Entry Info and Judging Panel

4-6 Month Puppy

Pricilla Gabosch (NJ)


Darrell Warren (PA) 

Bitches - Regular & Non-Regular

Pluis Davern (CA)    (Saturday)

Dogs - Regular & Non-Regular Jeffrey Pepper (FL)    (Friday)

Intersex, Brace, and Best Veteran

Jeffrey Pepper (FL)   (Brace on Saturday,)  (Interex & Best Veteran Saturday)

Junior Showmanship

Pluis Davern (CA)


Betsy Baird (NJ) 


Frank Washabaugh (NJ)


Stephanie Podejko (NY)

Sweepstakes - Puppy and Veteran

Diane Baker (IL)


Gretchen Stephenson  and  Michelle Anne Gillette


Dora Heffelfinger (DE), Kaj Lindstrom (Sweden), Tom Cooper (PA), Ronnie Thomas (MD),
Gary Boyce (DE), Tim Carrion (MD)
Substitute: Jane Pappler (NJ) and Gerlinde Boross (Austria)

Judging program is up on line now:   http://www.raudogshows.com/pdfs/judging-programs/Chessie-JP2014.pdf

Premium List is available to view and download  http://www.raudogshows.com/pdfs/upcoming-shows/AmChesClub-PL2014-UPDATED.pdf

 All Entry info for Agility is on the Agility page

 All Entry info for Tracking is on the Tracking page  

  All Entry info for the WD/X/Q is on the WDXQ page

  SUPERINTENDENT   (Conformation, Obedience and Rally)
       Rau Dog Shows, P.O. Box 6898, Reading, PA 19610   610-376-1880    www.raudogshows.com

      Entries Close:  August 27, 2014

  CHIEF RING STEWARD (Conformation)  Priscilla Gabosch 



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