Sunday, October 9, 2016
Sauvie Island / Portland, OR

Open to all Chesapeake Bay Retrievers over 6 months


   Matthew Junevitch 537 Carnine RD. Castle Rock, WA 98611 (360) 703-4544   matt@chessies.net
Co-Chair:   Tim Higgins, 1334 Stella Rd., Longview, WA 98632  (360) 463-7872    tandjhiggins@gmail.com

ACC Representative: Sally Diess 25911 Crow Rd. Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 935-7365

Location:  26048 NW Reeder Rd. Portland, OR 96231 also known as Sauvie Island, Oregon

Gun Captain and WD Test Supervisor:  Pending

Judges: Linda Harger and Ray Gonzales

Start Time: 9:00 am (tentative)  Check-in at 8:30 am (tentative). Test dog at 8:50 am(tentative) and
short discussion with the Judges. Please have dogs aired and ready to go before it's your turn to be called to the holding blind. All dogs must be kept on lead when not running and must be kept back by the vehicles where they cannot see any of the tests being run.

Fees: ACC Members - $45 for each stake, Non-Members - $50 for each stake. Owner must be an ACC member by Entry deadline to use the member fee.

Entry Deadline: September 21, 2016 - 6 pm 
- no phone or email entries  waive signature on overnight couriers.

Pre-Entry Only  -  Entry Form: Use the Entry Form attached to the flyer - PRINT ENTRY FORM/FLYER here (it can be typed on and printed out). Use a separate form for each dog and each stake. Mail entries with check payable to ACC to Matt Junevitch  537 Carnine Rd. Castle Rock, WA 98611

NOTE: Bitches in season cannot run and are not to be aired on the grounds. Refunds are available. See the instructions in the WD Rules. Please notify us in writing in advance if you need to cancel an entry.

Running Order:  A Draw and Running Order is posted----Print Here--- Please download your copy of the typed running-order or include your email address and we will email it to you by September 30, 2016. Copies will not be available at the WD.

Results and Photos: Results will be posted on the ACC website after the event as soon as possible.

Rules for the WD/X/Q: Copies of all the Rules and Guidelines, procedures and entry form are available for download on the ACC website at http://www.amchessieclub.org on the WD/X/Q pages or on the 2016 National Show Specialty site. Also download guidelines for Judges & Handlers and Suggested Line Procedures. Read through these rules before the day of the test. The judges will go over the basic rules with everyone quickly before the start of the stake and you can ask a few questions then if needed. Call or email Matthew or Tim with any questions before the event. Take time to read through the requirements and procedures in advance. This will help you and your dog to be successful and not fail due to handler error. One important rule to remember is you cannot send your dog until you hear the Judge call your number.

Requirements: (see complete info on the printouts listed on the ACC website)
WD:  back to back singles on land and water
WDX:  a double on land and a double on water, dogs must be steady and deliver to hand
WDQ:  a double on land, a land blind, a water blind and a combination triple with two birds in water and one on land. Dogs must be steady and deliver to hand

Directions:  Driving time from Holiday Inn Portland Airport is 41 minutes, about 23 miles.
From Holiday Inn Portland Airport take HWY 30 west to NW Gillihan Rd, Right on to NW Reeder Rd.

What to Bring: Water for you and your dogs, shade equipment, bug spray, lawn chair, whistle, flat buckle collar and leash, boots, and your lunch. Pickup all trash and take it with you.

Lunch: Participants are responsible for their own lunch.

Volunteers needed: Marshals for each stake, person to bag birds for the judges, live-bird gunners, people to pop/throw the dead bird for each stake, equipment luggers, grounds person to oversee parking and post/remove the signs, someone to pickup lunches for the judges, and a test dog for each stake that isn't running. Anyone shooting should have a valid hunting license. Anyone wanting to volunteer for being out in the field bring along white shirt or jacket to wear and ear protection. Email to volunteer! matt@chessies.net or tandjhiggins@gmail.com

For all concerned:
Make sure your dog has had gun fire, bird boys in white coats, and is picking up ducks before the competition. Park vehicles in designated areas only. Smoking can be restricted during dry weather. All dogs must be on leash in parking area and when being aired. No dogs permitted near the line except the competing dogs. When dogs are running, please do not walk around in the gallery, avoid loud talking and do not wear white. Any of these can be very distracting to the dogs and the contestants

A Draw and Running Order is posted----Print Here


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