American Chesapeake Club
National Show Specialty

October 10, 2008

Veteran Sweepstakes

Judge:  Ms Julie Cole


Dogs  7-10 years

3   (65)     REDLION'S HIT DOCTOR, MH, SN753539/01, 07/01/00. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Irish's Royal Prince of Tides Redlion's Quailrun Smooch. Owner, Jane Pappler

    (105)  Ch Silverck Blumoon De-O-Gee CD JH   O/Chris and Rick Rosenberg

    (109)  POISETT'S WILD MTN SKIPPER, SR691383/06, 09/04/99. Breeder, Owenr. By Ch. Irish's Lord Buckman Ch. Poisetts Catalina,JH. Owner, Pauline & George Henshaw.

4  (111)   CH. QUAIL RUN'S GRIZZLYPEAKE BONANZA, SN796263/02, 12/18/00. Breeder, D. Bleifer. By Ch Quail Run's Bear Cub, MH Ch. Quail Runs Mighty Aphrodite. Owner, Melissa Schumann & Colton Johnson.

(115)  KEERWOOD'S AUSTIN,CD,RN, SN847010/05, 07/01/01. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Keekwood's Wild Mtn Voyager Keekwood's Saw Whet, CD. Owner, Sandra Steinfeldt, (Obed. V537 & NB90).

(117)  CH. NUKA BAY WRANGELL‑SAINT ELIAS,CDX,RAE3,AXP,AJP, SN625651/08, 03/05/99. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Nuka Bay Paxson's Pride,CD,JH,NA,NAJ Ch. Nuka Bay Marty's Devali, CD. Owner, Lynda L. Barber Wiltse & Larry Wiltse, (Obed. UA259 & V538 & T623).

2  (123)  CH. BLACKWATER FRIAR TUCK, SH, SN714189/01, 02/11/00. Breeder, W. Joyce Shaw & Sheila DiVaccaro. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Marketeer Ch. Chesarab Blackwater Cassie, JH. Owner, W. Joyce & Jeffrey T. Shaw, Jr.

1  (169)  CH. CHESABAR'S DAKOTA TRAPPER, SN832082/10, 05/01/01. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Chesabar Makin Traxx Chesabar Smokin Gun. Owner, Elwood & Susan Burlew.

(181)  CH. CHESABAR MY COUSIN VINNIE,SH, SN846463/07, 06/11/01. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr. By Ch. Quailridge‑Chesabar Makin Traxx Chesabars Ursa Bruin Cub. Owner, Deborah A. McEwan, (Joyce M. Coccia, Agent).

(193)  CH. CHESTNUT HILLS COPPER SOLID, SN695489/03, 11/17/99. Breeder, Karen & Ron Anderson. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Marketeer Ch.Snowy River's Elk Woman. Owner, Loura Waid.

(221)  CH. CHESTNUT HILL'S BARNACLE, SN741701/01, 05/21/00. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug Chestnut Hills Mesquite. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

(203) CH Eastern Waters Summer Breeze CDX RE  H/Elizabeth & Rupert Humer


      65                   111               105 ?               109                  115               117                  123                 169               181 - 193 - 221

Dogs 10 and over

        First $9.00        Second $6.75        Third $4.50

3  (119)  CH. EASTERN WATERS WYETH MEADOWS KC, SN459451/08, 06/15/97. Breeder, Susan Robbins & Donna Lee Molitor. By Ch. Eastern Waters Chargn Knight, CD Ch.Wyethmeadows Touch of Amber. Owner, Nathaniel Horn.

4  (125)  CAROWAY SUPER CRUISER, SN583541/06, 09/01/98. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesabar Decoy of Chestnuthill Ch. Nordais Anastasia of Caroway. Owner, Cathy Dusek.

1  (143)  BRACKENWOODS RED ASTAIRE,RE,NA,NAJ,NAP, SN472690/11, 08/16/97. Breeder, B. Lowry & N. & E. Frost. By Ch. Chestnut Hills' Calcutta, CD Ch.Snocree's Simply The Best. Owner, Drs. James & Brenda Stewart, (Obed. B561).

2  (171)  CH. SANKATY'S BEACON OF BUGEYE, SH, SN560354/08, 06/30/98. Breeder, Dyane Baldwin. By Fred of Beartown Ch. Pond Hollow Sankaty. Owner, Maxine Lundberg.

       119              125             143             171

Bitches  7-10

2  (116)  CH. CHESTNUT HILL'S TUNDRA, SN830355/01, 04/18/01. Breeder, Karen & Ron Anderson. By Ch Chestnut Hills Coca Kele Ch Snowy Rivers Elk Woman. Owner, Drs. James & Brenda Stewart & Karen & Ron Anderson.

(162)  CH. CHES‑SHORES DUCK DAWG WINGMASTER, SN733321/05, 04/30/00. Breeder, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess. By Ch. Sand Bars Cast In Stone Ch. Ches‑Shores Breezy Morning. Owner, Kirk & Stephanie Sorensen & Loura Waid.

(166)  CH. CHES‑SHORES OUR SERENITY, SN862784/07, 09/04/01. Breeder, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Copper Solid Ch. Ches‑Shores Breezy Morning. Owner, William & Dawnn Sykes.

(168)  CH. POND HOLLOW NORTHERN LIGHTS, CD, SN802349/02, 01/20/01. Breeder, Dyane M. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bering Sea Ch. Pond Hollow Kashmir, SH. Owner, Kathleen A. Hare.

3  (170)  CH. SILVERCREEK WHEEL OF FORTUNE, JH, SN814737/01, 03/09/01. Breeder, Joan & Stan Silver. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Coca Kele Ch. Silvercreek I Love Lucy, JH. Owner, Joanne C. Silver & Diane Ammerman.

(172)  HILLCREST'S DREAM SEEKER, SN608679/03, 01/09/99. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Eastern Water's Surfs Up Ch. Eastern Water's Sea Mist, CD. Owner, Linda J. Lovstad.

(174)  KEEKWOOD'S DOVE, SN847010/01, 07/01/01. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Keekwood's Wild Mtn Voyager Keekwood's Saw Whet. Owner, Sandra Steinfeldt.

(176)  CH. QUAILRIDGES GHIRARDELLI GOOSE, SN631225/01, 03/18/99. Breeder, D. Cuevas. By Ch. Chesabars Downeast Cruiser Ch. Quail Ridges Natasha. Owner, Patsy Barber & Mitchel Horowitz.

(178)  CH. CHESTNUT HILLS KELE'S KODE, SN830355/02, 04/18/01. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Coca Kele Ch. Snowy River's Elk Woman. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson & Drs. Brenda & James Stewart.

(180)  CH. CAL‑I‑CO SANIBEL, SN658316/01, 07/08/99. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Reveille. Owner, JoAnn & James Colvin.

(184)  CH. SANDYCREEK'S MS AMERICAN PIE,MX,MXJ, SN855270/01, 07/13/01. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Goose Creek's No Lou Brewin, JH Ch. Lucky's Legacy of Creekside. Owner, Sandy Morris.

(210)  CH. SAFE HARBORS TREASURE OF DENALI, JH, SN696999/04, 12/08/99. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Buck Run See Buck Run, CD, SH St Croix Fowlweathr Q Sierra. Owner, Jane Peabody.

4  (264)  CH. CHES‑SHORES SHOTGUN SHELLY, SN705617/01, 12/29/99. Breeder, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Marketeer Ch. Ches‑Shores Princess Tala. Owner, Loura Waid.

1  (266)  CH. CHES‑SHORES KEEP THE FAITH, SN841703/01, 06/16/01. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Copper Solid Ches‑Shores Bright Chelseastar. Owner, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn.

(268)  CH. CHES‑SHORES GOLDEN SANDS,CD, SN594311/07, 10/31/98. Breeder, Loura Waid & Gary Burgess. By Ch Sand Bar's Cast In Stone Ch Ches‑Shores Breezy Morning. Owner, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn.

278    Ch Eastern Waters Summer Breeze  CDX RE   Elizabeth & Rupert Humer

116                162 ?               168                168                      170                       172                      174               264/266/268 ?

  Bitches 10 years and over

4  (186)  CH. BLACKWATER SHAGIN THE BLVD, SH, SN481346/01, 09/27/97. Breeder, W. Joyce Shaw & Sheila DiVaccaro. By Ch. Pond Hollow Wild Goose Chase Ch. Chesarab Blackwater Cassie. Owner, W. Joyce & Jeffrey T. Shaw.

(188)  CH. CAROWAY'S MATOAKA OF CHESTNUT HILLS, SN583541/01, 09/01/98. Breeder, Cathy Dusek & Carol Anderson. By Ch. Decoy of Chestnuthil Ch. Nordais Anastasia of Caroway. Owner, Cathy Dusek.

190     CH. IRISH'S WHISPERING NORTHWIND, UD, SH, SN378573/02, 09/08/96. Breeder, Gary Irish, Jeff Kendrick & Dorene Irish. By Ch Victor's Ocqueoc Teddybear Ch Irish's Bodacious Bonita. Owner, Margaret Fisher & Gary & Dorene Irish.

3  (192)  CH. POND HOLLOW KISMET, CD, SN333050/05, 03/09/96. Breeder, Dyane Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Casablanca Ch. Bugeye's Foggy Moring Mist. Owner, Kathleen A. Hare.

(194)  KEEKWOOD'S SAW WHET, CD, SN318959/01, 01/29/96. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Wild Mountain Catfish Hunter, CDX, JH Ch. Keekwood's Centurion Maiden, CD. Owner, Sandra Steinfeldt.

2  (196)  CH. CHESABAR'S FLASHBACK, SN550777/06, 05/13/98. Breeder, Tami Alpert. By Tami Alauyah Gee Whiz Cuma Chesabar's Bubulah's Umi. Owner, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr.

1  (244)  CH. IDYLWOOD NORTHERN EXPOSURE TLC, MH, SN456979/08, 04/29/97. Breeder, Kathy & Jeffrey Perry. By Ch Pond Hollow Morocco Ch Redlion's Idylwood Explosion, JH. Owner, Katherine & Raymond Heintel, (Obed. T634).

(246)  CH. CANAMONDA'S SPECIAL ADDITION,JH, SN383722/02, 10/01/96. Breeder, owners. By Poisetts Yankee Too Kohartoks Killian Red. Owner, Domenic & Vivian Marchetti.

(276)  CH. CHESABAR'S PICCADILLY,RN, SN482911/01, 09/29/97. Breeder, Patsy Barber & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Chesabar Ashby's Cool Breeze, JH Ch. Chesabar's California Girl. Owner, Marty Smith.





Best in Veteran Sweepstakes



#169 - Ch Chesabar's Dakota Trapper

Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes





#266 - Ch Ches-Shores Keep the Faith





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