Best of Breed Judging


September 20

Judge:  Jeffrey Pepper  (FL)


Best of Breed Competition

(7)         CH. TAKEMEHOME SHIP TO SHORE, SR787349/02, 06/18/13. Breeder, Owner. By Gch. Chesabar Copper Reflection,JH,RN Takemehome Jetpets. Dog. Owner, Carol Duke.

(9)         GCH. MUD CREEK RED MOOSE,THD,RN, SR438933/05, 08/02/07. Breeder, K. & J. White. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Rockets Red Glare Ch. Wingmasters Little Emerald Star. Dog. Owner, Lawrence W. Lentz.

Sel  11          GCH. CHESASTAR HUDSON BAY,RN,CGC, SR636154/05, 07/04/10. Breeder, M. Vacaro & Patsy Barber. By Gch. Chesabar Pawprints In The Sand Gch. Silverbar Wind On Cricket Bay. Dog. Owner, Karen J. & Jan M. Sosik, (Michelle Scott,PHA, Agent).

A   15          CH. SUSQUDILLA'S ARTFUL DODGE‑R, SR661023/01, 01/18/11. Breeder, R. Haskin & P. Campanella & S. & D. Williams. By Ch. Susqudilla Calico Hudson Bay Susqudilla Nova Sunrise. Dog. Owner, Robyn L. Haskin & Paul Campanella.

A   17          CH CHES‑SHORES LOCK STOCK AND BARREL AT WINGMASTER, SR708135/04, 11/14/11. Breeder, L. Waid & J. Quinn. By Ches‑shores Last of Mohican Twobays Expresso of Ches‑shores. Dog. Owner, Stephanie Sorensen.

19          CH. QUAILRIDGE'S GOOSE, SR731292/01, 05/22/12. Breeder, D. Cuevas. By Quail Ridge's Mesquite Mudslinger Quailridge's Bomb's Away!. Dog. Owner, Bryan Porter.

20          CH. SILVERBAR WIND ON CRICKET BAY, SR394810/01, 12/18/06. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Ch. Chesabars True Grit Ch Silverbars Wind On The Water. Bitch. Owner, Maryann Vaccaro & Debbie Smith.

21          GCH. CHESABAR'S TRIBUTE TO THE YANKEES, SR539842/01, 12/21/08. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Ch. Chesabar's True Grit Ch. Dessert Winds Whoz your Daddy. Dog. Owner, Raymond & Alison O'Brien, (Zack Helmer, Agent).

22          GCH. SUSQUILLA CARMEL MACCHIATO HOZZEY, SR562194/02, 04/26/09. Breeder, Robyn Haskin & John Caleb Merced. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide Ch. Susqudilla's Total Ecliipse. Bitch. Owner, Robyn L. Haskin & Gracie & Matt Heggarty

23          GCH. MERCER'S U CNT HNDLE THE TRUTH,RN, SR606510/02, 06/21/09. Breeder, D. & V. Mercer. By Ch. Irish Cloverleaf Trinity Mercers Tennesse Brush Popper. Dog. Owner, Robert Boyd.

25          GCH. MERCER'S TAKIN' ON THE OUTFIT, SR656337/01, 05/27/10. Breeder, D. & V. Mercer. By Ch. Redlions Hit Doctor,MH Mercers Write For A Rat. Dog. Owner, Robert Boyd.

(73)       GCH. CHESACOLA HARDWOOD BALTIMORE RAVEN,CGC, SR436115/02, 06/23/07. Breeder, V. Bartnicki & B. & A. Cox. By Ch. Eastern Waters The Equalizer Ch. Hardwood Shiloh Hill Jade. Dog. Owner, Gary Sheetz.

75          CH. REDLION'S BROWN BARON OF TRIPPE'S CREEK,JH, SR686999/02, 07/02/11. Breeder, J. Pappler & J. Vinci. By Gch. Double Coats Christmas Joy Redlions Hit It Rich. Dog. Owner, Philip G. Russell, (Howard Huber, Jr, Agent).

77          CHESABAR HIGH BRASS SERGEANT MAJOR, SR659839/01, 01/07/11. Breeder, R. & P. Barber. By Gch. Chesabars Copper Reflection,RN,JH Ch. Desert Winds Whoz Your Daddy. Dog. Owner, Helen Siegel.

BOB  79          GCH. OTTERCREEK'S GIVE ME A SHOT,JH, SR662790/05, 01/21/11. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesshores Chengue Del Caribe Quailridges Ltson At Ottrcrk. Dog. Owner, Gary A. & Dawn E. Boyce, (Howard Huber, Jr, Agent).

81          CH. MARJAN'S IT'S ALL IN THE GAME,SH, SR556427/05, 03/16/09. Breeder, J. Krogstadt & M. Bakken. By Ch. Silvercreek Remington Steele,JH Ch. Marjans Annies Song. Dog. Owner, Michelle & Megan Voss & Janice Krogstadt & Marjorie Bakken.

AB  82     GCH. POND HOLLOW SPECIAL DELIVERY, SR557625/01, 02/20/09. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Silvercreeks What I Like About You Ch. Pond Hollow Singapore. Bitch. Owner, Dyane Baldwin & Linda Cayton.

83          GCH. POISETT'S DOCTOR MALLARD, SR602465/02, 12/05/09. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Poisett's Wild Mtn Skipper Gch. Poisett's Following Sea. Dog. Owner, Pauline Henshaw.

84          GCH. POND HOLLOW MORE JOYFUL,RN,CGC,NAJ, SR690527/07, 05/29/11. Breeder, M. Stump & D. Baldwin. By Gch. Doublecoats Christmas Joy Gch. Pond Hollow More Mischief. Bitch. Owner, Heike Frattalone & Sophie Peterson, (Jr. Show #6).

85          CH. TAYLOR'S SYCLONE DOG, SR719327/01, 03/08/12. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Chesacola Hardwood Baltimore Raven,CGC Gch. Taylors Stuntcie Runtcie Ann. Dog. Owner, Sally Ann Taylor & Gary R. Sheetz.

BOS  86          GCH. SHILOAH'S HARVARD GIRL ONE SMART SPICY COOKIE, SR689789/03, 08/07/11. Breeder, T. Coene & S. Grasso. By Ch. Shiloahs Blond Bandit Beach Runs One Spicy Quail. Bitch. Owner, Ric Plaut, (Ric Plaut, AKC Registered Handler, Agent).

88          CHESABAR MISCHIEF IN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT, SR719767/01, 02/20/12. Breeder, P. Barber & G. & R. Evans. By Gch. Chesabar True Grit Chesabar Moonlight and Roses. Bitch. Owner, Gail & Randi Evans.

90          GCH. SILVERCREEK CABINRIDGE GIDGET,RA,BN,CGCA,PCD, SR527140/01, 10/26/08. Breeder, J Silver & J. Martin. By Ch. Silvercreek Remington Steele,JH Cabinridge's Annies Lil Lush. Bitch. Owner, Joanne C. Silver & Jo G. Martin.

92          CH. HARDWOOD'S TAKE A GANDER, SR565877/08, 05/23/09. Breeder, V. Bartnicki & V. DeRiemaker. By Hardwoods This One's For You Ch. Hardwoods Stitch‑N‑Tyme. Bitch. Owner, Virginia Bartnicki & Jeanne Ohrnberger.

94          CH. NORTH FLOW AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE, SR758375/01, 11/12/12. Breeder, Dawn & Brad Logan. By GCH Chesaroyal Talkin Bout Jackson,CD,RA,JH CH Pond Hollow American Girl,CD,RE,AX,AXJ. Bitch. Owner, Dawn & Brad Logan.

96          CH. ANATYPIA'S ROCKY MOUNTAIN JUNIPER, SR746525/01, 09/22/12. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide Ch. Anatypia Willow You Be There. Bitch. Owner, Stacy George.

(98)       CH. CAL‑I‑CO HOPE ON THE ROCKS, SR783388/01, 06/07/13. Breeder, S. Dorsey & J. Colvin. By Gch. Cal‑I‑Co Captains Nuclear Quantum Leap Ch. Tugboat Season of The Witch. Bitch. Owner, JoAnn Colvin.

100        GCH. POND HOLLOW B‑STARRY EYED, SR490833/02, 03/22/08. Breeder, D. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Casablanca Ch. Pond Hollow Three Rvrs Royalty. Bitch. Owner, Marie Stump.

(135)     GCH. POND HOLLOW GRAND RAPIDS BUCK, SR653954/05, 10/15/10. Breeder, D. & J. Baldwin. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide Ch. Pond Hollow Brillant. Dog. Owner, Arthur Kranz.

137        GCH. CHESTNUT HILLS ROWDY, SR402094/01, 01/04/07. Breeder, Tierney O'Connell & Greg Waltjen. By Ch. Arnac Bay Spokane Chestnut Hills Chelsie. Dog. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson.

(139)     GCH. EASTERN WATERS' TOP OF THE MARK,CDX,RE,GN,NAP, SR417377/01, 03/22/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesachobee's Odysseus Ch. Eastern Waters Chasin' A Dream,CD,RN. Dog. Owner, Elizabeth H. & Rupert J. Humer.

141        GCH. IRISH'S ROYAL BOUNTY HUNTER, SR588847/01, 09/10/09. Breeder, G. & D. Irish. By Ch. Irishs Gallant Sailor Gch. Irish's She's The One. Dog. Owner, Gary & Dorene Irish & Dan & Cathy Tilly.

AOM  (143)     CH. DOUBLE COAT'S CHRISTMAS JOY, SR669298/01, 12/23/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Redlions Hit Doctor,MH Double Coats Alexia Amber. Dog. Owner, Catharina & Kaj Lindstrom.

(145)     CH. CHESABAR'S MR DOOTS MASON, SR517867/03, 08/23/08. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr. By Ch. Quailridge‑Chesabarmakintraxx Ch. Chesabar's Rye Brook. Dog. Owner, Wesley & Jeffrey Matthias.

(147)     CH COOLWATERS PATTONS DESTINY IS SOME GREAT THING, SR779308/03, 06/08/13. Breeder, C. Colvin & K. Tatarka. By York Rivers Up At Dawn,CD,BN,RE,SH,NAP Coolwaters Supernova. Dog. Owner, Todd E. Smith.

149        NORTH FLOW INCOMMUNICADO, SR418810/06, 09/18/10. Breeder, D. & B. Logan. By Ch. Cal I Co Tucker Man At Pond HOllow Ch. Pond Hollow American Girl,RN. Dog. Owner, Carol Lipinski.

151        CH. BLACKWATER BABY WE WERE BORN TO RUN,RN,THDX, SR670080/03, 04/02/11. Breeder, J. & J. Shaw. By Ch. Blackwater Friar Tuck,SH Yakity's Ba‑Barbara Ann. Dog. Owner, Christopher Beste & Karen Barkes.

153        GCH. DALBRIAN AKCOMI ON THE ROX, SR610791/05, 01/27/10. Breeder, C. A. Haley & J. Birk. By Ch. Pond Hollow Icy Strait Mtn View Prairie Rose. Dog. Owner, Renee L. & Frederick D. Wolfe.

155        CH. REDLION'S BRUTUS OF BLOODSWORTH,SH, SR666692/02, 11/26/10. Breeder, J. Pappler & G. Downin. By Arnac Bay Ardent Gch. Redlions Come Back Scupper. Dog. Owner, Richard Schauber.

157        GCH DESERT WINDS UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES,CDX,SH,WD, SR579299/02, 08/18/09. Breeder, L. Schisler. By Ch. Tomahawk's Kiowa Clipper,CDX.SH,WDX Desert Winds Storms Angel. Dog. Owner, Bob & GiGi Grant.

159        CH. TOGIN'S ON THE ROAD AGAIN O'KINGHILL, SR745897/07, 09/17/12. Breeder, G Mullane & S. Jezard. By Gch. Poisett's Doctor Mallard Ch. Togins Magic Trix. Dog. Owner, Janet L. Hart.

161        CH. SHILOH HILL DUSTY ROSE ALBERT,JH,CD, SR470997/01, 12/06/07. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Hardwoods Dusty Rose I Found U,SH,CD Ch. Shiloh Hill Aretha,JH,CD. Dog. Owner, Ranee Lehua Nevels & Michele & David Keehn.

166        CH. IRISH'S RUNNING FEVER JESS, SR448926/02, 08/03/07. Breeder, G. & D. Irish. By Ch. Irishs CK Dexter Haven Ch. Irishs Mystical Maiden. Bitch. Owner, Richard Andrews, II & Gary Irish.

168        CH. MERCER'S TOP O'THE MORNIN', SR757749/02, 03/17/12. Breeder, Owner. By Gch. Irishs Master Jack Mercers Baby Sister. Bitch. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer.

170        CH. MERCER'S TRUE LOVE, SR606510/03, 06/21/09. Breeder, Owner. By Ch. Irishs Clover Leaf Trinity Mercers Tennessee Brush Popper. Bitch. Owner, Dana & Veronica Mercer.

172        GCH. SALMONCOVE‑SAGO RUBY MAE OF 96, SR693661/01, 09/08/11. Breeder, D. Cronin & C. Gonzales & J.Silver. By Ch. Silvercreek Ring of Fire Silvercreek Sago California Dreamin. Bitch. Owner, Ray & Christy Gonzales.

174        CH. POND HOLLOW KLASS'S DUCK DREAMER, SR612590/11, 02/23/10. Breeder, D. Baldwin & P. Martin. By Voyageurs Once In A BlueMoon Ch. Pond HOllow Daphne Duck. Bitch. Owner, Kenneth Lee.

176        CH. SEDGEBLAC'S UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN,AX,AXJ, SR556592/08, 02/20/09. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Chesabars True Grit Ch. Sedgeblacs Susquehanna Paradocs,CDX,RE. Bitch. Owner, Sandra & Kimberly Hitt.

177        CH. CHESTNUT HILLS BROWN BANNER,RN,AX,OAJ,OF, SR530022/02, 10/17/08. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & G. Waltjen. By Ch. Arnac Bay Spokane Ch. Chestnut Hills DBL Rainbows. Dog. Owner, James & Brenda Stewart.

178        GCH. CAROWAY'S SCOOTING ALONG, SR593840/01, 10/28/09. Breeder, C. & J. Anderson. By Ch. Rippling Waters Purple Haze,MH Caroways Blazing Hot Chilli,MH. Bitch. Owner, Jason Julian.

AOM  180        CH. CHESALAND RUMBA DEL CARIBE, SR596586/02, 11/12/08. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Sol Del Caribe Ch. Ches‑Shores Minca Del Varibe. Bitch. Owner, Franklin Zaydman & Alvaro Gonzalez.

181        CH. CHESABAR'S CARVED IN STONE, SR680309/01, 05/18/11. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesabar's Copper Mine Ch. Silverbays Ms Jiminy Cricket. Dog. Owner, Patsy & Rudy Barber, Jr.

182        CH. CONCORDCREEK MARINA CACCIA ALLANATRA,CD, SR610202/01, 01/18/10. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Pond Hollow Raven of Tyler Lake Concordcreek Ota Yo Nih Ji Yah,CD,SH,NAJ. Bitch. Owner, Anna Marie Senita & Anthony Senita.

183        CH. ANATYPIA TOPWATER DOUBLE BARREL, SR746525/02, 09/22/12. Breeder, Stacy George. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide Ch. Anatypia Willow You Be There. Dog. Owner, Ann P. Law.

184        GCH. TWOBAYS NO SHENANINGANS,RE,CGC, SR486715/01, 03/24/08. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Chesmals Jesse James Ch. Ches‑Shores Our Serenity. Bitch. Owner, William & Dawnn Sykes, (Jr. Show #102).

214        GCH. CHESABAR CRICKETS KEY TO HEAVENS REFLECTION,J, SR599338/02, 11/27/09. Breeder, Patsy & Rudy Barber. By Gch. Chesabar's Copper Reflection,RN JH Ch. Silverbar's Ms. Jiminy Cricket. Bitch. Owner, Jessica O'Dell & Patsy Barber, (Joyce M. Coccia, Agent).

(215)     GCH. HARDWOOD'S FULL HOUSE, SR530201/07, 11/05/08. Breeder, V. Bartnicki. By Ch. Hardwoods Millies Kudo,CD,RN,JH Ch. Hardwoods Stitch‑N‑Tyme. Dog. Owner, Virginia Bartnicki & Jean Ohrnberger.

216        GCH. CHESACOLA'S CAPRICIOUS CAMEO, SR677778/01, 04/27/11. Breeder, R. & C. Nance. By Ch Hardwoods Chesacolas The Legend Hardwoods Super Scout. Bitch. Owner, Brian K. & Angela J. Cox.

AOM  217    CHESTNUT HILLS OUT AND ABOUT, SR445421/02, 08/04/07. Breeder, K. & R. Anderson & Drs. B. & J. Stewart. By Ch. Chestnut Hills Blizzard Ch. Chestnut Hills Kele's Kode. Dog. Owner, Karen & Ronald Anderson & Christine Levenknight.

AOM  219   GCH. MUD CREEK'S ORANGE CRUSH, SR438933/04, 08/02/07. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Ches‑Shores Rockets Red Glare,CGC Ch. Wingmasters Little Emerald Star. Dog. Owner, Kathy & Jeffrey White.

(221)     CH. HARDWOOD'S DUSTY ROSE I FOUND U,SH,CD, SR310729/11, 12/13/05. Breeder, V. Bartnicki. By Eastern Waters Roman Ch. Hardwoods Lady In Red. Dog. Owner, Michelle Keehn.

223        POND HOLLOW ENCORE, SR591046/01, 08/13/09. Breeder, D. Baldwin & D. Baker. By Ch. Pond Hollow Continental Divide Ch. Pond Hollow Time N Again. Dog. Owner, Steve & Margee Webb & Dyane Baldwin.

225        CHESALAND BOLERO DEL CARIBE, SR596586/03, 11/12/08. Breeder, F. Zaydman & L. Waid & A. Gonzale. By Ch. Ches‑Shores Sol Del Caribe Ches‑Shores Minca Del Caribe. Dog. Owner, Loura Waid.

227        CHES‑SHORES GOOSES WILD, SR646204/03, 09/05/10. Breeder, L. Waid & J. Quinn. By Ch.Chesshores Chengue Del Caribe TwoBays Espresso of Chesshores. Dog. Owner, Loura Waid.

229        GCH. HARDWOOD'S SECRETARIAT OF KACELA'S LUNASEA, SR767828/09, 03/02/13. Breeder, V. Bartnicki & V. DeRiemaker. By Gch. Pond HOllow Grand Rapid Buck Ch. Hardwoods Take A Gander. Dog. Owner, Klaus & Jeanne Ohrnberger.

231        GCH. DOUBLE‑R'S EYE OF THE HURRICANE, SR452689/01, 10/11/07. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Arnac Bay Spokane Ch. Cheshore Hurricane Hattie. Dog. Owner, Robin M. Kirwan & Kandi Fox.

233        CH. SILVERCREEK HIDE AND SEEK, SR682405/02, 06/05/11. Breeder, J.Silver. By Gch. Double Coat's Christmas Joy Ch. Marjans Silvercreek Chantilly Lace. Dog. Owner, Tom & Anthony Flores.

266        CH. SILVERCREEK ALLY MCBEAL, SR412702/10, 03/19/07. Breeder, J. SIlver & D. Ammerman. By Ch. Fitzhughs Bag The Limit,CD Gch. Silvercreek Casbar's Cheers. Bitch. Owner, Debra Rodden.

(268)     GCH. KAELA'S CINNAMON TOAST, SR596465/01, 02/12/09. Breeder, D. Milder. By Ch. Kaela's Captain Crunch Ch. Quick D'Eathel. Bitch. Owner, Dale Milder.

270        CH. ROCK POINT LUCK IN THE NEW YEAR, SR484783/03, 01/01/08. Breeder, T. & K. Bailey. By Ch. Shilos Rock Point Flagship Lucky Copper Penny. Bitch. Owner, Eleanore Domek.

272        CH. FROSTY HILLS BARNUM'S SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA, SR690527/04, 05/29/11. Breeder, M. Stump & D. Baldwin. By Gch. Double Coats Christmas Joy Gch. Pond Hollow More Mischief. Bitch. Owner, Steve & Jane Barnum.

AOM  (274)     GCH. CABIN RIDGE'S MEGA MARGARITA, SR196492/12, 07/23/04. Breeder, Juli & Joe Koval. By Ch. Chesshores Crazy As A Loon Ch. Mala of Mt Breeze Chesabar, JH. Bitch. Owner, Cynthia Meyer & Jo G. Martin & Heather Bremmer & Kevin Bednar, (Kevin L. Bednar, Agent).

276        CH. COLONIAL'S SPICED RUMFIRE, SR674177/03, 04/03/11. Breeder, Owners. By Gch. Calicos Colonial Rumfire Colonials Water Fire. Bitch. Owner, Johanna DuWaldt Coutu & Michael Coutu.

278        GCH. COOL WATERS THE TIDE IS HIGH, SR586633/08, 09/25/09. Breeder, K. Tatarka. By Ch. Misty Hill Nash Ch. Silvercreeks Spiced Rum. Bitch. Owner, Tom Flores & Kerrie Tatarka, (Darlene E. Bergan, Agent).

280        CHES‑SHORES DOUBLE VISION, SR710402/01, 11/25/11. Breeder, Owners. By Ch. Quailrun Marnetts Dont U Wish CD RE SH Ches‑Shores Blue Blazin Sweet Briar. Bitch. Owner, Loura Waid Quinn & Joseph Quinn & Dawn Buttion.

282        CH. CHESABAR DYNA GLIDE, SR599337/05, 11/20/09. Breeder, P. & R. Barber. By Ch. Chesabars Copper Reflection,RN,JH Ch. Chesabars Mystic of Calico. Bitch. Owner, Mark Glaspey & Patsy Barber, (Tina L. Camp, Agent).

284        CH. CHESARAB'S CLASSIC COLBIE, SR485135/08, 02/25/08. Breeder, Moya Nelson & Sheila DiVaccaro. By Ch. Chesabars True Grit Chesarabs Red Sonja. Bitch. Owner, Moya Nelson & Sheila DiVaccaro.

286        CH. CHESABAR VERUCA SALT, SR705012/02, 10/24/11. Breeder, D. McEwan & P. Barber. By Gch. Chesabars True Grit Ch. Chesabar Its All About Me,JH. Bitch. Owner, Ryan McEwan.

288        CH. SANDBAR'S MILES OF SMILES, SR687603/01, 04/21/11. Breeder, Amanda Stokes‑Banvoorhees & Diana Baker. By Ch. Sandbar's Three Wishes Sandbar's Eight Traxx. Bitch. Owner, Robin M. Kirwan & Kand Fox & Diane Baker.

Best of Breed:  79        GCH OTTERCREEK'S GIVE ME A SHOT, JH
Best of Opposite:  86  
Best of Winners:  117  
Select Dog:    11   
Select Bitch:  294       

Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran:   239  
Best Veteran Bitch:  294 
AOMS: (6)  143, 274, 239, 180, 219, 217  

        Cuts during the breed judging:
First cut
9, 11, 22, 23, 73, 75, 77, 79, 84, 86, 94, 141, 143, 145, 147, 149, 153, 155, 168, 180, 184, 214, 216, 217, 219, 225, 231, 274, 278, 280, 239, 294 

Second cut - 9, 11, 75, 79, 84, 86, 141, 143, 145, 153, 168, 180, 214, 216, 217, 219, 274, 278, 239, 294 

Third cut - 11, 79, 84, 86, 143, 168, 180, 219 , 217, 274, 239, 294 

Fourth cut 79 (BOB), 86 (BOS), 11 (SD), 294 (SB), 143 (AOM), 180 (AOM), 219 (AOM), 217 (AOM), 274 (AOM), 239 (AOM)


Additional Best of Breed
Trophy:  This is a special red "Dalahorse", a wooden horse statue from Sweden.  It has much folklore behind it and is called "The Carrier of Light".   Read about it's history  - donated by Catharina & Kaj Lindstrom, Sweden.





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