Bitch Classes

September 20

Judge:  Pluis Davern  (CA)


Puppy 6 months and under 9 months, Bitches

(6)         FROSTY HILLS SAY GOODNIGHT GRACIE, SR816042/01, 02/05/14. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Chisholm Trails Backdraft Bay,MH Ch. Frosty Hills Special Agent. Owner, Marie Stump.

(32)       CHESABAR HIGH BRASS SEMPER FI, SR817611/03, 02/20/14. Breeder, R. Barber. By Takemehome Full Steam Ahead Gch. Chesabars Jersey Girl. Owner, Helen Siegel.

2 (34)       PENROSE BETTY BACH, SR831471/01, 01/27/14. Breeder, J. Morris. By Penrose Wise Guy Penrose Jump Ship. Owner, Brian Kranz.

36          POISETT'S LA AMISTAD, SR818223/01, 02/25/14. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Poisetts Doctor Mallard Ch. Poisetts Trains Don't Stop Believeing. Owner, Pauline & Annie Henshaw.

4 (102)     AKCOMI ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH, SR828640/01, 03/08/14. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Chisum Ch. Akcomi Colorado Ice. Owner, Renee L. Wolfe & Asia R. Thompson & Darian Babnick.

 (104)     AKCOMI NEVER A DOUBT, SR828640/02, 03/08/14. Breeder, R. Wolfe & D. Babnick & A. Thompson. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Chisum Ch. Akcomi Colorado Ice. Owner, Sybil Winfield & Renee Wolfe.

(106)     NUKA BAY PURPLE LUPIN ON THE KOYUKUK, SR812601/01, 01/19/14. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Eastern Waters Nuka Bay Kachemak,CA,RE,NA,NAJ Ch. NukaBay Toks Nikolai Creek,CD,RAE,JH,MX,MJB. Owner, Lynda L. Barber Wiltse & Larry Wiltse.

110        PH CAPTAIN'S TOMAHAWK STRIKE, SR818156/01, 01/20/14. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Gch. Cal‑I‑Co Captains Nuclear Quantum Leap Ch. Pond Hollow Montauk Point. Owner, Susan Dorsey.

1 (208)       CHESABAR'S WHAT YOU DO IN BETWEEN, SR817611/01, 02/20/14. Breeder, R. Barber. By Taykemehome Full Speed Ahead Gch. Chesabars Jersey Girl. Owner, Jessica & Jeffrey O'Dell & Rudy Barber.

Puppy 9 months and under 12 months, Bitches

(8)         STONEPEAKE'S WRTN IN STONE, SR817219/01, 10/14/13. Breeder, Z. Livingstone. By Ch. Sand Bars Cast In Stone Ch. Ches‑Shores Moer Than Faith,CD. Owner, Robert Boyd.

2 (38)       DEL BRAVE WHISTLE STOP, SR799212/01, 11/03/13. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Del Brave A Knight's Tale,SH Del Brave Mud Bug. Owner, George Makatura.

(112)      TREASURE LAKE RAY'S RED COYOTE, SR817095/05, 11/15/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch Pond Hollow Encore Ch. Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk,SH,OA,OAJ. Owner, Katherine, Raymond & Adele Heintel.

(114)      ARIDAWN'S THIS IS IT, SR807965/07, 11/05/13. Breeder, P. Martin & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Chisholm Trails Backdraft Bay,MH Ch. Pond HOllow Everybody Duck. Owner, Patty Martin.

1 (116)      CHESSIEVILLE BAY SPRINGTIME IN VIENNA, SR805331/03, 11/25/13. Breeder, H. Frattalone & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Hurricane Ridge Gch. Pond Hollow More Joyful,CGC,RN,NAJ. Owner, Amy Kolk.

(118)      TWO BAYS ELIZA JANE, SR805180/04, 10/30/13. Breeder, D. & W. Sykes. By Gch. Chesabars Double Play Ch. Chesmal Bailed Out TwoBays. Owner, Judith Williams.

4 (210)     CHESABAR'S THE KEY'S IN THE CARDS, SR807600/01, 12/08/13. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Hardwoods Full House Gch. Chesabar Crickets Key To HEavens Reflection. Owner, Jessica O'Dell & Patsy Barber.

(212)     ARIDAWN PH CALYPSO'S TEMPEST, SR807965/02, 11/05/13. Breeder, P. Martin & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Chisholm Trails Backdraft Bay Ch. Pond Hollow Everybody Duck. Owner, Lois Wida.

3 (222)     KAELA KRAVES MOCHA, SR810972/01, 12/09/13. Breeder, D. Milder & L. Lentz. By Gch. Mudcreeks Red Moose Gch. Kaelas Cinnamon Toast. Owner, Dale Milder.

(224)     KAELA'S BEST KEPT SECRET, SR810972/02, 12/09/13. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Mudcreek Red Moose,RN,THD Gch. Kaelas Cinnamon Toast. Owner, Kelly Wilke & Dale B. Milder.

12 to 18 month, Bitches

(10)       DUT‑CHESSE WING AND A PRAYER, SR786560/01, 07/25/13. Breeder, Owners. By Susqudilla Seneca Shores Gch. Dut‑Chesse Kozy's Sweet Magnolia,JH,CD,RN,NA. Owner, Jill Conroy.

(12)       SUSQUDILLA SPECIAL EDITION FROM POND HOLLOW, SR784448/08, 04/06/13. Breeder, L. Claytor & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Susqudilla Calico Hudson Bay Gch. Pond Hollow Special Delivery. Owner, Robyn L. Haskin & Paul Camparella.

1 120)     CANAMONDA'S COPPER CLASSIC, SR779688/02, 05/08/13. Breeder, V. Marchetti. By Gch. Chesabars Copper Mine Gch. Chesabars Michaela. Owner, Emelise & James Baughman & Rebecca McGuire.

3 (122)     TREASURE LAKE KONA KAI, SR806719/04, 05/29/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Pond Hollow Going Great Guns,SH Ch. Treasure Lake Juneau. Owner, Katherine T. Heintel & Angela & Pat Brainard.

(124)     WAWA'S TOASTED ON THE DARK SIDE, AG511310 CANADA, 04/20/13. Breeder, Owners. By Mercers Non‑Fiction Mercers Wawa Sisterhood. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer & Deb Burton.

4 (126)     COOLWATER'S ROANE POINT, SR779308/01, 06/08/13. Breeder, C. Cotton & K. Tatarka. By York Rivers Up A Dawn,CD,RE,NAP,SH Coolwaters Supernova. Owner, Laurea Griggs.

(128)     CHESARAB MUDDY TEAL, SR786324/01, 06/30/13. Breeder, S. DiVaccaro & C. Gray. By Shallcross Lake's Little Rascal,MH Chesarabs Maya. Owner, Sheila DiVaccaro.

(226)     RKK'S SHE'S ALL THAT, SR802502/01, 05/30/13. Breeder, Owners. By Sandbars Last Train To Paris RKK's Sweet Apple Pie. Owner, Rebecca & Kent Kowalski.

2 (228)     QUAILRIDGE'S 45 CHERRY BOMBS, SR778332/10, 05/28/13. Breeder, D Cuevas. By Ch. QuailRidges Colt Forty Five of Carob Ch. QuailRidges Bombs Away!. Owner, Kim L. Cramer & Mark L. Glaspey, (Tina L. Camp, Agent).

(230)     EASTERN WATERS' SOUTHERN MIST, SR788485/04, 07/13/13. Breeder, E. & R Humer. By Gch. Eastern Waters Top of The Mark,CDX,GN,RE,NAP Ch. Eastern Waters Southern Dream,BN,RA. Owner, Tim McCoy.

(306)     SAILORSBAY'S NOLITA, SR787578/02, 06/20/13. Breeder, Owner. By Sailorsbays Blazing Speed of Might Sailorsbays Zenyatta. Owner, Mercedes Roizman.

Amateur Owner Handler, Bitches

4 40          POND HOLLOW PENIKESE,CDX,RA, SR690815/06, 06/04/11. Breeder, D. Baldwin & D. Brinsfield. By Ch. Chesanys Silvercreek Eagle's Heir Ch. Pond Hollow Time N Again. Owner, William Lane.

A  42          EASTERN WATERS' MAKAI WIND,VCD1,AX,AXJ,RA,BN, SR633519/01, 06/23/10. Breeder, E. & R. Humer. By CT/Mach2 Eastern Waters Sea Zephyr,VCD4,RAE,MXG,MJ Ch. Eastern Waters Chasin' A Dream,CD,RN. Owner, Gary W. & Doreen W. Palmer.

1 130        TREASURE LAKE RAY'S RED FOX, SR753109/01, 09/29/12. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bryce Canyon Ch. Treasure Lake Rays Red Hawk,SH,OA,OAJ. Owner, Katherine, Raymond & Adele Heintel.

3 132        MONTAUK'S COPPER PENNY, SR833125/01, 11/25/10. Breeder, G. Ridout. By Bur Oaks Unique Trapper Montauks Speed of Sound. Owner, Bruce Hood & Olissia Stechishen.

2 150        PINEWOOD RIVER SONG BY SEBASCODEGAN, SR715609/01, 01/16/12. Breeder, S. & S. Hyde. By Ch. Chesanys Sumerduck Tomahawk,JH Ripling Waters Casco Holiday. Owner, Jana & Dan Hope.

232        CHES‑SHORES BLAZIN IVY ROSE, SR710402/02, 11/25/11. Breeder, L. Waid & J. Quinn & D. Buttion. By Ch. Quailrun Marnetts Dont U Wish,CD,RE,SH Ches‑Shores Blue Blazin Sweet Briar. Owner, Rachel Blechschmidt & Loura Waid & Dawn Buttion.

234        LONGMEADOW DOT'S OCEAN CITY SOPHIA, SR785841/02, 01/24/13. Breeder, L. Chambers. By Gch. Chesabars Mr Doots Mason,RN Longmeadow Greek Gods Ms Water Lily. Owner, Wesley & Jeffrey Matthias.

Bred‑by‑Exhibitor, Bitches.

14          SUSQUDILLA'S ISLAND ZEPHYR, SR727183/01, 05/08/12. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Susqudilla Calico Hudson Bay Ch. Susqudillas Island Breeze. Owner, Robyn L. Haskin & C. Leukart & J. Mered & Paul Campanella.

1 44       POND HOLLOW THE WICKED WIND, SR707371/06, 10/19/11. Breeder, D Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Going Great Guns,SH Ch. Pond Hollow Wicked Good. Owner, Dyane M. Baldwin & Denise Brinsfield.

3 46       HARDWOOD'S GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, SR732332/05, 05/26/12. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Ch. Hardwoods Make Some Memories. Owner, Virginia Bartnicki & Jeanne Ohrnberger.

48          BLACKWATERS CRAZY LIL THING CALLED LOVE, SR748517/01, 09/30/12. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Blackwater Friar Tuck,SH Yakitys Ba‑Barbara Ann. Owner, W. Joyce & Jeffrey T. Shaw.

A  134        EASTERN WATERS' DREAMS MIRACLE DELITE,RN,RE, SR633519/02, 06/23/10. Breeder, Owners. By CT Eastern Waters Sea Zephyr,VCD3,MXJ,RE,NF Ch. Eastern Waters Chasin' A Dream,CD,RN. Owner, Elizabeth H. & Rupert J. Humer.

136        TREASURE LAKE RAY'S RED RAVEN,JH, SR662859/02, 12/29/10. Breeder, K., R. & A. Heintel. By Redlions Notorious,MH Ch. Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk,SH,OA.OAJ. Owner, Katherine, Raymond & Adele Heintel.

138        SHILOH HILL DUSTYROSE DANDELION,WD, SR594001/03, 10/17/09. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Hardwoods Dustyrose I Found U,SH,CD Ch. Shiloh Hill Aretha,JH,CD. Owner, Ranee Lehua Nevels & Michelle & David Keehn.

140        MERCER'S TENNESSEE BRUSH POPPER, SR400538/02, 05/31/06. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesacola's Habanero Hombre Ch. The North Shore's Six Gun Sal. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer.

2 144    SAILORSBAY'S IT HAD TO BE YOU, SR552168/02, 02/07/09. Breeder, M. Roizman. By Ch. Chesabars True Grit Ch.Chesabars Mini Copper of Sailorsbay. Owner, Mercedes Roizman.

(146)      REDLION'S WEATHERDECK SCHOONER, SR666692/01, 11/26/10. Breeder, Owners. By Arnac Bay Ardent Gch. Redlions Come Back Scupper. Owner, Gina Downin & Jane Pappler.

(236)      CHESSIEVIELLE BAY MARBELLA, SR805331/01, 11/25/13. Breeder, H. Frattalone & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Hurrican Ridge Gch. Pond Hollow More Joyful,CGC,RN,NAJ. Owner, Heike Frattalone.

(238)      MUD CREEK'S A LIL' BIT OF EVERYTHING, SR795525/03, 09/13/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Sandbars No Laughing Matter Ch. Mud Creeks Big Girls Dont Cry. Owner, Kathy & Jeffrey White.

240        DUSTYROSE SHILOH HILL FLEUR DE L'EAU, SR594001/09, 10/17/09. Breeder, Owenrs. By Ch. Hardwoods Dustyrose I Found U,SH,CD Ch. Shiloh Hill Aretha,JH,CD. Owner, Michelle Keehn.

242        CHES‑SHORES DEEP BLUE SEA, SR793853/01, 02/13/13. Breeder, L. Waid & J. Quinn. By Chesaland Cayuco Del Caribe Ches‑Shores and Indian Rivers Poetry In Motion. Owner, Loura Waid.

A   244    COLONIAL'S MOCHA FOXFIRE, SR626315/07, 04/27/10. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Sugar Tree's Moose Pond Gunner,MH Colonials Snowfire. Owner, Johanna DuWaldt Coutu & Michael Coutu.

4   246     RKK'S RAGING RIPTIDE, SR730063/01, 04/20/12. Breeder, R. Kowalski. By Sandbars Last Train To Paris Gch. RKK's Wild Riptide. Owner, Rebecca, Kent & Hailey Kowalski.

248        RKK'S COME H'LL OR HIGH WATER, SR731981/01, 04/22/12. Breeder, Owners. By Sandbars Last Train To Paris RKK's Breaking Dawn. Owner, Rebecca, Kent & Hailey Kowalski, (Jr. Show #101).

 American‑bred, Bitches

1 50          SUSQUDILLA HIGH DEFINITION, SR763633/01, 12/19/12. Breeder, Grace Hegarty & Matthew Hegart & Robyn Haskin. By Susqudilla Seneca Shores Gch Susqudilla Caramel Macchiato Hozzey. Owner, Charlene Bridgewood & Robyn Haskin.

52          CHESABAR MOONLIGHT AND ROSES, SR445655/18, 08/03/07. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Ch. Cheasbar Little Deuce Coupe Ch.Chesabar Layde Chelsea. Owner, Gail & Randi Evans.

4 148        TREASURE LAKE KONA WITH KREAM, SR753194/09, 03/10/12. Breeder, K. & A. Heintel. By Ch. Pond HOllow Going Great Guns,SH Ch. Pond Hollow Arctic Ice Blink,MH. Owner, Katherine T. Heintel & Sandy Shorter.

2 250     CAL‑I‑CO NO ORDINARY LOVE, SR768376/08, 03/06/13. Breeder, J. & J. Colvin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide Ch. Cal‑I‑Here Comes The Sun. Owner, Debra Rodden.

3 252      COLONIAL'S REND FLAME OF FIRE, SR729729/07, 05/06/12. Breeder, J. Wilson. By FC. Colonials Outer Banks Wincester,MH LPK Delaware River Autumn Squaw,MH. Owner, Johanna & Michael Coutu.

254        CHES‑SHORES BLUE BLAZIN SWEET BRIAR, SR516542/01, 07/19/08. Breeder, Loura Wiad Joseph Quinn & David Bleifer,DVM. By Ch. Chesshore's Chengue Del Caribe Ch. Ches‑Shores Blue Lagoon. Owner, Loura Waid.

Open, Bitches

AB  16      CHES‑SHORES DUCK DIVING TO WINGMASTER, SR708135/05, 11/14/11. Breeder, L. Waid & J. Quinn. By Ches‑shores Last of Mohican Twobays Expresso of Ches‑Shores. Owner, Stephanie Sorensen.

3 54          EASTERN WATERS' PERFECT STORM,BN,CGC, SR706766/02, 11/17/11. Breeder, B Hanback & E. Humer. By Ch. Chesanys Silvercreek Eagles Heir Ch. Eastern Waters Sea Schooner,RN. Owner, Quetcy & Cecillia Andrion.

56          REDLION'S MTN ISLAND SANDPIPER, SR730760/02, 04/23/12. Breeder, J. Pappler & J. Wiacek. By Redlions Brutus of Bloodsworth,JH Redlions Notorious Wren,SH. Owner, Susan Dorsey & JoAnn Colvin.

4 152        CHESABAR TURKEY CREEK PISTOL, SR771882/09, 03/15/13. Breeder, M. Glaspey & P. Barber. By Gch. Chesabar's True Grit Ch. Chesabar Dyna Glide. Owner, Art Kranz.

154        CHESTNUT HILLS MAGOTHY MAE, SR780722/11, 12/31/12. Breeder, G. Waltjen & T. O'Connell. By Chestnut Hills Thor Ch. Black Walnut Sassy. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

156        MERCER'S DAREDEVIL, SR757748/01, 05/30/14. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Irishs Gallant Sailor Mercers Tennessee Brush Popper. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer.

AB  158     LONGMEADOW GUN POWDER ANNIE, SR765652/02, 01/29/13. Breeder, L. Chambers. By Gch. Chesabars Mr Doots Mason,RN Longmeadow Nestle's Big Powder. Owner, Susan Morse & Laura Chambers.

1 (160)     REDLION'S TIDE POND SOPHIE,JH, SR680286/01, 05/27/11. Breeder, J. Pappler. By Ch. Redlions Hit Doctor,MH Ch. Redlions Paddle Bit. Owner, Jane Pappler & Bill Davies.

162        IRISHS SUMMER SPECTACULAR, SR744928/02, 07/25/12. Breeder, G. & D. Irish. By Gch. Irish I'm A Knock Out Ch. Irishs Running Fever Jess. Owner, Gary & Dorene Irish & Christine Reedy.

164        TREASURE LAKE AUBURN'S SADIE,JH, SR644027/02, 08/26/10. Breeder, K. & A. Heintel. By Ch. Voyageurs Once In A Bluemoon Ch. Sandersons Lil Miss Amazin,SH,NA,NAJ. Owner, Katherine T. Heintel & Marie & Richard Olson.

256        CHESARAB ALONNA, SR672462/06, 04/12/11. Breeder, K. & M. Nelson. By Chesarab Chesshores Bajoran Chesarab Trance. Owner, Moya Nelson & Sheila DiVaccaro.

AB  258     COLONIAL'S DARK O'THE MOON FIRE, SR726933/11, 04/11/12. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Calicos Colonial Rumfire Colonials Waterfire. Owner, Johanna DuWaldt Coutu & Michael Coutu.

260        CHESACOLA'S MEMPHIS BELLE, SR750285/04, 10/06/12. Breeder, A. & B. Cox & R. Nevels. By Ch. Shiloh Hill Dusty Rose Albert,CD,JH Ch. Chesacola Shiloh Hill Delta Lady. Owner, Michelle Keehn.

2 262      SAILORSBAY'S GALE, SR728643/05, 04/17/12. Breeder, M. Roizman & P. Barber. By Silverbars Last Passion Hunter Ch Chesabars Mini Copper of Sailorbay. Owner, Mercedes Roizman.

AB  264     KAELA'S HONEY BUN, SR738150/05, 05/06/12. Breeder, Owner. By Kaelas Munch N Crunch Kaelas Raisin Bran. Owner, Dale Milder. 

Winners Bitch:   160   REDLION'S TIDE POND SOPHIE, JH        Points: 5           
   POND HOLLOW THE WICKED WIND                  Points: 3




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