American Chesapeake Club
National Show Specialty

October 10, 2008

Bitch Classes

Judge: Betsy Yates



Puppy 6 months and under 9 months, Bitches

2  (6)      POND HOLLOW B‑STARRY EYED, SR490833/02, 03/22/08. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Casablanca Ch. Pond Hollow Three Rvrs Royalt. Owner, Marie Stump.

4  (8)      TWOBAYS NOR‑EASTER OF CHESMAL, SR486715/02, 03/24/08. Breeder, W. & D. Sykes. By Ch. Chesmals Jesse James Ch. Ches‑Shores Our Serenity. Owner, Colleen Gearhart.

1  (10)    PONDHOLLOWS SANDPIPER MYSTIC, SR479225/01, 01/26/08. Breeder, K. Shaffer & D. Baldwin. By Ch. Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo,MH Ch. Pondhollow Deck The Halls,MX,AXJ. Owner, Michael & Susan Sciarini.

3  (12)    CHESARABS CLASSIC COLBIE, SR185135/08, 02/25/08. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesabars True Grit Chesarabs Red Sonja. Owner, Moya Nelson & Sheila DiVaccaro.

A  212     WESTWIND MS PEPPERBERRY, SR488818/08, 03/26/08. Breeder, W. Shepard Chisholm. By Nordais Doux Mistal Westwind Ms Katahdin MH. Owner, Laura & Glenn Phillips.

A  (214)  QUAIL RUN'S SOPHIE'S CHOICE, SR517661/02, 04/07/08. Breeder, D. Bleifer. By Ch. Quail Run's Frisco Kid Ch. Quail Runs Sophie's Kiss. Owner, Julie Kay.

Puppy 9 months and under 12 months, Bitches

3  14       MONTAUKS AQUIFER, TW191472 CANADA, 11/13/07. Breeder, Onwer. By Montauks Quagmire Montauk's River Edge. Owner, Valerie Wemp.

A  (16)    BRIMSTONE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, SR455616/01, 10/14/07. Breeder, M. Guffey. By Donways Jake Jernigan Mountain Views Cabela Kate. Owner, Elizabeth Zboran.

2  (18)    CHESARAB BLAZING EMBER OF PORT SIDE, SR461500/02, 11/15/07. Breeder, V. & R. Reed. By DC/AFC Bertrams Blazing Firewater,MH Chesarab Escapade Port Side,CD,MH. Owner, Sheila DiVaccaro.

(20)    SAILORBAYS GODIVA PEPPERMINT KISS, SR467304/06, 12/07/07. Breeder, Owner. By Silverbars Last Passion Hunter Silvercreek Yafa Means Pretty. Owner, Mercedes Roizman.

1  (22)    SILVERCREEK DEAL OR NO DEAL, SR462939/01, 12/01/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch.Silverbar Lets Make A Deal Ch. Silvercreek Wheel of Fortune,JH. Owner, Joanne C. Silver & Diane Ammerman.

(24)    BLUE SKY CAL‑I‑CO TEMPTATION ISLAND, SR456539/02, 10/13/07. Breeder, J. Colvin. By Ch.Blue Sky Ship Wreck Island Ch.Cal‑I‑Co Sweet Temptation. Owner, Yvette Yoho & JoAnn Colvin.

(26)    CLEAR CREEK FLANNERY JAMES, SR486881/06, 12/17/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch.Chaparals Brewmaster,RN Ch. Pond Hollows Sylvia James. Owner, Linda Cayton.

4  (216)  RIPPLING WATERS CASCO HOLIDAY, SR461156/01, 11/22/07. Breeder, K. & A. Luthy. By Ch. Rippling Waters Purple Haze,MH Ch. Rippling Waters Sea Breeze. Owner, Susan Hyde.

(218)  CHESACHOBEE'S KALLIOPE, SR468888/01, 11/18/07. Breeder, L. A. & J. Jeffcoat. By Chesachobees Fitzhugh Sage Chesachobees Shamrock. Owner, Maureen Schlichtig & L. Ann & John Jeffcoat.

A  (220)  TREASURE LAKE JONS HIGH FLYING CONDOR, SR457583/01, 10/17/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Pond Hollow Southern Tornado Ch. Treasures Falcon Del Star,SH,OA,OAJ. Owner, Katherine & Raymond Heintel & Adele Heintel.

     14             14                18                       20                      22                  22                24                   26                 216                  218               

12 to 18 month, Bitches

(28)    CHESARAB LADY AURORA, SR431498/01, 06/02/07. Breeder, Michael Sovey. By Chesarab Fireweed Laser Beam Chesarab Zoey Chewey. Owner, Sheila DiVaccaro, (Jr. Show #6).

(30)    CHESABAR MOONLIGHT AND ROSES, SR445655/18, 08/03/07. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Ch. Cheasbar Little Deuce Coupe Ch.Chesabar Layde Chelsea. Owner, Gail Evans.

(32)    CAL‑I‑CO DON'T THINK TWICE, SR440324/01, 07/31/07. Breeder, J & J Colvin. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist Of Fate Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Holly Berry. Owner, JoAnn Colvin & Kristen & Jim Graham.

34       YORK RIVER'S MOMENT TO ARRIVE, SR434306/06, 06/18/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Von Hausman's Break O'Day York River Camden's Harb or Mist. Owner, Debra & James Rodden.

(36)    CAL‑I‑CO DUT‑CHESSE ROZY SKIES, SR440324/10, 07/31/07. Breeder, J. & J. Colvin. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist of Fate Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Holly Berry. Owner, J. & R. Conroy & J. & J. Colvin, (Obed. NB75).

1  (38)    CHESABAR'S JERSEY GIRL, SR435682/01, 06/21/07. Breeder, Owners. By ch. Chesabars Copper Mine Ch. Quailridges Ghirardelli Goose. Owner, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr & Diane & Mitchel Horowitz.

4  (40)    POND HOLLOW BRILLANT, SR451226/01, 09/17/07. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Redlions Notorious,SH Ch. Pond Hollow Sequel. Owner, Dyane Baldwin.

(42)    CAL‑I‑CO'S MTN ISLAND MORGEN, SR440324/07, 07/31/07. Breeder, J. & J. Colvin. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Twist of Fate Ch.Cal‑I‑Co Holly Berry. Owner, Susan & Gordon Dorsey.

(44)    REDLION'S NOTORIOUS WREN, SR448661/05, 08/12/07. Breeder, J. Pappler. By Redlions Notorious SH Redlions Go Pink. Owner, Jane Pappler & John Wiacek.

2  (46)   CHES‑SHORES LAYLA OF TOWNCREEK, SR444292/01, 07/24/07. Breeder, L. Waid & T. & M. Kirkpatrick. By Ch. Quailrun Marnetts Dont U Wish,JH Gun Smoke's Jingle Belle. Owner, Raquel Blechschmidt & Loura Waid, (Obed. NB76).

(48)    IRISH'S RUNNING FEVER JESS, SR448926/02, 08/03/07. Breeder, G. & D. Irish. By Ch. Irishs CK Dexter Haven Ch. Irishs Mystical Maiden. Owner, Richard Andrews, II & Gary Irish.

(50)    CHESABAR SKYE BLUE CHESI‑BAY, SR445655/15, 08/03/07. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Ch. Chesabar Little Deuce Coupe Ch.Chesabar Layde Chelsea. Owner, Sheila & David Millette.

(222)  CHESABAR CINQUE TATE MAKOBLAYE, SR445655/10, 08/03/07. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr. By Ch. Chesabar Little Deuce Coupe Ch. Chesabar Layde Chelsea. Owner, Debra Miller Sokolo & Frank Miller‑Sokolo.

(224)  BLUCOLLARS HOCUS POCUS, SR421031/04, 04/16/07. Breeder, Owner. By Wildfowlers Blucollar Ranger,CD,JH Blucollars Absolute Ambition,CD,JH. Owner, Michelle R. Dunn, (Obed. NB91).

3  (258)  CHES‑SHORES LILLIAN IN THE OXBOW, SR459009/08, 05/08/07. Breeder, L. Waid & D. Bleifer & C.Woods. By Ch. Chester Rivers Captain Moe Ch. Ches‑Shores Blue Lagoon. Owner, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn.

       36                  40                 44                222

Novice, Bitches

2  86    LANDS END DERRY SHAMROCK, SR379208/02, 05/22/06. Breeder, J. McAulay. By Ch. Towerview R Big Loan Ranger Lands End Queen Annes Lace. Owner, Fred & Barbara Poulin & Jean McAulay.

1  (88)    POND HOLLOW AMERICAN GIRL, SR479225/02, 01/26/08. Breeder, D. Baldwin & K. Shaffer. By Ch. Safe Harbors Treasure Lake Geo,MH Ch. Pond HOllow Deck The Halls,MX,MXJ. Owner, Dawn Logan.

Bred‑by‑Exhibitor, Bitches

  52    SANDYCREEKS CALIFORNIA DREAMIN, SR360276/03, 07/08/06. Breeder, Owner. By Ch.Sandbars Stock Exxchange Ch. Sandycreeks Ms American Pie,MX,MXJ. Owner, Sandy Morris.

  (54)    BLACKWATERS DOUBLE TROUBLE, SR446440/01, 08/28/07. Breeder, W. J. & J. Shaw. By Ch. Crackshot Ben There Done That Blackwater Cassie Lil Tigress. Owner, W. Joyce & Jeffrey T. Shaw & Dr. Christopher P. Keefe.

   (56)    KINGHILL'S LITTLE COUNTRY GIRL, SR439139/01, 07/21/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Poisetts WildMtn Skipper Ch. Silvercreeks All That Jazz. Owner, Janet L. Hart.

    58       HILLCREST'S FREYA'S LEGACY, SR185237/03, 06/03/04. Breeder, Owner. By Ch.Chesarab Force of The Jedi Hillcrest's Dream Seeker. Owner, Linda J. Lovstad.

1  60       CHESTNUT HILLS GABRIELLA, SR295323/01, 09/24/05. Breeder, Karen & Ronald Anderson. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug Chestnut Hills Casey. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson & Greg Waltjen.

   62      BLACK WALNUT SASSY, SR402094/03, 01/04/07. Breeder, Ownes. By Ch. Arnac Bay Spokane Chestnut Hills Chelsie. Owner, Greg Waltjen & Tierney O'Connell.

3  64   SILVERBAR'S MS. JIMINY CRICKET, SR394810/02, 12/18/06. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesabar's True Grit Ch. Silverbars Wind On The Water. Owner, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr.

2  66     POND HOLLOW WICKED GOOD, SR424397/01, 03/20/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Anubis Treasured Bettis,MH Pond Hollow Lottawattah. Owner, Dyane Baldwin. 

  68    MUD CREEK'S BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY, SR438933/01, 08/02/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Rockets Red Glare Ch.Wingmasters Little Emerald Star. Owner, Kathy A. & Jeffrey A. White.

  70       SILVERCREEK ALLY MCBEAL, SR412702/10, 03/19/07. Breeder, J. SIlver & D. Ammerman. By Ch. Fitzhughs Bag The Limit,CD Ch. Silvercreek Casbar's Cheers. Owner, Joanne C. Silver & Diane Ammerman & Meghan Timmerman.

  (72)    TWOBAYS NO SHENANIGANS, SR486715/01, 03/24/08. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesmals Jesse James Ch. Ches‑Shores Our Serenity. Owner, William & Dawnn Sykes.

  74       DEL BRAVE CROSS THE POND, SR336007/04, 04/11/06. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Pond Hollow Cuttyhunk Ch/Mach Meadowoods Merron Del Brave,CD. Owner, George Makatura.

  76       CHESABAR'S CHARGE AND RETURN, SR341290/01, 04/23/06. Breeder, Mitchel & Diane Horowitz & Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Calico Ashby's Decoy of Chesabar Ch. Chesabar's Two Coot For You. Owner, Mitchel & Diane Horwitz.

A  78       REDLION'S COME BACK STINKY, SR218117/06, 11/19/04. Breeder, Owner. By Hosre & Hounds Awesum Hero Ch. Redlions Come Back No Fleas. Owner, Jane Pappler.

   80       IRISH'S HANNAH OF THE MOHERS, SR258788/01, 04/23/05. Breeder, G. & D. Irish. By Ch. Irishs Royal Prince of Tides Ch. Irishs Royal Lady O'Grandeur. Owner, Arron & Abby Elowsky & Gary & Dorene Irish.

    82       CONCORDCREEK OTA YO NIH JI YAH, SR338076/01, 03/31/06. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Concordcreek Drake So Wak,CD,SH Ch. Concordcreek O Ga Hado Was,CDX,SH. Owner, Anna Marie Senita & Anthony Senita, (Obed. NB77 & T633).

4  84       ANATYPIA'S WILLOW YOU BE THERE, SR405463/02, 01/19/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Chesabars Copper Mine Ch. Chesabar Windswept Otte Run. Owner, Stacy George.

A  226    QUAIL RUN'S LUCIANA, SR321466/01, 11/10/05. Breeder, Owner. By ch. Quail Runs Tesla At Redfire,JH Ch. Sandbars Ma Dolce Vita At Quailrun. Owner, Dana Bleifer.

  260     CHES‑SHORES WACKY JACKIE, SR342787/11, 03/22/06. Breeder, L. Waid, D. Bleifer & C. Woods. By Ch Marnetts Playing Hookie JH Ch Ches‑Shores Blue Lagoon. Owner, Loura Waid & Joseph Quinn.

      52              54                   56                     60                    62                         64                   64               68                      70                       72                       74            

       80                     84

American‑bred, Bitches

    90       CHESARAB TINKER BELLE, SR399724/01, 01/02/07. Breeder, Sheila DiVaccaro. By Chesarab Fireweed Laser Beam Chesarab Annie Get Your Gun. Owner, Lynn A. Scannell.

3  92       REDLION'S ELLA ENCHANTED, SR321623/02, 12/08/05. Breeder, Jane Pappler. By Donnett's Hero Weinstein Foleyfields Redlion Critter. Owner, Bernie, Deb & Kim Rivas & Jane Pappler.

4  228   SEDGEBLA'S SUSQUEHANNA PARADOCS,CD,RE, SR238887/06, 02/03/05. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Pond Hollow Key Largo Ch. Sangary's Ice Tea Bach'n Over,CDX,RE,JH,OA,NAJ. Owner, Sandra & Kimberly Hitt, (Obed. OA139 & GN502 & B562).

    230     NORTHWYNS MAPLE VALLEY BAY LADY, SR423350/02, 04/10/07. Breeder, M.Fisher. By Ch. Tealwaters Timberdoodle Song Ch. Northwyns Lord Merlin's Legacy,JH. Owner, Carrie Gleason & Maggie Fisher & Karen & Mark Hall, (Jr. Show #136).

2  232     SANDERSON'S LIL MISS AMAZIN,SH, SR058671/11, 02/13/03. Breeder, Katherine Heintel & Dyane Baldwin. By Ch. Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo,MH Ch. Pond Hollow N TLC's Glacier Bay,NAP,NJP,MH. Owner, Katherine T. Heintel & Ryan Strickland.

    (272)  BLUE SKY CALICO CARAMEL BLONDIE, SR421279/01, 05/01/07. Breeder, JoAnn & James Colvin. By Ch. Blue Sky ShipWreck Island Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Eclair. Owner, JoAnn Colvin & Yvette Yoho.

1  274     EASTERN WATERS' FOLLOW YOUR DREAM, SR173770/04, 03/22/07. Breeder, E. & R. Humer. By Ch. Chesachobee's Odysseus Ch. Eastern Waters Chasin A Dream,RN. Owner, Debra & James Rodden.

        90 ?              92                92                228?                    230                 232?                272                 274 ?            

Open, Bitches

 94       CONROY'S CANVASBACK LADY, SR388880/01, 08/30/03. Breeder, R. Hull. By Rip Roaring Diesel Hanna's Chlsy Poacher. Owner, Rita Jones, (Obed. NB78 & T641).

 96       ADADUCK THE OUTLAW OF CHESABAR,JH, SR349783/07, 12/31/05. Breeder, B. & M. Hanson & M. Horowitz & S. Rolli. By Ch. Chesabar Copper Mine Adaducks Annie Oakleys Return. Owner, John & Aaron McDermott.

4  98       POND HOLLOW DAPHNE DUCK, SR380490/11, 10/13/06. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Cal‑I‑Co Almost Famous Ch. Pond Hollow Three Rvrs Royalt. Owner, Patty Martin.

1  100     SILVERBAR'S WIND ON THE BAY, SR293808/06, 09/07/05. Breeder, P. & R. Barber & J.Silver. By Chesabars My Buoy Silverbars Wind On The Water. Owner, Mercedes Roizman.

  102     TOGIN'S MAGIC TRIX, SR378349/03, 10/02/06. Breeder, S. & P. Jezard. By Ch. Chesabars Copper Mine Ch. Pond HOllow Magic Carpet. Owner, Ginny Mullane & Sharon Jezard.

2  104     POND HOLLOW MOONGLADE, SR353530/11, 06/21/06. Breeder, Dyane & Jennifer Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Southern Tornado Ch. Pond Hollow Joyeaux Noel. Owner, Kevin & Jody Shaffer & Dyane Baldwin.

A  106     CHESABAR'S COPPER ALLOY, SR244415/02, 02/22/05. Breeder, Patsy Barber & Mitchel Horowitz. By Ch. Chesabar's Copper Mine Ch. Quailridge's Ghirardelli Goose. Owner, Mitchel & Diane Horowitz & Patsy & Rudy Barber.

  108     REDLION'S BROADWAY NEW YORK, SR335429/01, 04/16/06. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Quail Run's Grizlypeake Bonanza REdlion's Drill Bit. Owner, Jane Pappler.

  110     SILVERVONHAUS SHOOT THE MOON,JH, SR389463/01, 12/16/06. Breeder, C. & C. Vaigl & J. Silver & D. Ammerman. By Ch. Von Hausmans Bundaburg Ch. Silvercreek Liru Von Hausman. Owner, Chris & Rick Rosenberg.

  (234)  CHESTNUT HILLS AMAZING GRACE, SR445421/06, 08/04/07. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & Dr. B & J. Stewart. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Blizzard Ch. Chestnut Hills Kele's Kode. Owner, Duane & Kathy Lutz.

3  236     ADADUCK EZ BREEZY COVER GIRL, SR349783/03, 12/31/05. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesabars Copper Mine Adaduck Annie Oakleys Return. Owner, Beth & Mark Hanson.


 94                    96                       98                     100                        102                 104                        108                 108          110                    234                  236 






Winners Bitch

  #100  -  Silverbar's Wind on the Bay

Reserve Winners Bitch

#60 - Chestnut Hills Gabriella

                       Photos by (c) Redlion - Jane Pappler

please email if you know which class and number these are, thanks!

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