Triple Crown Versatility Challenge

Qualify and/or place in any three classes, across a minimum of two NSS Events

Sponsored/Donated by Gina Downin & Thomas Rick

For the 4th consecutive year, we will celebrate the versatility of our breed with the Triple Crown Versatility Challenge.  The 2013 NSS Committee would like to honor those handler/dog teams that successfully compete in multiple disciplines by offering a challenge meant to inspire more of us to get out there and accomplish great things with our dogs!  We challenge you to start training now in order to meet our challenge to qualify and/or place in a minimum of three different classes across at least two different NSS events.

To meet the Triple Crown Challenge, a dog might place and/or qualify in Novice B, Team Obedience and the WDX.  Another dog might qualify in the WD, a sweepstakes class, and in a Bred-By Exhibitor Bitch Class. 

Dogs who meet the Triple Crown Challenge will receive a special commemorative award and the dog’s Triple Crown accomplishments will be published on the 2014 NSS Website and The ACC Bulletin.   All prizes will be presented at the banquet or the WD/X/Q ribbon ceremony (depending on when the dog meets the challenge).  Prizes will be presented to each dog’s owner of record, if present; otherwise the awards will go to the handler.

Entering is easy and it’s only $20 to play, but dogs must be pre-registered by August 27 (when entries close).
To Pre-Register, send an email to Gina Downin by August 27 with the name of the Owner/Handler and the registered name of the dog
Then, immediately send a check
for $20, payable to ACC, to:  Gina Downin, 4007 33rd St, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712 

Dogs that meet the challenge must submit a completed Triple Crown Record Form to Gina at the show AFTER competing (either before the banquet or before the WD ribbon ceremony). 

Print the Info Sheet:  Triple Crown  Information Sheet          Print the Record Form:  Triple Crown Record Form

Any questions?   Please contact: Gina Downin - theweatherdeck@gmail.com - 301.254.8222


Qualifications for the Triple Crown Versatility Challenge         

Qualify and/or place in any three classes, across a minimum of two NSS Events            


Please note the following change:         
 This year, for the purposes of this Challenge,  Obedience & Rally = 1 event           



Tracking Qualifying score in tracking.
Agility Qualifying score in any agility class offered. 
Obedience/Rally Qualifying score in any obedience and/or rally class offered.
Conformation Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog/Bitch, a Judge’s Award of Merit or by making the cut in the Best of Breed competition. Placement in any regular or non-regular conformation class.  (Please note: in Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes, placements are awarded only to the parent dog, not to any of the representative offspring.)  Placement in any Puppy or Veteran Sweepstakes class also qualifies.
Field  Qualifying score in any Working Dog Test (WD, WDX, WDQ).

Example 1:  “Fido” is entered in Rally Novice A, Rally Advanced A , Open Dog in conformation, and the WD for field. Fido qualified in Rally Novice A and placed third in Rally Advanced A. In Open Dog, he did not get a placement.  Since his first two “goals” were both in Rally, and he failed to get a placement in Conformation, he does not meet the Triple Crown Challenge until the field, when he passes the WD. 

Example 2: “Ripple” is entered in Veteran Obedience, 8+ Year-Old Bitch in Veteran Sweeps, Veteran Bitch 8-10 Years in Conformation, and the WD for field. She qualifies in obedience, is second in her Sweeps class, and goes first in her Veteran conformation class. She’s already met the Triple Crown Versatility Challenge before she hits the field!

Print the Info Sheet:  Triple Crown  Information Sheet          Print the Record Form:  Triple Crown Record Form



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