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Funding for this year’s Field Trial Specialty will be dependent on our Silent Auction, Raffle, and Catalogue Advertising Donations.  Please dig deep in your closets and find some Items you think others might enjoy owning! You can also advertise in the FT Catalogue for a very minimal fee and of course cash donations are always accepted.

This year we are offering both a Silent Auction with some special "Old" Chesapeake items and a fun Raffle. This page will provide an up-to-date list of auction and raffle items as they come in.  (You might want to get your cell phone out to snag one of these if you are unable to make it in person!!)  If you have something you care to donate please send it to: Carol Knapp, 44330 N. El Macero Dr, El Macero CA  95618. Give her a call at 530-756-9056 or e-mail so she can keep an eye out for your donation!! 

If donations are received by Tuesday, September 14th, you will be acknowledged in the catalog.  (After September 14th, Carol will be at the cabin in Chiloquin, so please send auction items there:  Carol Knapp, PO Box 928, Chiloquin, OR 97624 when using USPS. For other types of mail delivery send to: 42122 Cattle Dr. Chiloquin,OR 97624.  Plan ahead as activities start September 19!

SILENT AUCTION ITEMS:  Auction is open until Wednesday night, Sept 22, during our evening Dinner.
   1.  "The Complete Chesapeake Bay Retriever" by Eloise Cherry  (First edition - First printing)  1981 -- donated by Missy Bell
   2.  "The New Complete Chesapeake Bay Retriever" by Janet & Dr. Daniel Horn   1994  --  donated by Missy Bell
   3. "The Chesapeake Bay Retriever" edited by Dyane Baldwin   1997          donated by Missy Bell
   4.    ACC FT Specialty catalogs -- 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1990 & 1991 --Donated by Jim and Janis Nicholes
   5.   ACC FT Specialty catalogs -- 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990 plus a copy of the 1972 ACC All Breed catalog -- donated by Jim and Janie Nicholes
   6.   Various ACC Bulletins ranging from 1973 through 1984
   7.   Assorted Chessie articles including a 1964 article from Outdoor Life entitled "Rough & Ready Chesapeakes"
   8.  Handler's Jacket, white, embroidered with FT Spec logo (size Large)      donated by Tom Lind of Golden Lakes Garments
 The book "Buddies Afield" by James Mauney                                       donated by James Mauney
  10.  Round Wooden Box 5 1/2 inches and lid with pewter leaping Chesapeake   donated by Helen and John Wiacek
Book - History of Retriever Field Trials in America  by Fred Kampo and Carolyn McCreesh   donated by Helen and John Wiacek

  12   Napa County Wine County basket                                                      donated by Mike and Julie Cole
  13  "Twilight" basket                                                                                donated by Peter and Alex Starr
  14   Silicon Valley basket                                                                        donated by Dave and Stephanie Beach
  15  Yolo County basket  (all the best of UC Davis fruit & nuts)                     donated by Jon and Carol Knapp
  16.  Basket "the Best of PINK"
- Who knows what surprises this basket holds!!   donated by Christy & Ray Gonzales

RAFFLE ITEMS:  Tickets for the raffle are on sale until Tuesday night, Sept 21, during our evening Dinner when the draw will take place.
   Tickets are $5 each or five for $20. 
You may order tickets via phone/email with Carol and then send your check. Money must be received by Sept 20 to be eligible. Carol will label the tickets with your name and put them in the bin for the drawing.  You will be contacted via email if you are a winner! 

   1.  5 solid color low profile caps                                          donated by Golden Lakes Garments
   2.  Navy blue short sleeved t-shirt with logo - XL                   donated by Golden Lakes Garments
   3.  Navy blue long sleeved t-shirt with logo - XL                    donated by Golden Lakes Garments
   4.  Men's long sleeved denim shirt with logo - XL                  donated by Golden Lakes Garments
   5.  Zipper Hoodie Sweatshirt with logo royal blue - XL           donated by Golden Lakes Garments
  Four ceramic coasters with chesapeake/flag motif           donated by Jane Pappler
Giant dog carry toy                                                       donated by Jane Pappler
 Small ceramic Ducks in flight sculpture                          donated by Jane Pappler
   9.  Clock in a Wooden case with lid                                    donated by Helen and John Wiacek

  10.  Chessie note cards, 2 of each image) fine art Chesapeake note cards/envelopes, folded 4.5 x 5, images from various CBR breeders.
                                                                                          donated by Meghan Timmerman
  11.  Pair of handmade duck pillows                                      donated by Cecillia Reeder
  12. 3 old magazine covers with classic outdoor themes dating as far back as 1960's      donated by Mike and Julie Cole
  13.  Basket  "Best of Gilroy"
For those back East (of the Sierras) that means GARLIC!!  donated by Ray & Christy Gonzales

DONATIONS:  Remember to send in your 2" X 4" note to be included in the catalog.  THEY MUST BE RECEIVED BY TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH to be included in the catalog.  They will be included for a reasonable price of $7.50!!!  If you send in $10.00 (or more) I will send you a marked catalog!!  Such a Deal... Let everyone know that you support our Breed and our Field Trial Specialty!  Send to Carol Knapp at the address above -- check made payable to the ACC.  Thanks to you for your generosity!!    


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