Headquarters: Bert Carlson’s K-9 Country Club,  2412 Neal Rd SE, Fall City, WA  http://carlsoncaninecountryclub.com/  All Stakes will be held here.

Judges: Open Gary Ahlgren  and Gary Zellner
  Amateur Bob Dahlheim and Jon Otto
  Qualifying: Bob Dahlheim and Jon Otto
  Derby: Gary Ahlgren  and Gary Zellner
  Puppy Judges Maurine Coleman and Annette Monugian

Entry Fees:  Open and Amateur $80, Qualifying and Derby  $75, Puppy  $25

Entry Info: Entries shall be made through Entry Express www.entryexpressnet Enter online or download the premium and mail to Entry Express. Both must include the $4.50 administrative fee.

         Maps - Print out here - for FT grounds, training area and local info

For scratches before the close
, contact Entry Express entries@entryexpress.net
or 800-863-3647
For scratches after the close, contact the event secretary, Diane Mazy (info below).
The after close policy is: Full refund will be given for bitches in season, for injury or illness when certified by a vet. No action will be taken until FT Secretary receives a written request including: Dogs name, stake entered, whom to make check payable, mailing address and written vet's excuse. No refunds will be considered if not received by the secretary within 14 days of the completion of the event. No refunds for no-shows.

Running Order:  Judges will be authorized to impose a system of rotation in the Open and Amatuer All-Age Stakes. The starting number of the Open and Amatuer Stakes (only) will be determined with the Dow Jones Industrial Average number from Monday, October 28, 2013. Entrants for the non-regular Baby Puppy stake (4-5 months) may enter electronically but should telephone the Entry Express staff during normal business hours for assistance, because of field trial rules that require dogs to be six months of age.

July 22  Tuesday

Open: 8 am 
Qualifying: 8 am

July 23  Wednesday

Amateur:  at the conclusion of the Open and Qualifying but not before 8 am
Derby: at the conclusion of the Open but not before 10 am

July 24  Thursday

8 am  - Senior Puppy (9-12 mo), Junior Puppy (6-9 mo),  Baby Puppy  (4-5 mo)
Conclusion of all unfinished stakes and awarding of the balance of Ribbons & Trophies

Mailing Entry Address:  Entry Express:  PO Box 743, 115 S Greenwood St, Charleston, AR 72933 (UPS & FedEx use street address)

Closing Dates:    Monday, July 07, 2014 11:59PM Central Time

Event Secretary: Diane Mazy, 3800 E Boise Ave, Boise, ID 83706-l5750  208-383-9044  riskyriver@juno.com

Premium List:  view at www.entryexpressnet

Other Trials: the prior local trial is the Willamette Valley Retriever Club in Junction City, OR – about 5 ˝ hours. The local trial following the Specialty is Scattercreek Retriever Trial Club in Chehalis WA – 2 hours away.

Birds:  Mallard Ducks in all stakes including Baby Puppies.

Veterinarian:  Snoqualmie Valley Animal Hospital, 32020 Se 40th St, Fall City · (425) 222-7220

Some Photos of Bert Carlson’s K-9 Country Club fields and water areas

Maps - Print out here - for FT grounds, training area and local info


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