September 16


Combined TD and TDX Test

There will be 3 TDX tracks and 4 TD tracks


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


7:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Redding Farm, 1085 Table Rock Road, Gettysburg, PA
Gretchen Stephenson and  Michelle Anne Gillette
Event Chair/Secretary David Steinhoff   410-647-6451 
Entry Fees $75 - TD      $125 - TDX   (AKC fees included)
Closing Date Entries close  9-2-14

Results:  Entered were 4 TD Tracks and 3 TDX Tracks. 3 dogs Passed - (2 TD, 1 TDX and 2 were chesapeakes! 

  TD:  Lynda Barber-Wiltse and Kach (GCH. EASTERN WATERS' NUKA BAY KACHEMAK,BN,RE,NAJ, SR633519/03. 06/23/10. Breeder, E. & R. Humer. By CT Eastern Waters' Sea Zephyr,VCD3,MXJ,NF,RE — Ch. Eastern Waters' Chasin A Dream,CD,RN. RETRIEVERS (CHESAPEAKE BAY). Dog. Owner, Lynda L. Barber Wiltse 

  TDX: Jan Estes and Callie (POND HOLLOW BAY OF CALAIS,VCD1,BN,AX,AXJ,NF, SR620334/06. 04/15/10. Breeder, K. Shaffer & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide — Ch/Mach Pond Hollow Deck The Halls. RETRIEVERS (CHESAPEAKE BAY). Bitch. Owner, Jan Estes.)  


The first photo is of GCH. EASTERN WATERS' NUKA BAY KACHEMAK, BN, RE, NAJ owned by Lynda Barber-Wiltse. He earned his TD in 4 minutes. The judges Michelle Gillette and Gretchen Stephenson are in the photo along with the tracklayer Gary Palmer


The second photo is of POND HOLLOW BAY OF CALAIS, VCD1, BN, AX, AXJ ,NF owned by Jan Estes. She earned her TDX in under 15 mins. Both judges and the tracklayer David Steinhoff are in the photo.


The judges Michelle Gillette and Gretchen Stephenson are in this photo

Sunrise for the Track layers!.

   Click here  to view or print the Tracking Premium List

Preference will be given to Chesapeake Bay retrievers which have not earned a TD title for TD tracks and Chesapeake Bay retrievers which have not earned a TDX title for TDX tracks.

If you would like to receive a Premium List by mail send an email to

Regarding the address for test location:  There isn’t an exact address for the tracking HQ.  For GPS users 1085  Table Rock Rd will get you to the Redding auction barn ( the nearest landmark) and 1199 Table Rock Road is  on the opposite side of Table Rock Rd and sort of near the HQ site but with no distinguishing landmarks. If anyone has a GPS that allows Lat./Lon. Input, the following are the coordinates  of the entrance road to the tracking HQ are:  LAT.  39°52'45.25"N   and   LON  77°13'48.43"W




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