Driving time to the Trial grounds    -    Knapp Cabin address - 42122 Cattle Dr.  Chiloquin OR  97624

       It's about 5 hour drive from Portland, Oregon and about 8-9 hours drive from San Francisco, CA

Driving to the Field Trial Specialty at Chiloquin, Oregon - Thank you Tom Cox!

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From the East, the best route is I-80 to Ogden, Utah, then I-84 to Ontario, Oregon, then take US 20 to west of Burns, Ore. (Riley Junction), where you would turn south on US 395. Fill up on gas in Burns as it is many miles to the next service station (or town)--you're crossing a lot of miles of high desert here (or, technically, sagebrush-bunchgrass steppe). Go south on US 395 37 miles and turn west (right) on the road to Christmas Valley; in the little settlement of Christmas Valley turn left (south), proceed on this road to Ore 31 (if you miss the turn in Christmas Valley just keep going until you reach a T and then turn left (still south). At highway 31 turn right (west); a short distance west of the community of Silver Lake turn left (west) on the Klamath Marsh road, that will take you through several miles of national forest and the Klamath Marsh NWR to US 97. At highway 97 turn left (south) to the Chiloquin off-ramp. The trial premium will tell you where to go from there. If your reservations are in Klamath Falls, just keep on going south past Chiloquin on US 97. I'm pretty sure Google et al. wouldn't tell anyone to go through Christmas Valley, but the road is straight and paved and the traffic almost non-existent.

If you are coming west from a point further south where I-70 is more accessible to you, you could take I-70 to where it ends at I-15, turn north on I-15 and proceed to the junction with I-80 in Salt Lake City, then turn west on I-80 and proceed to Winnemucca, Nev. In Winnemucca fill up with gas and turn right (north) on US 95, go 31 miles to the junction with Nev 140, turn left (west). Follow 140 until the junction with US 395 just north of Lakeview, Ore. (it would now be Ore 140, of course). Turn left (south) on US 395 and proceed to Lakeview, where you will turn right (west) on the continuation of hwy 140. This will bring you in to Klamath Falls; to get to Chiloquin go about 30 miles north from KF on US 97. The road from Lakeview to US 97 in KF goes through some mountains and is a bit windy, but the rest of this route is fine and the drive across Colorado and Utah on I-70 is grand. [Some folk may tell you to continue west on I-80 all the way to Reno and then turn north on US 395 to Susanville and from there take hwy 139 north to Klamath Falls. Don't believe them. This is a slower route and takes you well south of where you are headed before turning north in Reno.]

Folks from the east, but further north might want to take I-90 to Ritzville, Wash (well past Spokane), then US 395 to Kennewick and I-82 to where it ends at I-84; from there take I-84 west to Biggs, Ore. and then US 97 south to Chiloquin. This route, unlike the others, is the one Google would probably recommend.

From the north or south don't have to do anything as complex, although folks from western Washington should remember that by far the best highway across the Oregon Cascades is Ore 58 (the Willamette Pass highway). East of the Cascades, the best (and really only practical) route south in Oregon is US 97.



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