Visitors from other Countries

Let us know if you will be coming to the Field Trial
so we can all meet you and say Hello.


1. Dimitrios Kollias    from Hellas, Greece      First time at the Field Trial Specialty

2. Lori Madden (Carol Knapp's favorite sister!). She lives in Ashville, Ohio with her husband and three chihuahuas. If this is not foreign, I don't know what is!  Lukas Guthrie, 17 yrs old, is from Santiago, Chile and is a foreigh exchange student with AFS.  He is living in Ohio with hosts Lori and Mike Madden. He plays soccer and is a high jumper. He loves his host brother's pit bull-greyhound mix but the Chihuahuas - not so much!

3.  Martin and Nancy Pinder, Barrie, Ontario, Canada   They ran their girl in the Trial also!


Send us your name, kennel name if you have one, where you are from and if you have been to the FT specialty prior!

email your info to :  Jane Pappler




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