Hands-on Workshop
             October 8, Thursday
Tentative 4 pm

         A Show Handling Seminar with Ms Patty Martin

This will be a practice for owner/handlers and their dogs before the conformation show begins. No pre-registration needed.  60-90 minutes in duration.  Held in the actual show ring area at the Olympia Hotel where the show judging will take place.  Topics that might be included are: Using bait, coming in to the judge when gaiting, ring etiquette, dress, preparation.

The “skinny” on Patty Martin  -  I always had a dog or three while I was growing up in Columbus, Ohio.  As a kid, I used to sit outside waiting for the down the block neighbor to walk their Irish Setter…I was enthralled. I bought my first show Irish while in Graduate School and the learning experience began.  Back then, it took around 30 bitches for a major…you can imagine that it took a newbie a while to get it done.  I watched the “big time” handlers, I listened to the mentor(s) and the judges and I moved on to show and breed Irish Setters. 

I handled for myself and others in the 80’s & 90’s.  Lots of Labradors, several Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Siberian Husky’s and a Saluki or two.  I met John.  He had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named CH Snocree’s Nelson Gladstone, we dated, bought CH Snocree’s Edith Gladstone, got married, I continued to show dogs, we had a kid (Amelia…for those of you who know her…she’s 25 now!), we started breeding Chesapeake’s, kept on with the Irish until the early 2000’s. Fast forward to current, we have 3 Parson Russell Terriers and a Border Terrier…all show dogs and I’m learning how to manage a “table” dog.   John judges a little, I show a little, breed a little, have my first field Chessie experience going on, I judge some sweepstakes and very much enjoy mentoring and helping folks willing to learn our breed.

Please bring any dog that you’d like to work with to the seminar…There will be opportunities to work on handling tips and training exercises throughout.  I have a hefty agenda laid out…so plan on staying for a while.  I hope you’ll join me on Thursday.   Sincerely, Patty Martin





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