Best of Breed



Best of Breed

GCH Desert Winds Moroccan Sand
Owners/Laurie & Randy Schisler
Handler/Lynda O'Connor-Schneider


Best of Breed Competition  -  Judge- Ms Rita A Bell

41 CH XANADU OZYMANDIAS REIGNS. SR212107/01. 9/22/2004. Dog. Breeder: Owners. By Ch Chesabar’s My Buoy-Ch Xanadu Beryl Ivy. Owner: VAN DUZER Candace B & Charles B,23617 Sanders Cemetery Rd, Magnolia TX, 77355-2258.

43 CH CHES-SHORES ROCKETS RED GLARE.SR221755/01. 12/1/2004. Dog. Breeder: Gary Burgess & Loura Waid. By Ch Chester River’s Captain Moe-Ch Ches-shores Copper Penny. Owner: WHITE Kathy A & Jeffrey A, & Loura Waid, 2411 70th Street, Eau Claire WI, 54703.

BOB  45 GCH DESERT WINDS MOROCCAN SAND.SR255363/01. 4/10/2005. Dog. Breeder: Laurie Schisler & Patsy Barber. By Ch Del Brave Rocco G MH-Ch Chesabars Morgan Of DSRTWNDS. Owner: SCHISLER Laurie, & Randy Schisler, 3240 Chimney Rock Rd, Ranchita CA, 92066-9792. (Lynda A O’Connor-Schneider PHA, AKC Registered Handler)

A  47 GCH CHESTNUT HILLS ROWDY.SR402094/01. 1/4/2007. Dog. Breeder: Tierney O’Bonnell & Greg Waltjon. By ChArnac Bay Spokane-Chestnut Hills Chelsie. Owner:ANDERSON Karen W, & Ronald Anderson, 3984 Farm Lane, Monrovia MD, 21770.

49 GCH EASTERN WATERS TOP OF THE MARK CD. SR417377/01. 3/22/2007. Dog. Breeder:Elizabeth H Humer & Rupert J Humer. By CH Chesachobee’s Odysseus-CH Eastern Waters’ChasinA Dream CD RA GN. Owner: HUMER Elizabeth H, PO Box 226, Pungoteague VA,23422.

51 GCH MERCER’S TAKIN’ ON THE OUTFIT. SR656337/01. 5/27/2010. Dog. Breeder: Dana& Veronica Mercer. By Ch Redline Hit Doctor MH WD-CH Mercer’s Writ For A Rat. Owner: BOYD Robert, & Dana & Veronica Mercer, 454 Inman Side Road RR2, Ruthven ON CAN N0P2G0.

53 CH MONARCH’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME WITH SKYWATCHER.SR678837/01. 4/27/2011.Dog. Breeder: Tammy Dennis. By GCH Chesabar’s Anyone Anyone-Ch Monarchs A Twitch In Time. Owner: JUNEVITCH Michon, and Tammy Dennis, 537 Carnine Rd., Castle Rock WA, 98611.

55 CH XANADU ROOSTER COGBURN AT GE.SR680308/01. 2/9/2011. Dog. Breeder: Candace& Charles Van Duzer. By CH Xanadu Ravin’ Houston-Xanadu Afternoon Delight. Owner: CORCORAN Kelli, Candace & Charles Van Duzer, 21319 Cypress Rosehill, Tomball TX,77377.

AOM  57 GCH CALICO’S COLONIAL RUMFIRE.SR340705/02. 4/24/2006. Dog. Breeder: Joann Colvin & James Colvin. By Ch Calico’s Tavernier RN-Ch Calico’s Holly Berry. Owner: COUTU Johanna DuWaldt, & Michael Coutu, 620 Colwell Rd, Harrisville RI, 02830-1862.
Select Dog 59 GCH CHESABAR’S ANYONE ANYONE. SR357943/02. 6/30/2006. Dog. Breeder: Stacy George. By Ch Chesabar’s Copper Mine-Ch Chesabar’s Windswept Otter Run. Owner:DENNIS Tammy, & Debbie Glasser, 13543 Hampton Falls Dr, Houston TX, 77041-7519.(Tammy Dennis, Agent)

61 GCH CH CHESACOLA HARDWOOD BALTIMORE RAVEN.SR436115/02. 6/23/2007. Dog.Breeder: Virginia Bartnicki & Brian Cox. By Ch Eastern Waters The Equalizer - ChHardwood’s Shiloh Hill Jade. Owner: SHEETZ Gary R, 13221 SW 9th St, Davie FL, 33325.

63 GCH MONARCHS VOO DOO CHILD.SR585723/02. 9/12/2009. Dog. Breeder: Tammy Dennis. By Ch Sandbar’s Under Construction-Ch Chesabar All Eyes On Me CGC RN CD. Owner: DENNIS Tammy, 13543 Hampton Falls Dr, Houston TX, 77041. (Tammy Dennis,Agent)

65 GCH MERCER’S U CNT HNDLE THE TRUTH. SR606510/02. 6/21/2009. Dog. Breeder: Dana Mercer & Veronica Mercer. By Ch Irish’s Clover Leaf Trinity-Mercer’s Tennessee Brush Popper. Owner: BOYD Robert, & Dana Mercer, 454 Inman Side Rd RR 2, Ruthven ON CANN0P 2G0.

     45                    51                       55  (Handler Colton 11 yrs)       57
                           61                                 65 

67 CH CHESSHORES CHENGUE DEL CARIBE. SR221755/03. 12/1/2004. Dog. Breeder: Gary K Burgess/Loura Waid. By CH Chester River’s Captain Moe-CH Ches-Shores Copper Penny.Owner: WAID Loura, /Joseph Quinn, 889 Union Church Rd, Elkton MD, 21921.

69 CH CHESACOLA’S TAYLOR’S STORMY DOG.SN878979/04. 10/24/2001. Dog. Breeder: Brian K & Angie J Cox. By Ch Chesacola’s Brutus Beefcake CD-ChChesacola Bag O FaithHope N Dreams. Owner: TAYLOR Sally Ann, 10911 Stirling Rd, Ft Lauderdale FL, 33328.(Gary Sheetz, Agent)

71 CH ALIBI N’ROYALS ROAD WARRIOR. SR415168/04. 4/17/2007. Dog. Breeder: Louis Krokover & Ric Plaut & Lea Plaut. By Ch Dunnells Tarquin-Ch Pond Hollow Oh! What AnAlibi. Owner: DENNIS Tammy, & Michelle Junevitch, 13543 Hampton Falls Dr, Houston TX,77041. (Tammy Dennis, Agent)

73 GCH MUD CREEK’S ORANGE CRUSH.SR438933/04. 8/2/2007. Dog. Breeder: Kathy &Jeffrey White. By Ch Ches-Shores Rockets Red Glare-Ch Wingmaster’s Little Emerald Star.Owner: WHITE Kathy A & Jeffrey A, 2411 70th Street, Eau Claire WI, 54703.

AOM  75 GCH MUD CREEK RED MOOSE THD RN.SR438933/05. 8/2/2007. Dog. Breeder: Kathy A White. By Ch Ches-Shores Rockets Red Glare-Ch Wingmaster’s Little Emerald Star. Owner: LENTZ Larry & Diana, 119 Southport Road, Mundelein IL, 60060.

77 CH DALBRIAN AKCOMI ON THE ROX.SR610791/05. 1/27/2010. Dog. Breeder: C Ann Haley& Janet Birk. By Ch Pond Hollow Icy Strait-Mtn View Prairie Rose. Owner: WOLFE Renee L,& Frederick D Wolfe, 3447 Overton RD, Pueblo CO, 81008-1211.

79 CH MARJAN’S I WALK THE LINE. SR556427/06. 3/16/2009. Dog. Breeder: Janice Krogstadt & Marjorie Bakken. By Ch Silvercreek Remington Steele JH-ChMarjan’sAnnies Song.Owner: THURSTON Denice, & Dave Clarke, 16423 318TH Ave NE, Duvall WA, 98019.

AOM  81 GCH SPINNAKER’S KODIAK FISHER JH.SR573492/08. 6/10/2009. Dog. Breeder: David& Kimberly Peckman. By ChQuailrun’sMarnetts Don’t You Wish SH-ChQuailridge’sMaritime Madness. Owner: KLING Charles, 15454 E Powers Dr, Centennial CO, 80015.(Laura Bergstraser, Agent)


           67                        69                  71                        73                         75                      77                                79                     81                                81                           VD 35

A   84 GCH CHESTNUT HILLS WATERMARK. SR247633/01. 2/13/2005. Bitch. Breeder: Karen Anderson & Loura Waid. By Ch Chester River’s Captain Moe-Ch Chestnut Hills Desert Cassia. Owner: ANDERSON Karen & Ronald, 394 Farm Ln, Monrovia MD, 21770.

86 CH XANADU BACALL’S JUST WHISTLE.SR314484/01. 11/6/2005. Bitch. Breeder: Owners.By ChChesabar Ashby’s Decoy Of Calico-ChXanadu Ruby’s Ripley Believe It. Owner: VANDUZER Candace B & Charles B, 23617 Sanders Cemetery Rd, Magnolia TX, 77355.

88 CH CHESARAB LADY AURORA.SR431498/01. 6/2/2007. Bitch. Breeder: Michael Solvey. By Chesarab Fireweed Laser Beam-Chesarab Zoey Chewey. Owner: DIVACCARO Sheila, 300COMMISSIONERS PIKE, Woodstown NJ, 08098.

90 GCH POND HOLLOW BROOKLYN BRIDGE JH. SR526767/01. 7/20/2008. Bitch. Breeder: Dyane Baldwin & Jennifer L Baldwin. By Ch Safe Harbor Treasure Lake GEO MH - Pond Hollow Tintagel. Owner: WOLFE Renee L, & Dyane M Baldwin, 3447 Overton Rd, Pueblo CO, 81008-1211.

BOS  92 GCH POND HOLLOW SPECIAL DELIVERY.SR557625/01. 2/20/2009. Bitch. Breeder: Dyane Baldwin & Jennifer L Baldwin. By Ch Silvercreek What I Like About You-Ch PondHollow Singapore. Owner: CAYTON Linda, & Dyane Baldwin, 4303 Montview Blvd, Denver CO, 80207. (Angela L Lloyd, AKC Registered Handler)

94 CH LICK CREEK’S CANARD CHIEN JH. SR574922/01. 7/10/2009. Bitch. Breeder: James Baughman & Emelise Baughman & Rebecca Baughman. By Ch CUR-SAN’S RUFF CUT MHFLATWATER’SLICK CREEK ROZ SH. Owner: BAUGHMAN James, & Emelise Baughman & Rebecca Baughman, 455 ChapmanRd., Chapman NE, 68827.

AOM  96 GCH MONARCH’S FERRIN CLOVER.SR618239/01. 4/23/2010. Bitch. Breeder: Tammy Dennis. By Ch GCH Chesabar’s Anyone Anyone-ChChesabars All Eyes On Me CGC RN CD. Owner: JUNEVITCH Michelle, Michon Junevitch, Tammy Dennis, 537 Carnine Rd, Castle Rock WA, 98611.

98 CH CHESABAR SUPERHUNTRESS OF LICK CREEK JH.SR633672/01. 6/27/2010. Bitch.Breeder: Patsy Barber & Laurie Schisler. By GCh Chesabar’s True Grit-Ch Desert WindsWhoz Your Daddy. Owner: BAUGHMAN Rebecca, & Emelise Baughman, 124 White HeronLn, Cape Carteret NC, 28584.

100 CH MESA RIDGE SILVER PIGEON.SR313663/02. 12/13/2005. Bitch. Breeder: Susie Royer. By Ch Lottawattah’s Action Jackson-Ch Silvercreek The Real McCoy. Owner: ROYER Susie,7215 Shelly Ct, Colorado Springs CO, 80911.

102 CH MONARCH AND GE’S DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. SR618239/02. 4/23/2010. Bitch.Breeder: Tammy Dennis. By Ch Chesabar’s Anyone Anyone-ChChesabar All Eyes On Me CD. Owner: CORCORAN Kelli, 21319 Cypress Rosehill, Tomball TX, 77377.

104 GCH MONARCH’S AFFAIRS OF THE HEART.SR652799/02. 12/7/2010. Bitch. Breeder: Tammy Dennis. By GCH Chesabars Anyone Anyone-Ch Chesabar All Eyes On Me CGC RN CD. Owner: GLASSER Debbie K., 2823 Whispering Court, Sugar Land TX, 77498.(Tammy Dennis, Agent)

AOM  106 CH MTN VIEW TWEET ELLA ROSE RE. SR585645/03. 8/10/2009. Bitch. Breeder: Owner. By Ch Quail Run’s Grizzlypeake Bonanza-Mtn View Wile E Prairie Wolf RN. Owner: BIRK JanetC, 45449 Summit Road, Parker CO, 80138.

A   108 CH COLONIAL’S SPICED RUMFIRE. SR674177/03. 4/3/2011. Bitch. Breeder: Owners. By Gch Calico’s Colonial Rumfire-Colonial’s Water Fire. Owner: COUTU Johanna DuWaldt, &Michael Coutu, 620 Colwell Rd, Harrisville RI, 02830-1862.

110 CH BOWIE’S VIVACIOUS TAZ-A-RAY CD RN.SR132408/05. 12/2/2003. Bitch. Breeder: Judith Haynes. By Ch Chestnut Hills James Bowie CD JH-Ch Bowies Ima Partner Girl CDX.Owner: MISEGADIS Melvin L & Lynda K, 1355 N Charlotte, Stephenville TX, 76401.

A   112 GCH TAYLOR’S STUNTCIE RUNTCIE ANN. SR121719/07. 10/17/2003. Bitch. Breeder: Sally Ann Taylor. By Ch Chescola Taylor’s Stormy Dog-Taylors Shadow Ann. Owner: TAYLOR Sally Ann, & Gary Sheetz, 10911 Stirling Rd, Ft Lauderdale FL, 33328.

AOM  114 GCH GOOSE CREEK’S HUNT GODDESS RN CD.SR332565/07. 4/3/2006. Bitch. Breeder:Stephen L & Channa Beth Butcher. By Ch Goose Creek’s No Limit-Ch Quail Run’s California Dreamin’ JH. Owner: MISEGADIS Melvin L & Lynda K, 1355 N Charlotte, Stephenville TX,76401.

A   116 CH CHESTNUT HILLS VICTORIA.SR382601/07. 10/19/2006. Bitch. Breeder: Karen Anderson & Ronald Anderson & Greg Waltjen. By Ch Arnac Bay Spokane-Ch Chestnut Hills DBL. Rainbows. Owner: ANDERSON Karen, & Ronald Anderson, 3984 Farm Ln, Monrovia MD, 21770.

118 CH MADRONA’S PURPLE RAIN.SR708121/10. 11/11/2011. Bitch. Breeder: Michelle Voss. By Ch Desert Winds Unintended Consequences CDX - Cle Elum Mist Of Puget Sound RNJH. Owner: DENNIS Tammy, & Michelle Voss, 13543 Hampton Falls Dr, Houston TX, 77041.(Tammy Dennis, Agent)

Select Bitch 120 CH CHES-SHORES WACKY JACKIE.SR342787/11. 3/22/2006. Bitch. Breeder: Loura Waid/Dana Bleifer D.V.M./Caroline Woods. By CH Marnetts Playing Hookie JH-CH Ches-Shores Blue Lagoon. Owner: WAID Loura, 889 Union Church Rd, Elkton MD, 21921.

Best of Breed:  45
Best of Winners:  40
Best of Opposite Sex:  92
Select Dog:  59
Select Bitch: 120
Best Veteran:  

Award of Merit:  114, 106, 81, 57, 75, 96

Dogs that made the Cut:
1st:  45, 49, 57, 59, 61, 73, 75, 77, 81, plus Veteran Dog 35 and Winners Dog 21
    2nd  45, 57, 59, 73, 75, 81, plus Veteran Dog 35 and Winners Dog 21

Bitches that made the Cut:
1st   90, 92, 96, 100, 102, 106, 114, 120, plus Veteran Bitch 52, Hunting Bitch 58, and WB 40
    2nd  92, 96, 106, 114, 120, plus Veteran Bitch 52, and Winners Bitch 40

  BOS & Best Veteran

Best of Opposite Sex



GCH Pond Hollow Special Delivery
Owners/Linda Cayton & Dyane Baldwin
Handler/Angela Lloyd


Select Dog

GCH Chesabar's Anyone Anyone
Owners/Tammy Dennis & Debbie Glaser
Handler/Tammy Dennis

Select Bitch

CH Ches-Shores Wacky Jackie
Owner/Loura Waid

Best Veteran

CH Silvercreek Wheel of fortune BN RN JH
Owners/Stanley & Joanne Silver
New Jersey
Award of Merit

CH Mtn View Tweet Ella Rose RE
Owner/Janet Birk

Award of Merit

GCH Monarch's Ferrin Clover
Owner/Michelle & Michon Junevitch, Tammy Dennis

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