Dog Classes


September 1

Judge:  Jeffrey Pepper  (FL)

Puppy 6 months and under 9 months, Dog

3 (29)   HARDWOOD'S ALL HANDS ON DECK, SR814568/07, 02/12/14. Breeder, V. Bartnicki. By Gch. Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Ch. Hardwoods Take A Gander. Owner, Virginia Bartnicki & Donald Lukowski.

2 (31)    HARDWOOD'S BURBON ON THE ROCKS, SR814568/08, 02/12/14. Breeder, V. Bartnicki. By Gch. Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Ch. Hardwoods Take A Gander. Owner, Michael Goddeeris.

AB 89)   POND HOLLOW AJAX, SR818156/09, 01/20/14. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Gch. Cal‑I‑Co Captains Quantum Leap Ch. Pond Hollow Montauk Point. Owner, James & Doreen Harris.

1 (93)   DEL BRAVE GAME CHANGER, SR822473/01, 03/15/14. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Del Brave A Knights Tale,SH Ch. Del Brave Cross The Pond. Owner, George Makatura.

Puppy 9 months and under 12 months, Dogs

33      MTN ISLAND RUDDER AMID SHIPS FULL AHEAD, SR795524/02, 10/06/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Colonial's Beckoning Fire Ch. Cal‑I‑Co's Mtn Island Morgen. Owner, Gordon & Susan Dorsey.

2 (35)     POND HOLLOW BLUE RIDGE REBEL, SR805331/09, 11/25/13. Breeder, Heike Frattalone & Dyane Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Hurricane Ridge Gch. Pond Hollow More Joyful. Owner, Craig Larson.

(91)       SEDGEBLAC'S GUNNAR KEEPS ON TRACKING, SR800391/01, 10/31/13. Breeder, K. & S. Hitt. By Gch. Chesabars Copper Reflection Ch. Sedgeblacs True Mississippi Doc Dog,CD,RA. Owner, Margaret Messer & Kimberly Hitt.

AB  (179)     TURTLECREEK'S NORTH COUNTRY, SR808470/02, 11/15/13. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Shallcross Lake's Chaamp MH TugBoat TLC Carnaval. Owner, Teresa Tebbens.

4 (189)     RKK'S DARK NIGHT RISES, SR802503/01, 10/23/13. Breeder, Owner. By Sandbars Last Train To Paris RKK's She The Bomb. Owner, Rebecca Kowalski.

1 (191)     COLONIAL'S COOL DUDE ON FIRE, SR811430/01, 12/05/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Colonials Beckoning Fire Colonials Toes of Fire. Owner, Johanna & Michael Coutu.

AB (193)   CHES‑SHORES ARTIC SEA DUCK, SR816144/01, 12/02/13. Breeder, J. Quinn & L. Waid. By Ches‑Shores Gooses Wild Ches‑Shores Fall Surprise. Owner, Loura Waid.

3 (195)     LONGMEADOW TONOLOWAY, SR801272/01, 09/25/13. Breeder, L. Chambers. By Gch. Chesabars Mr Doots Mason,RN Longmeadow Greek Gods Ms Water Lily. Owner, Wesley & Jeffrey Matthias.

12 to 18 month, Dogs

AB (5)    TAKEMEHOME RAMIS STETZER, SR787349/04, 06/18/13. Breeder, C. Duke. By Gch. Chesabar's Copper Reflection,RN,JH TakeMeHome Jetpets. Owner, Christina L. Stetzer.

3 37     POND HOLLOW B‑SPOKEN, SR793019/01, 07/05/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Marjan's It's All In The Game SH Ch. Pond Hollow B‑Mine Again. Owner, Dyane & Jennifer Baldwin.

AB (39)       BLACK WALNUT STORMIN NORMAN, SR811532/01, 07/27/13. Breeder, G. Waltjen & T. O'Connell. By Chestnut Hills Thor Ch. Black Walnut Sassy. Owner, Greg Waltjen & Karen Anderson.

95       TURKEY CREEK COPPERCAST MOOSE, SR770896/01, 03/30/13. Breeder, M. Horowitz. By Gch. Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Chesabars Copper Alloy. Owner, Art Kranz.

4 (97)   DUT‑CHESSE OPUS DE CACCIA, SR786560/02, 07/25/13. Breeder, J. & R. Conroy. By Susqudilla Seneca Shores Gch Dut‑Chesse Rosys Sweet Magnolia,CD,BN,RN,JH. Owner, Chris & Karen Beste & Jill & Rob Conroy.

2 (99)   NORTH FLOW TAKE THE WEATHER WITH YOU, SR796404/01, 08/09/13. Breeder, D. & B. Logan. By Gch. Chesaroyal Talkin Bout Jackson,RA,JH Ch. Pond Hollow American Girl,CD,RA,OA,AXJ. Owner, Carol Lipinski.

1 101    CHESTNUT HILLS HOUSTON, SR782004/04, 06/01/13. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Jams Bowie,CD,JH Ch. Chesnut Hills Victoria. Owner, Franklin Zaydman & Alvaro Gonzalez.

 Novice, Dogs

1 41    BLACKWATERS ANOTHER BAD DECISION, SR748517/03, 09/30/12. Breeder, J. & J. Shaw. By Ch. Blackwater Friar Tuck,SH Yakitys Ba‑Barbara Ann,JH. Owner, John J. Foster, Jr & Constance S. Garton.

Amateur Owner Handler, Dogs

4 43    WHISKEY CREEK'S HIDDEN ASSETS,RN,CAA,CGC, SR691313/05, 07/04/11. Breeder, K. Case. By Ch.Clippers Grozen Assets Ch. Whiskey Creeks Greenbrier. Owner, Lex & Melinda Phillips.

1 (103)  POND HOLLOW LT COMMANDER,JH, SR741710/02, 05/03/12. Breeder, D. & J. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Bryce Canyon Ch. Pond Hollow Brilliant. Owner, Rebecca McGuire & Emelise Baughman.

3 (105)     EASTERN WATERS PHOENIX ALL JAZZED UP, SR788485/08, 07/14/13. Breeder, E. & R. Humer. By Gch. Eastern Waters Top of The Mark,GN,RE Ch. Eastern Waters Southern Dream,BN,RA. Owner, Thomas & Elizabeth Swafford.

2 247        CHESANY SUMERDUCK SEBASCODEGAN BRADY, SR715609/06, 01/16/12. Breeder, S. & S. Hyde. By Ch. Chesanys Sumerduck Tomahawk,JH Ripplingwates Casco Holiday. Owner, Ronald & Judy Thomas.

 Bred‑by‑Exhibitor, Dogs

2 45    TAYLOR'S SKY TWISTER DOG, SR719327/03, 03/08/12. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Chesacola Hardwood Baltimore Raven,CGC Gch. Taylor's Stuntcie Runtcie Ann. Owner, Sally Ann Taylor & Gary R. Sheetz.

(47)      COPPERCAST'S TRADEMARK, SR770896/03, 03/30/13. Breeder, M. & D. Horowitz. By Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Chesabars Copper Alloy. Owner, Mitchel Horowitz.

(49)       CHESTNUT HILLS WINDJAMMER WD, SR782004/01, 06/01/13. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chestnut Hills James Bowie,CD,JH Ch. Chestnut Hills Victoria. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

AB (107)     AKCOMI CLOSE ENOUGH TO PERFECT,CGC, SR782721/01, 03/30/13. Breeder, R. Wolfe & D. Baldwin. By Gch. Chesaroyal Talkin Bout Jackson,RA Gch. Pond Hollow Brooklyn Bridge,JH. Owner, Renee L. Wolfe & William Cutcliff.

4 109   TREASURE LAKE ADELE'S STALKING JAGUAR,JH, SR555324/04, 03/08/09. Breeder, K., R. & A. Heintel. By Ch. Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo,MH Ch. Treasure Lake Ray's Red Hawk,SH,NA,NAJ. Owner, Adele & Katherine Heintel.

3 (111)   REDLION'S COME BACK HUDSON, SR773950/05, 04/05/13. Breeder, J. Pappler. By Ch. Redlion Come Back Hank Redlions Flying Circus. Owner, Jane Pappler & Robert Bowden.

AB 113        CHESI‑BAY GRITZ COPPER EAGLE, SR744251/01, 08/13/12. Breeder, S. Millette. By Gch. Chesabar True Grit Ch. Chesabar Skys Blue Chesi‑Bay. Owner, Sheila & David Millette.

(115)      CHESSIEVILLE BAY VIKING WARRIOR, SR805331/04, 11/25/13. Breeder, H. Frattalone & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Hurricane Ridge Gch. Pond Hollow More Joyful,CGC,RN. Owner, Sophie Peterson & Heike Frattalone.

1 117    MERCER'S MIGRATION SABOTEUR, SR733492/01, 05/31/14. Breeder, Owners. By Ch The North Shore's Navy Seal Mercers Baby Sister. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer.

197        IRISH'S MAGIC MAX, SR769880/04, 02/20/13. Breeder, G. & D. Irish. By Fall Flight Fowlnatic Irishs Galloping Gadwald of Priorview. Owner, Gary & Dorene Irish & Glenn & Judy Bailey.

199        CHES‑SHORES BITE THE BULLET, SR708135/02, 11/14/11. Breeder, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn. By Ches‑Shores Last Of Mohican Two Bays Espresso of Chesshores. Owner, Loura Waid.

American‑bred, Dogs.

51     CHESABAR'S BARNEGAT RENEGADE, SR632760/06, 06/30/10. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Chesabar's Cooper Reflection Ch. Chesabar's Mystic of Calico. Owner, Raymond & Alison O'Brien.

4 (119)    REDLION'S BIG JAKE,MH, SR524313/01, 09/01/08. Breeder, J. Pappler. By Ch. Redlions Come Back Hank Redlions Go Pink. Owner, Austin Reed Dillon.

AB  121   ARIDAWN'S CARTIER FROM TLC, SR762946/07, 12/04/12. Breeder, K. Heintel & P. Martin & E. Domek. By Ch. Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Ch. Rock Point Just Show Me A Duck. Owner, Patty & Amelia Martin.

1 123    EASTERN WATERS' CHESAVIEDA CAPE HENRY, SR763866/01, 02/10/13. Breeder, E.Humer & G. Frana. By Gch. Eastern Waters Top of The Mark,CDX,GN,RE,NAP, Gch. Chesacola Hardwood Lady Vol,CD,RN,CGC. Owner, Lori Donlan & Elizabeth H. Humer.

2125    CHESABAR TAKES SEDGEBLAC BY STORM, SR750485/01, 10/12/12. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Gch. Chesabars Copper Reflection,RN,JH Ch. Silverbars Ms Jiminy Cricket. Owner, Kimberly & Sandra Hitt.

3 201      CHESABAR'S DUCK DUCK GOOSE, SR771882/08, 03/15/13. Breeder, M. Glaspey & P. Barber. By Gch. Chesabars True Grit Ch. Chesabar Dyna Glide. Owner, Tina L. Camp & Kim L. Cramer, (Tina L. Camp, Agent).

203        CHES‑SHORES LICENSE TO HUNT, SR784300/01, 01/14/13. Breeder, L. Waid & J. Quinn. By Ch. Ches‑SHores Chengue del Caribe Twobays Espresso of Chesshores. Owner, Loura Waid.

Open, Dogs.

AB (53)   CAL‑I‑CO MARSH REED, SR783388/02, 06/07/13. Breeder, S. Dorsey & J. Colvin. By Gch. Cal‑I‑Vo Captains Nuclear Quantum Leap Ch. Tugboat Season of The Witch. Owner, James Colvin & Rosemary Seymour.

4 55      SILVERCREEK QUICK DRAW MCGRAW, SR559553/02, 05/01/09. Breeder, J. Silver & D. Ammerman. By Ch. Silvercreek What I Like About You Ch. Silvercreek Chasbars Cheers. Owner, Brian Miller & Michael McCarthy.

AB 57    CHESTNUT HILLS OAK, SR724685/01, 03/07/12. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & G. Waltjen. By Arnac Bay Ardent Ch. Chestnut Hills Gabriella. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

3 127     CROSSCREEK N TLC'S BURNING RIVER, SR752156/06, 10/16/12. Breeder, K. Heintel & K. Shaffer. By Gch. Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck Ch. Crosscreek Purple Haze,SH. Owner, Adele Heintel.

(129)     REDLION'S HIT N RUN, SR680286/03, 05/27/11. Breeder, J. Pappler. By Ch. REdlions Hit Doctor,MH Ch. REdlions Paddle Bit. Owner, Jane Pappler & Darren Sausser.

1 131    MERCER'S NON‑FICTION, SR606510/01, 06/21/09. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Irishs Clover Leaf Trinity Mercers Tennessee Brush Popper. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer.

133       TAYKEMEHOME FULL STEAM AHEAD, SR696332/02, 06/27/10. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Stormbay Pacific Privateer Ch. Penrose Ready Steady,CD. Owner, Carol Duke.

2 205     WINGFIELD'S WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, SR751108/05, 10/26/12. Breeder, Owner. By Win's Northcreek Counterpunch,JH Wingfield's Widgeon Is In There. Owner, Cathie Shipe, (Kevin L. Bednar, Agent).

207     RRK'S RETURN OF THE KING, SR632038/05, 07/03/10. Breeder, J. King. By Ch. RKK's Her Legacy Lives On The Kings Barley and Hops. Owner, Rebecca Kowalski.

209     SILVERCREEK COLONIAL RETURN FIRE, SR758498/06, 12/15/12. Breeder, JoAnne Silver Marjorie Bakken & Janice Krogstadt. By Gch. Calico's Colonial Rumfire Ch. Marjan's Chantilly Lace RN. Owner, Johanna DuWaldt Coutu & Joanne Silver.

AB 211   LONGMEADOW LORD BALTIMORE, SR765652/01, 01/29/13. Breeder, L. Chambers. By Gch. Chesabars Mr Doots Mason,RN Longmeadow Nestles Big Powder. Owner, Wesley & Jeffrey Matthias.

213     CHESALAND CAYUCO DEL CARIBE, SR596586/01, 11/12/08. Breeder, F. Zaydman & L. Waid & A. Gonzalez & G. Burgess. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Sol Del Caribe Ches‑Shores Minca Del Caribe. Owner, Loura Waid.

Winners Dog:   117    MERCER'S MIGRATION SABOTEUR      Points:  5 
131  MERCER'S NON‑FICTION                                     Points:  3





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