waltjen. By Ch. Arnac Bay Spokane Chestnut Hills Chelsie. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

  77       YORK RIVER CAMDEN'S FIRST LIGHT, SR434306/01, 06/18/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Von Hausman's Break O'Day York River Camden's Harbor Mist. Owner, Debra & James Rodden.

  79       CHESTNUT HILLS FINNIANS RAINBOW, SR382601/03, 10/19/06. Breeder, Ron & Karen Anderson & Greg Waltjen. By Chestnut Hills Spokane Ch. Chestnut Hills Dbl Rainbow. Owner, Pamela McKenna.

2  81       CHESALAND BONGO DEL CARIBE, SR463378/01, 11/22/06. Breeder, F. Zaydman & L. Waid & Alvaro. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Sol Fel Caribe Ches‑Shores Minca Del Caribe. Owner, Franklin Zaydman.

  83       EASTERN WATERS CHESMATES SOTERS, SR314722/05, 12/16/05. Breeder, D. Downey. By Ch. Eastern Waters Wyeth Meadows KC Chesmates Lady of The Lake. Owner, Peter Schultz & Nathaniel Horn.

  (85)    REDLION'S NOTORIOUS,SH, SR193099/07, 07/14/04. Breeder, J. Pappler. By Longmeadow North X NW Redlions Defused FErn. Owner, Jane Pappler & Albert & Zachary Melhus.

  87       CAL‑I‑CO'S FULL TANK HANK,CD,JH, SR097492/08, 07/26/03. Breeder, JoAnn & James Colvin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bering Sea Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Raspberry Reef. Owner, Jason G. Morrison.

  89       HARDWOODS DUSTYROSE I FOUND U, SR310729/11, 12/13/05. Breeder, V. Bartnicki. By Eastern Waters Roman Ch. Hardwoods Lady In Red. Owner, Michelle & David Keehn, (Obed. NB74).

  91       ANATYPIA'S REINDEER DIPPIN, SR269512/01, 05/25/05. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Quailridge‑Chesabarmakintraxx Chesabar Windswept Otter Run. Owner, Stacy George.

4  157   SILVERCREEK CALYPSO BOP, SR293561/01, 08/30/05. Breeder, Joanne Silver & Diane Ammerman & Molly Baker. By Ch. Silvercreek Zydeco Cha Cha Ch. Chesep Xena Silvercreek,JH. Owner, Trudy Paquin.

71          73               75             77             81                   85                     87 ?            89               91              157



                             Line up with some of the contestants for Winners Dog, a few missing

         73              65                 53                 45


Winners Dog

#73  - Silvercreek what I like About you

Reserve Winners Dog

#53 - Mud Creek's Orange Crush



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