Derby Stake

September 12, 2012 - 10 am start

Judges:  Judy Bly (MT) and Paul Davis (ID)

Entries:  13



Winner of the Derby

#6  Westwind's Ellen Aim
Owner/Henry Hayes & Bill Bodd  - Handler/Mark Edwards


Call Backs:   An "X" will be place in the boxes to show when the dog was called back for the next series.  If the dog is not called back for the next series, that area will be "grayed" out to show he/she is no longer in the competition. The final results will be in the "Placing" column.

Derby Stake

Call Backs


Dog Name





Iyla's North Dakota Dreamer  Scratch

Eric Strub

Craig Klein



Salmoncove-SAGO Ruby Mae of 96 Scratch

Ray Gonzales

Ray Gonzales or Christine Gonzales


X X   3

Roughwater Stacked & Packed JH

Pamela Spears

Pam Spears or JB Spears


X X    

Red Dirt's Bumble Bee

Timothy Phillips

Tim Phillips or Ashley Rogers



CK's Pay Piper    Scratch

Craig Klein

Craig Klein/Dan Sayles


X X   1

Westwind's Ellen Aim

Henry T. Hayes

Mark Edwards


X X   2

Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner WD CGC

Jane Pappler

Jane Pappler



Jasmine's New Hope Ace in the Hole  Scratch

Maryann Davis

Craig Klein/Maryann Davis/Kirk Krull



Tulemist Truly Scrumptious

Tom MacClanahan

Tom MacClanahan



Mesa Ridge Made in America

Susie Royer

Clayton Evans



Sure Shot Benelli    Scratch

Eric Schmitt

Craig Klein


X X   4

Chesshar's Crackshot Chic

Sharon Batte

Jim Batte



Rocky Hooks Ben

Marston Jones

Marston Jones or Katie Gutermuth


Derby Placements  1st - 4th

(L-R)  #6,  #7,  #3,  #12

Unfortunately, because of the 5 dogs having to Scratch in the Derby, there will be no licensed field trial points awarded. There are still trophies and ribbons and the AKC recognizes the Derby but the Field Trial News does not.  There must be 10 dogs running the Derby for it to be considered a licensed stake.  One pro-trainer had 4 entries and his dogs came down with kennel cough so he was forced to Scratch them.  Another bitch came into season and could not run.

            3                                 3                            4                      4                            6                        6                           7                  7                   9                         9

            10                               10                            12                   12                    13                        13                   Very Dusty!                                                 Derby/Qual Judges

  Derby Land Double   
Silver/Miller/Pappler/Grant/Spears     K Miller pup      K Miller dog in training                                                                 camo nails for the trial!

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