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Best in Puppy Sweepstakes

Chesacola's Capricious Cameo

Owners/Brian and Angie Cox, Tennessee

Judge -
Ms Margi Palmer, Albuquerque, NM

Puppy Dogs, 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos
3   (5) HUNTERDAN’S REBEL. SR708955/01. 1/1/2012. Breeder: Richard Griffin/Adam Levy. By ChGunner XXVII SH-Byshore Baroness. Owner: DAVIS Daniel R, RR2 Box 957, San AugustineTX, 75972.

1   (7) CAL-I-CO RMZCRK AMERICAN ALL STAR. SR713920/02. 1/22/2012. Breeder: James &JoAnn Colvin. By ChRockpoint Cal-I-Co Dancing With Myself-Cal-I-Co Sunday Sundae.Owner: TAYSON Lily A, 3637 haymanct, colorado springs CO, 80910.

(9) CHESTNUT HILLS CHISUM.SR724685/02. 4/7/2012. Breeder: Karen W Anderson & RonaldAnderson & Greg Waltjen. By Arnec Bay Ardent-Ch Chestnut Hills Gabriella. Owner:ANDERSON Karen W & Ronald B, 3984 Farm Lane, Monrovia MD, 21770.

(23) TAYLOR’S SYCLONE DOG. SR719327/01. 3/8/2012. Breeder: Sally Ann Taylor & Gary R Sheetz. By GCh Chesacola Hardwood Baltimore Raven-GCh Taylor’s StuntieRuntcieAnn. Owner: TAYLOR Sally Ann, & Gary R Sheetz, 10911 Stirling Rd, Ft Lauderdale FL,33328.

Puppy Dogs, 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos

(11) XANADU KNIGHT WIND. SR708954/01. 9/23/2011. Breeder: Owners. By Ch GunnerXXVIIISH-ChXanaduBacall’e Just Whistle. Owner: VAN DUZER Candace & Charles, 23617Sanders Cemetery Rd, Magnolia TX, 77355.

(15) CHES-SHORES BITE THE BULLET. SR708135/02. 11/14/2011. Breeder: LouraWaid & Joseph Quinn. By Ches-Shores Last of Mohican-TwoBays Espresso Of Chesshores. Owner: WAID Loura, /Joseph Quinn, 889 Union Church Rd, Elkton MD, 21921.

2   (17) CHESSHORES LOCK STOCK & BARREL AT WINGMASTER. SR708135/04. 11/14/2011.Breeder: LouraWaid & Joseph Quinn. By Ches-shores Last of Mohican-Twobays Espresso of Chesshores. Owner: SORENSEN Stephanie, & LouraWaid, S 12495 County Rd I, Eleva WI,54738.



Junior Dogs, 15 Mos & Under 18 Mos.
(19) COLONIAL’S BECKONING FIRE. SR674177/01. 4/3/2011. Breeder: Owners. By GchChCalico’s Colonial Rumfire-Colonial’s Water Fire. Owner: COUTU Johanna DuWaldt, &Michael L Coutu, 620 Colwell Rd, Harrisville RI, 02830-1862.

2   (53) CH MONARCH’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME WITH SKYWATCHER. SR678837/01. 4/27/2011.Breeder: Tammy Dennis. By Ch GCH Chesabar’s Anyone Anyone-Ch Monarchs A Twitch InTime. Owner: JUNEVITCH Michon, and Tammy Dennis, 537 Carnine Rd., Castle Rock WA,98611.

         19                           53

Puppy Bitches, 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos
(6) BRIMSTONE I’LL NEVER TELL. SR724398/01. 1/14/2012. Breeder: Elizabeth L Zboran. ByBrimstone Kiss Me . . . I Might Be A Prince-Eastern Waters’ Wishin’ On A Star At Brimstone.Owner: ZBORAN Elizabeth L, 3947 Platt Springs RD, West Columbia SC, 29170.

1   (8) OFFSHORE’S LEGEND OF THE LOCH. SR719597/03. 3/4/2012. Breeder: Kelly Kendra andOdayls Hayes and Nancy O’Rourke. By Ch Sandbar’s Three Wishes-Offshore’s Siren Song.Owner: ROYER Kelly Hayes and Susie, 7215 Shelly Court, Colorado Springs CO, 80911.

Puppy Bitches, 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos.
  (10) CHES-SHORES DOUBLE VISION. SR710402/01. 11/25/2011. Breeder: LouraWaid& JosephQuinn & Dawn Buttion. By ChQuailrunMarnettsDont U Wish CD SH-Ches-Shores BlueBlazin Sweet Briar. Owner: WAID Loura, /Joseph Quinn, 889 Union Church Rd, Elkton MD,21921.

3   (12) XANADU RIPLING WATERS DOWNUNDER. SR708954/02. 9/23/2011. Breeder: Candaceand Charles Van Duzer. By ChGunnerXXVIII SH-ChXanadu Bacall’s Just Whistle. Owner:VAN DUZER Candace and Charles, 23617 Sanders Cemetery Rd, Magnolia TX, 77355.

1   (14) CHESSHORES DUCK DIVING TO WINGMASTER.SR708135/05. 11/14/2011. Breeder: LouraWaid& Joseph Quinn. By Ches-shores Last of Mohican-Twobays Espresso of Chesshores.Owner: SORENSEN Stephanie, &LouraWaid, S 12495 County Rd I, Eleva WI, 54738.

4   (16) CHES-SHORES BLAZIN IVY ROSE. SR710402. 11/25/2011. Breeder: LouraWaid& JosephQuinn & Dawn Buttion. By Ch CH QuailrunMarnettsDont U Wish CD RE SH CD-Ches-Shores Blue Blazin Sweet Briar. Owner: BLECHSCHMIDT LouraWaid& Rachel, & Dawn Buttion, 4006 Roop Rd, New Windsor MD, 21776.

(118) CH MADRONA’S PURPLE RAIN.SR708121/10. 11/11/2011. Breeder: Michelle Voss. By ChDesert Winds Unintended Consequences CDX-Cle Elum Mist Of Puget Sound RN JH.Owner: DENNIS Tammy, & Michelle Voss, 13543 Hampton Falls Dr, Houston TX, 77041.(Tammy Dennis, Agent)


                10                                      12                                 14                              16                             118         

Junior Bitches, 12 Mos & Under 15 Mos.
(26) SALMONCOVE-SAGO RUBY OF 96. SR693661/01. 9/8/2011. Breeder: Donna CroninJoanne Silver Christy Gonzales. By Ch CH Silvercreek Ring of Fire-Silvercreek SagoCalifornia Dreamin. Owner: GONZALES Ray, Christy Gonzales Donna Cronin, P.O. Box2508, Gilroy CA, 95021-2508.

Junior Bitches, 15 Mos & Under 18 Mos.
(24) CHESTNUT HILLS ORIOLE.SR675870/01. 4/4/2011. Breeder: Karen & Ronald Anderson. By Arnac Bay Ardent-GChCh Chestnut Hills Watermark. Owner: ANDERSON Karen & Ronald,3984 Farm Lane, Monrovia MD, 21770.

1   (40) CHESACOLA’S CAPRICIOUS CAMEO. SR677778/01. 4/26/2011. Breeder: Rob Nance. By Ch Hardwood’s ChesacolasThe Legend-Hardwood’s Super Scout. Owner: COX Brian K. and Angela J., 6881 South Helene Cove, Millington TN, 38053.

A   (108) CH COLONIAL’S SPICED RUMFIRE. SR674177/03. 4/3/2011. Breeder: Owners. By GCh Calico’s Colonial Rumfire-Colonial’s Water Fire. Owner: COUTU Johanna DuWaldt, &Michael Coutu, 620 Colwell Rd, Harrisville RI, 02830-1862.
           40                    40                        40

Best in Sweepstakes:   40
Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes: 


Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps

Owners/Loura Waid and Joe Quinn


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