Entry Fees:  All stakes $75 except Puppy stakes which are $30. 
                      Non-Regular Puppy Stakes may be entered on the day of the stake
                               But please pre-enter ahead if possible by the deadline to have all the puppy's info listed in the catalogue.
                               We need the same info for the puppy as for the adults that is on the Entry Form.
                      Mallard Ducks or Pheasants in all regular stakes. Pigeons may be used in the Non-Regular Puppy Stakes. 

Event Secretary -  Stephanie Beach, Field Trial Secretary, 854 Clara Dr, Palo Alto, CA  94303-3909
                             Phone - 650-856-0278   stephaniebeach@mac.com  

Regarding How to do the Entries:  All Entries may be made online at: http://www.petstarr.net
    (1.) Entries made online and then paid with a check or money order mailed to Stephanie Beach do not incur an extra $3 fee.
    (2.) Entries made online and then paid by credit card will incur a $3 fee for each entry 
    (3.) or just choose to not enter on line and just send the Entry Form with check or money order to Stephanie Beach and no extra fee is charged   

Entries are now Closed.....the Draw will take place at 10:30 AM, Wednesday, September 15, 2010

      Print the Field Trial Premium and Entry Form - Click here - in PDF format

Running Order - Please note that we are using the Dow Jones to establish the dog that will run First in both the Open and the Amateur Stakes.  The running order will be posted after the draw for each stake. Click below for each Stake for the daily call backs and photos.

Refunds - Notify the field trial secretary or marshal before the day of the trial or before the start of the stake. Refunds will be given for bitches in season and injury or death providing a veterinary certificated is submitted or examination of the dog at the trial.

Prizes - Standard AKC rosettes to all placing dogs in all stakes.

Additional Trials - The nearest trial preceding the FT Specialty is:
  Willamette Valley RC in Junction City, OR. September 17-19. Entries can be made through www.retrieverentry.com. Entries close 9/7/10.  For further information contact Nan Ruby, PO Box 1406,  Florence, OR   97439-9209.  Phone  H/541-997-6778, cell/541-954-4403, email kensbridge@winfinity.com.  This is a 3 hour drive from Chiloquin via Highway 58 through the Cascades.   (Other preceding trials are Northern California RC in Oakdale CA and Wood River RC in Picabo, ID.) 

The Trial following the FT Specialty, September 24-26, Oregon Retriever Trial Club in Sauvie Island, OR (near Portland.)  Entries close 9/14/10, Use www.entryexpress.net  Club Secretary Brett Stark, PO Box 152, Scio, OR, 97374. 503-551-4825 or PARTAGAS8@aol.com.  This is a 5 hour drive from Chiloquin via Highway 58 through the Cascades and I-5.  (Other following trials are Spokane RC in Espano, WA and Snake River RC in Soda Spring, ID

Event Chairperson - Jon Knapp   *   Co-Chairperson - Julie Cole

Field Trial Committee - Jon Knapp, Julie Cole, David Beach, Stephanie Beach, Ron Foley, Linda Harger, Carol Knapp, Alex Starr

Field Trial Marshal - Joyce Foley and Carol Lemon

Chief Steward - Gamebirds-R-Us

Official Guns - Ron Foley and members and friends of the ACC
Gun Captain -  Ron Foley

Pre-Trial Training area   -  Maps will be available at the Melita Motel and the Knapp Ranch.
Training will be available at the Miller Island Wildlfe Refuge  (Miller Island Rd. west of Highway 97) minutes south of Klamath Falls.  It ia about 1/2 hour south of the headquarters.  Training is allowed anywhere on the refuge but there is no training in the safety area, park only in designated parking lots and non-toxic shot must be used.  The grass is high and water is limited.
Meeker's Pond -- at the southwest corner of the intersection of Cross Rd. and Lower Klamath Lake Rd.  This area has limited land and swimming water.  It will be marked but beware, it is right next to the road that has a lot of farm traffic.  Is used twice a year for the Shasta Cascade RC trial
Knapp Cabin address - 42122 Cattle Dr.  Chiloquin OR  97624-- we have access to a large mowed pasture but no water
Other grounds may become available depending on what areas we use for the trial.  Maps will be at the headquarters as soon as we firm up details.  Both possible trial sights are about 25 minutes from the headquarters.   Call Jon or Carol Knapp for more details.  541-783-7744

Final Results will be posted for each stake along with Photos of the winners
Many photos of the running dogs will be added later for each stake and will take 3-4 weeks to complete, so please be patient.


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