Visitors From Abroad


Welcome Visitors from Abroad!!!  If you are planning on attending this years Show Specialty please send me your names, kennel name, and where you are from. Tell us if you have been to the US before and if you have ever attended  a Show or Field Trial Specialty.  We want everyone to get a chance to meet you.    Email Jane Pappler at

1.  Molly Barker, Chesepi Chesapeake's, England. This will be about my tenth NSS since 1993.  In 2009 I went to the FT Specialty in Maine also.
2.  Zabrina 
Livingstone, StonePeake CBRs CKC reg'd from Carstairs, Alberta.  This will be my 3rd Show Specialty/
Moira & Matthias Frank, SedgeGrass Chesapeakes, Germany. Our first Spec was the FT Spec '99 in Idaho. We do attend usually at a Specialty (Show or FT) each 2 or 3 years. This will be our eighth National Specialty.

         Zabrina in white jacket                Moira & Matthias         

Showing Dogs from the US and Other Countries -  Here are the current AKC Rules: 
1. For dogs from the US, they must have a permanent registration by the start date of the show or they cannot be entered.
2. Dogs that are registered in a foreign country (all countries have the same rule) can enter a US show using their foreign registration number. But, you must register the dog with the AKC within 30 days of the beginning date of the first show.  If not, you will loose any show points or titles you have earned in that 30 days.
   A. For show purposes only, you will need to fill out the AKC form for a foreign application, submit two pictures of the dog, submit a copy of the certified pedigree in your name from the country the dog is registered in.  The AKC will also need proof that the dog is physically in the US by submitting a copy of the show records or a veterinarian statement on their letterhead stating that they saw the dog on a certain date, dog's name and tattoo number/microchip.  The Fee is $50. 
   B.  The same rules apply for show as well as entering field and performance events.  


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